The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 70


Aerin's breaths pacified seeing Jungkook breathing heavily all as a raging wolf there. The anger could be seen in his eyes. No it wasn't actually anger. It was furiousness.

He was furious.

So damn furious

Aerin gulped seeing him stood all there like an angry panther that was just ready to attack his prey. Aerin's eyes watered feeling as if her life is now going to end with his hands. She glanced at her daughter for the last time not knowing if she will be able to see her ever again.

"J...Jun...gk...kook, I...I,"

She tried to speak out but her voice doesn't seem to be in her favor. Her heart was bleeding in pain and her throat was burning. Her legs started to get numb with the each passing second witnessing him taking the steps towards her direction.

Her heart thundered!

Not knowing what he will gonna do, she was just jammed to her spot without moving an inch and almost forgetting to breath. Standing in front of her, he kept glaring at her with the despise filling his red satanic eyes.

"How fucking dare you, Jeon Aerin?"

He spoke, his voice was low yet filled with a ton of venom, huskier yet dark, enough to make her feel as if she was going to die. Not having the courage to look up at him into eyes, Aerin kept looking down fisting her palms and praying god to let him spare her.

"You wanna go far away from here, right?" He asked but Aerin's eyes kept on the floor's direction not being able to look at him. She was scared.

Scared for her life

"Then go... Go far away from here... I won't stop you." He said making her turmoil for a second as she looked up at him with watery and swollen eyes.

"But, my daughter won't go anywhere. I'm taking her back to the mansion with me. You go fuck yourself, die or whatever, I fucking don't give a shit about it,"

He seethed with rage-filled tone before going towards the car's direction. Taking Aejung in his arms, he slammed her car's door before walking away. Aerin's heart sank deep down seeing JK taking her daughter away from her.

No, she can't let that happen. Aejung was her only hope to keep fighting with the obstacles of her life and keep going. Just by looking at Aejung's smiling face, Aerin felt motivated and strong to fight. Her daughter is her life.

And JK was taking her away from her. He was taking Aerin's life away from her. She will die if she lost Aejung. Aejung is her everything and she can't afford to loss her daughter at all.


Aerin screamed on top of her lungs, crying her out before running after him towards JK's car's direction where he was taking Aejung. Holding JK's arm, she looked at him with pleading eyes. Namjoon gulped seeing Aerin crying in agony for her little daughter that JK was snatching away from her but he can't help.

It was not his business.

He can't help but to look down not having the strength to witness whatever was going on in front of his eyes.

"Please, don't take Aejung away from me. I will die without her. Please, I'm begging you. Don't take her away from me,"

Aerin pleaded while crying like a broken mess but the next thing she knew, she was being slammed on to the car's door so forcefully that it would surely leave bruises on her back. She cried out in pain but indeed, her physical pain was nothing against the pain she was having in her heart while looking JK taking her daughter away.

JK holds Aerin by her jaw, squeezing it painfully witnessing more tears from her eyes but he care less.

"And what about me huh? Won't I be dead without my daughter? Didn't you think about that before taking her away from me? How could you be so fucking selfish, huh?"

JK sneered holding her jaw tightly. Tears brimmed in Aerin's eyes as she struggled to let him spare her from his ironic grip.


He snarled like a raging wolf making her flinch and she closed her eyes not knowing what to answer him. At this point, she was speechless. Because he was right, Indeed Aerin was taking Aejung away from her father. JK has same rights on his daughter as Aerin do. But Aerin didn't thought about that.

"I... I...--Ahh!"

She screamed in agony when she felt JK gripping her throat so tightly as if he was determined to kill her. The air blocked it's way and Aerin started struggling for the air to breath but nothing was happening. Struggling like a desperate bird, she started scratching JK's with her nails in order to let him spare her but he didn't give a shit about the blood that started coming from his hand all because of her scratches.

Finding it end, Aerin stopped struggling and closed her eyes ready to embrace her fate but the next thing he done was slamming her so forcefully that she fell down with a loud thud. Opening her eyes back, she cried in misery realizing that he didn't even let her die.

