The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 71

"You, me and our venomous love"



Aerin's gasped opening her eyes and breathing heavily, sweat was dripping from her forehead and she sighed.

She had a nightmare again

Rubbing her eyes, she sat up on the bed before looking outside. The sun already started to shimmer. She frowned as if it was just a while ago when she slept which indeed was true. She slept almost in the morning and now was awake already.

Her eyes flickered as she turned around only to find Jungkook sleeping peacefully without any care. She let a sharp breath before turning around back only to get up. A slight wince left her dried mouth when she placed her warm feet on the cold floor.

Holding the quilt tightly around her bare body, she crouched down only to pick up her torn clothes that were thrown all around side floor of their bedroom. Picking them up, she made her way towards the bathroom with slow and steady steps trying to not to wake him up.

Entering inside, she tied her hair into a messy bun and brushed her teeth when her eyes fell on her fresh purplish hickeys all over her bare body. Closing her eyes in shame, she continued to brush her teeth. After taking shower, she wore loose pair of black shorts and a blue over-sized shirt.

Entering inside, she was welcomed by an awaked JK who was sitting on the edge of the bed while holding his head. Aerin cleared her throat to gain his attention and he looked up at her.

"Umm... Good morning,"

She spoke softly and he nodded before sitting straight on the bed.

"Morning," He replied in his hoarse voice. Looking here and there, he searched for his pants that he found thrown on the nearby door. Getting up, he grabbed his pants and wore it turning around.

"Is your head hurting?" She asked gaining his attention as he sighed before looking at her.

"Yeah! A little bit. Those damn two fuckers V and Jimin made me drink too much last night, I guess," He said shaking his head.

"Should I make you a lemon juice?"

"No, I'm fine,"

He replied dryly making her nod before he was about to go for the shower. He turned around back making Aerin turmoil as he asked.

"Is Aejung up?" He asked.

"Not yet. I was about to leave for her." replied Aerin, making him nod before he went back towards the bathroom. Sighing sharply, Aerin finished combing her hair and went outside of the room.

Entering inside her little daughter's room, a bright smile appeared on her lips as she went inside. Sitting on the edge of Aejung's bed, she caressed her soft and silky hair before placing a peck on her hair.

"Baby, wake up." She whispered above Aejung's ear and the little girl opened her eyes before a small giggle left her mouth.

"Good morning, my sweetheart,"

"Goo monning, Mama," The little daughter said making Aerin chuckled as she ruffled her little daughter's hair.

"Come on, get up and get ready quick. Otherwise, you will be late for your school," Aerin said hurriedly before patting her to get her up.

"NO! I wooon't go," Aejung shook her tiny head before sitting on her bed and looked down making Aerin confound.

"Why you don't want to go?" Aerin asked cocking her eyebrow.

"You know, that boi Saehan~ Heee pulled my hair," She complaint before pouting making Aerin chuckle.

"Baby, come on, it's not a reason to not to go school. And Saehan is of same age as you; try to make him your friend. I'm sure, he will."

"But mama, he bullies Aejung," Aejung protested.

"Baby come on, you're strong right?" She asked and little daughter nodded.

"Then you won't keep hiding here like a little puppet," She chuckled making Aejung huff in annoyance before Aejung laughed ruffling her hair.

"Now come on, it's time for you to get ready," She said before picking Aejung up in her arms and went towards the bathroom. Entering inside, she made Aejung brush her teeth and give her a warm shower before drying her hair with the towel and making her wear her small cute baby pink top with a kitten painted on it and a skirt and did her ponytail preparing her for kinder garden.


After getting ready, JK went downstairs when he received a call from V.

"Speak!" He muttered angrily.

"Good Morning, dude," He heard V snickering that made him roll his eyes.

"How was last night, bro?" V asked.

"I know right? You're finding fun in all of this. Bloody fucker," JK replied.

"Oops~ Big bad alpha is angry, I guess." V snickered again.

"I know that you've spiked my drink last night? What did you put in it?" asked JK.

"Not something bad. I just put some Viagra in it," V replied making JK bewildered.

"WHAT? You put Viagra in my drink?"

"Sorry bro. I had to."

"The fuck! You had to. I swear I won't gonna spare you once I will reach the office." JK warned.

"Bro, actually I don't want to. But I lost the bet with Jimin hence I had to spike the drinks. I'm wholeheartedly sorry," V said making JK roll his eyes.

"You both won't be spared."

"Dude, I'm sorry," He said but JK hanged up.

Those two fuckers!

How dare they?

Thank god I didn't meet Aejung last night. Otherwise, I would've damaged my image in front of my daughter.

But Aerin? Fuck! I was brutally rough on her last night. I could see that in the morning when I saw her.


He rubbed his temple in annoyance and licked his dried lip before walking downstairs. Upon reaching, he sat down on the chair when his daughter looked up who was already present there.

"Goo monning, dada," She wished as her large doe-like eyes shimmered in happiness after seeing her father.

"Good morning, princess," He sat down after kissing his little daughter's both cheeks and she squealed cutely.

"Dada, Aejungieee slept lasteu nighteu. Youuuu didn't buy her chooocolates," She pouted as her doe-like eyes enlarged making JK chuckle.