"You think this is your end? No! Fucking No! You have to see a lot," JK seethed with rage holding her by her hair before pulling her up and throwing her inside his car to drove off to the mansion. Namjoon too, sat back in his car before following Jk's car.


Slamming Aerin on the wall of their bedroom, he gave her tight slap on her face that because of the impact, she fell down and her knees hit the floor. She screamed in pain but he cared less.

"What did you thought? You can go far away from here?" He sneered holding her hair tightly in his fists. Aerin's eyes closed automatically feeing the burning sensation on her hair that was giving her the pain in the worst possible ways.

But it didn't take so long and she was again slammed harshly on the ground before feeling another tight slap on her face. Holding her hair back, he slapped her again.

And again

And again

And again

Till she was seeing the black dots in her vision. Her vision blurred and head started to spin due to the slaps she gets for the umpteenth time. She was on the verge to loss her unconsciousness when he again held her tightly by her hair making her look at himself.

"YOU FUCKING GET THE AUDACITY TO LEAVE THIS MANSION?" He barked on her before ready to throw another slap but this time, his hand was held in the mid-way. He turned around only to find Namjoon standing there.

"KIM HYUNG?" JK warned but Namjoon cared less.

"Kook, leave her now. She is a woman,"

"Yeah, you're right. She is a woman. BUT A FUCKING FILTHY WOMAN!"

JK sneered before ready to throw a slap on Aerin but this Namjoon held him back again standing between them like a wall. Aerin hide herself behind Namjoon all scarred like a little puppy while sobbing and crying badly.

"Jungkook, not even one more slaps. You have done enough. Try to talk to her, find a solution. There is nothing in this physical abuse."

"KIM HYUNG!!! DON'T INTERFERE IN MY FUCKING PERSONAL MATTER. I KNOW VERY WELL HOW TO DEAL WITH MY WOMAN!" JK barked again making Aerin flinch and she gripped Namjoon's blazer tightly pleading him through her eyes.

JK gripped her by her arm ready to pull her out from behind Namjoon but Namjoon was fast enough to hold her back on her spot hiding her completely from JK.

"Jungkook, it's enough. Leave her alone. Can't you see how scared she is? Leave her alone," Said Namjoon with disappointment in his eyes.


JK tried to pull Aerin back but this time, Namjoon gave a tight slap to Jungkook making him shut his mouth. JK's eyes widens in shock as he glared at Namjoon while holding his cheek. Aerin was shocked to even react to what just happened in front of her. She was completely flabbergasted by this act of Namjoon's.

JK's jaw clenched and so as his fists as if he was trying really hard to prevent himself from doing something that he would regret later. Namjoon kept standing while blocking Aerin behind himself. He hasn't a single glimpse of fear in his eyes after slapping JK.

"You won't lay your hands upon her for a single more time. I'm warning you." Said Namjoon, with a stern tone and warning holding his eyes. JK clenched his fists as Namjoon walked out of the room leaving Aerin alone with JK again. Aerin's stomach churned finding herself alone with him again. She was looking down all the time like a terrified puppy.

JK groaned before fisting his hands. Ruffling his hair, he approached the closet making Aerin turmoil. Taking out a decent dress, he walked back before throwing the dress above Aerin.

"Wear it and get ready in twenty minutes. We are already enough late for V's marriage. I will deal with you once we will be back from the marriage ceremony,"

He warned her before leaving the room and slammed the door tightly making her flinch. Sniffing, she wiped her tears before getting up from the floor holding the dress in her hands. She went towards the bathroom and changed before getting ready for the wedding venue.

She did mild makeup and applied the foundation on her face and neck and arms to cover the cruises she got from him. Wearing her heels, she took the gift in her hands that she had bought for V and Ahyeon.

Going downstairs, she was met with JK and Namjoon who were having their conversations regarding something. Aerin's stomach churned seeing JK looking at her with intimidating gazes as if he is up to something.

"Okay then, we shall leave for the venue," Namjoon interrupted their interaction and left the living room and went to his car's direction. Aerin's eyes lowered automatically and hands fisted. Without saying anything, JK too left and Aerin followed him. JK has already sent Aejung to Jimin who was already present in the ceremony while he was dealing with Aerin a while ago.

Upon reaching there, they were welcomed by the member, V and Ahyeon who were waiting for them. Seeing Aerin, Ahyeon smiled before approaching and hugging her tightly.

"Where were you? I was so worried," asked Ahyeon in a sweet tone as Aerin passed her a forced smile.

"Seriously Aerin-ah, where were you? We all were worried for you," said Yumi before Aerin looked up at them with guilt in his eyes.

"She was stuck in the saloon. So I had to go and take her out," JK said gaining everyone's attention. Jimin looked down holding before looking at little Aejung in his arms with guilt in his eyes.

"Oh really? Wow, you women are really unpredictable," V laughed before Aerin smiled forcefully.

"Umm... Shall we start? It's pretty late already?" said V as all nodded agreeing with him.


All went inside as Aerin let out a shaky breath before following others inside the venue. She approached Jimin who was still holding Aejung in his arms cooing her so she won't cry.

"Thanks for taking care of her, Jimin-ah," Aerin spoke softly before taking Aejung in her hands and patting her back. Jimin let out a shaky breath and his facial expressions saddened after witnessing Aerin's red and swollen eyes.

"Aerin-ah, you fine, right?" He asked genuinely making Aerin go blank for a moment before she forced her smile back.

"Yeah, don't worry about me. I'm fine." She replied making Jimin nod.

"Thanks for taking care of her. I should get going now, others must be waiting for me," She said before leaving Jimin's sight as fast as she could do.

The ceremony went on till almost morning and now, all were sleepy. V and Ahyeon were directly went to their planned trip with Eunho and others comes back to their respective places. Aerin stayed with Yumi as much as she could and even comes back with Yoongi and her.

About Jungkook, he left for somewhere right after the ceremony was ended. He had got an urgent call from his office hence he had to go there and check the matter all by himself. He took Namjoon with him since Jimin was back to his home and V left the country for the trip.

Before going, he had strictly warned Aerin to take any other step and she will deal with the worst him.




Aerin's stomach churned in fright again as she kept sitting on the bed with her legs pulled closed to herself and hugging them tightly. The sleep was nowhere to be noticed in her eyes.

All they had was fright.

Her whole face was stained with tears and sweat was all over it. She looked at the clock which was reading 4:30 of the morning. She gulped not knowing what worst is coming in her way. Her slow breaths were hearable inside the room which has just a dim light on.

Her breath hitched when she heard the door knob has been pulled. Her eyes shut tightly automatically and breaths pacified when she saw him entering the room. He locked the room back after entering inside before turning around to face her.

He starred at her intensely before taking few steps towards the bed's direction. Aerin's heart bombarded in her ears when she felt the sound of his feet getting clearer and she closed her tightly gripping the bed sheet and praying for her life.

She felt his manly cologne getting stronger as he just stood a few steps away from the bed without saying any word. His eyes were enough to give the answers why he was silent. Aerin's breath hitched again when she felt him taking his wrist watch off following by his coat and then shirt.

Jerking his shirt away from his body before throwing it somewhere, he approached the side of the bed where she was sitting. Holding her tear-stained face in his big and bulky hand, he made her look up still her eyes were lowered not being able to look into his ones.

She was scared.



By him.

His one touch made her terror-stricken so much that she was unable to even breathe properly. Tucking a loose strand behind her ear, he examined her face clearly.

"Shall we start where we left?"

His voice, huskier and darker that made her gulped down thickly in fright. Her breaths hitched when she felt him pushing her on the bed. Her body bounced on the soft mattress and her eyes widens with fear.

"I'm sorry, Ju...jung...kook-umm," A wince followed her mouth when he held her jaw tightly making her look into his eyes.

"You need to get a lesson for what you've done. Tonight I'm gonna punish you in every fucking way,"

He spoke huskily before hovering over her terrified figure. Her breaths pacified seeing him above herself. His eyes filled with rage and anger. As if tonight, he was determined to ruin her.

"I will make sure that you remember this night in your whole fucking lifetime, Jeon Aerin,"


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