"I'm so sorry, princess. Dada was busy looking for some important work last night that's why I couldn't get to meet you," He replied in a fake apologetic tone.

"But its okay, Dada will buy you a lot once you will be back from your play school," He said but Aejung shook her head in cringe.

"Aejungieee don'teu want to go to iskool."

"But why Aejungie don't want to go to ISKOOL?" He chuckled before Aejung huffed looking down.

"Dada, that Saehan boi bullies Aejungieee," she said pouting making JK confound.

"Who? That boy Saehan?" He inquired as Aejung nodded making him sigh.

"Princess, if he tries to bully even one more time, just kick in his stomach," He said making Aerin flabbergasted who just came back from the kitchen holding the juices in her hand.

Aejung smirked adorably before nodding as Aerin silently served them their breakfast. Yoongi too, approached them and sat down without saying anything. His slightly groaned holding his head when JK noticed him.

"Morning, Hyung." He wished as Yoongi nodded dryly.

"Morning," Yoongi replied back.

"What happened?" JK asked after seeing Yoongi continuously massaging his own head.

"I myself don't know." Yoongi shook his head in disappointment.

"Hyung, did they mix Viagra in your drink too?" JK asked whispering after leaning close to Yoongi's chair as Yoongi's eyes widen in surprise.

"Those two idiots, V and Jimin?" He asked and JK nodded. Yoongi closed his eyes and shook his head in displeasure and rubbed his temple.

"I swear I will gonna blow their skulls with my bullets today. They dare spiking my drink in the club and that too with Viagra? Shit!" Yoongi muttered making JK chuckle before he sat back straight again to have his breakfast.

"Good morning, guys," Yumi said before approaching them and sat beside Yoongi.

"Good morning, honey," she said huskily gaining Yoongi's attention.

"Good morning," He replied internally sighing when he found Yumi smirking.

"Last night was fun, babe," She whispered in Yoongi's ear making him chock on his drink.

"Ahmm Ahmm!"

JK cleared his throat gaining the couple's attention before gesturing them about Aejung's presence who was playing with her little doll. Nodding, Yoongi and Yumi maintained their respective distance and started to have their breakfast.

"Btw, have you talked with those vipers? What did they say?" Asked JK to Yoongi who was looking all the time.

"I did. They said they want the things to be supplied by the next week," He replied making JK nod.

"Not a big deal. It can be arranged easily," JK mumbled after having the bite of his food. All finished their breakfast and Aerin finished giving Aejung, her breakfast too.

"I will come to office a little late. I have to go to hospital to talk with Jungsan's hyung's doctor. He has called me to discuss something about Hyung's condition." JK said to Yoongi and Yoongi nodded before getting up and left after wise. JK too was about to leave when Aerin called him.

"Umm... Jungkook-ah?" JK turned around.

"Hmm?" He asked dryly making Aerin a little nervous before she approached him.

"Umm... If you don't mind, can I also come to the hospital with you? I want to see Jungsan too." Spoke Aerin in a slow and soft tone waiting for JK's reply. He remained silent for a moment without giving Aerin any expression as she was waiting for his approval. After thinking for a while, he nodded.

"Okay." He said without any emotion making a smile appear on Aerin's lips.

"Thanks," She spoke.

"Hmm, come out quick otherwise, we will get late for Aejung's school," He said in a monotone making Aerin nod.

"I will be out in just five minutes," She spoke before turning around to go upstairs. JK kept looking at her disappearing figure with emotionless eyes without moving anywhere and an inch.

Even if they still have the some bitterness in their relationship, they are still pulling it further trying really-really hard to make it work. Even if after 5 years of marriage, there is still have the bitter tension between them but they are still willing to protect their bond and make it work as much as they could.

And this time, they both are trying to make the things work out between them. Even if they are still lacking in so many things but that doesn't mean their relationship didn't improved.

It did.

It did a lot.

They have made a lot of things work out successfully and that's why, they are still keep going trying to cope up with each other. There is a lot changes in their marriage.

And they both know; only if they haven't discussed their misunderstandings that night, a lot of things would've changed.



"Ju...jungkook, ple...ase, don't do this." Aerin sobbed while crying badly. Her eyes were all swollen because of her continuous wails. She was terrifies.

So badly terrified.

Underneath him.

JK's jaw clenched as he slammed both of his fists on the side of her head making her flinch badly. Hovering over her fragile figure, he witnessed how badly petrifies she was. All sobbing, all crying, and pleading him to spare her.

Closing his eyes, he groaned before pulling himself back from Aerin's badly terrified self. Getting up, he sat down on the edge of the bed with his elbows rest on his knees and head hung low. Aerin was surprised to see him pulling back without doing anything to her.

Doing anything was so far,

He didn't even touch her.

Wiping her tears with her fists, she sat up on the bed all confounded to see him sitting silently on the edge of the bed without saying or doing anything. It surprised her.

She was flabbergasted yet she was nervous to ask him anything.

"Ju...jung...kook?" She spoke brokenly and JK sighed deeply.

"I know everything," He said, his deep voice vibrated from his throat making it even deeper and huskier. Aerin was confounded.

He knew what?

"W-what?" She asked tried to sound steady yet her broken voice failed to come out straight.

"I know that Jungsan Hyung confessed to you the day you took him to the therapy center."


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