The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 72


“I know that Jungsan Hyung confessed to you the day you took him to the therapy center,” He said out, his voice was hoarse yet deep.

Aerin’s breaths hitched, she didn’t know what to say to him at the moment. She was speechless, wordless and thoughtless at the time. Her senses stopped to work and she kept staring at him with the dismay filled in her eyes not knowing for how long, he was aware of this truth.


The words merely come out as a whisper from her mouth and all she said was “what” not knowing what else to say at the moment. She herself was completely blanked at the moment. Just like JK.

“Yes, I know this. I know everything regarding this. Even if you didn’t tell me but I know,” He rasped, definitely the amount of anger could be noticeable in his tone. But there was something else too.



Indeed, he was ‘hurt’ for sure and the ‘disappointment’ could be clearly seen in his eyes. Aerin gulped. Why wouldn’t he be disappointed and hurt?

She is his wife after all

“Ju-jungkook, I- I’m sorry. I should’ve told you earlier about this.” She spoke out, her tone was low and soft. Her eyes lowered in guilt and head hung low as she was sitting on the edge of the bed with her back rested on the headboard and he was sitting near the opposite end on the side of her legs.

He was looking on the floor all the time. Not being able to show the hurt in his eyes to his wife. Indeed he was hurt, really badly hurt.

After he caught Aerin escaping, his mind was completely filled with rage. He had slapped Aerin for innumerable times for what she has done. Once, he was over with her, he definitely decided that once he will be back, he will ruin her again but during the wedding venue, he got to know about this from Yumi.




Jungkook was sitting alone on a corner table when Yumi approached him. Sitting on the chair beside JK’s one, he gave her a drink that he took humbly before she started to speak.

“Jungkook, I know that you and Aerin has definitely going through something sour. I can see that. What are you guys doing? For god sake you guys have a kid to look after,”

Said Yumi, disappointment was the only word could describe Yumi’s emotions by that time. She was highly disappointment seeing his brother-in-law and sister-in-law messing up their marriage like this. So she finally decided to have a talk with both of them out of which, JK was first.


“I know that you definitely had hurt Aerin. I could see that. Jungkook, I’m older than both of you. At least I have some more experience than you both guys. And what made you guys think that you can hide this all when it all is clearly visible,” Yumi said keenly. JK shrugged before looking away.

“What is clearly visible?” He rasped this time. His eyes changed into shades of dark one that even made Yumi frightened but she didn’t back off. Today, she was determined to talk with the Youngers.

“I know that you had hurt Aerin physically,”

JK’s eyes crumpled and the eyebrows furrowed. He looked at Yumi with the dismay-filled emotion before looking away as if doesn’t give a damn about this.

“And not only me. Yoongi, Jimin, V, we all know about this. Namjoon has told us everything already and Jimin too. I know that today, Aerin tried to escape the mansion with Aejung and you caught her and brought her back to mansion by force.”

“Noona, you don’t know what kind of person she is,” JK said irritatingly upon keep hearing Aerin’s name. It was raging him inside. He was burning with the fire of wrath.

“I might not know whatever kind of person Aerin is neither I wanted to know whatever had happened between you guys in the past that made you despise her. I don’t whatever she has done to you but thing I know is that she is not a bad person by her heart, Jungkook,” JK scoffed upon hearing Yumi but Yumi kept trying to made him understand the value of his wife.

“Whatever has happened between you both, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is your wife, does it?” she asked and JK gave her a look before looking away not knowing what to say. He just kept sitting there listening to her because Yumi is elder than him and he doesn’t want to disrespect her opinions.

“She is your wife and you’re her husband, Kook. So behave like one. She isn’t a bad person by heart,” JK scoffed again before glaring at Yumi.

“You know what she has done? Because of her my brother is in coma today. Isn’t it enough for me?” JK rasped making Yumi sigh.

“Kook, I know that it’s the misfortune that Jungsan is in coma today but you can’t only blame Aerin for this. Jungsan at somehow, was equally responsible for this,”

The limit of JK’s patience was slowly going beyond as the rage was engulfing his soul. His hands fisted tightly before he looked at Yumi.

“And how Hyung is equally responsible for this?”

“The day Aerin took him to the therapy center for the treatment. Jungsan has confessed to her.” She told making JK’s eyes wide in dismay as if he didn’t heard clearly what Yumi just said.

Jungsan has feelings for Aerin.

For his younger brother’s wife

“What nonsense?” He blabbered making Yumi sigh.

“I know right? You won’t believe me but still, please try to trust me. Jungsan confessed to Aerin that day. Not even only this, he even asked her to leave you and give her life a chance with Jungsan. Even he was in knowledge that yours and Aerin’s marriage is not working out well and that’s what boosts up his confidence and he did proposed her,” Yumi said sighing before looking down.

By the end of Yumi’s words, JK’s blood started to boil out in anger.

How could his own brother do that to him?

How could he try to get along with his own brother’s wife?

Not only had this but Jungsan even asked her to leave JK and get settle down with him. The thing made his blood boiled up in anger. There was no limit of JK’s anger.

Only if Jungsan would be up, JK would definitely have slid off the knife across his throat for daring keep his eyes on JK’s wife.

He would surely bear anything but won’t bear others eyeing what belongs to him.

“How could Hyung do that?” He seethed in anger, his eyes becoming glossier with both anger and hurt.

“I don’t know what made him attracted towards Aerin? But one thing I know that Aerin did her work with complete honesty. But still the poor soul faced a lot. You know, that’s why she ran away leaving the therapy room to get some time to cry alone. She was indeed in the worst pain and Jungsan’s harsh words regarding your and her marriage have worsened it. She needs to get out of it but when she came back, Jungsan was gone and the misfortune happened to him”

She breathed out sharply before the sadness consumed in her eyes.

“Please Kook, don’t hurt the poor soul more. She is the mother of your child at least give her some respect because of this. She isn’t a bad person, Kook. Indeed, she is most caring and humble soul on the earth.”



A gasp left Aerin’s mouth and she looked down in embarrassment not being able to look up at him after the matter was disclosed.

“You could’ve told me about this. What made you think that I won’t believe you?” He asked, the seriousness were pooling in his eyes. Aerin sighed, her eyes lowered and lips went dried.

“I-I’m sorry, you were already worried because of Jungsan’s missing. So, I found it better to not to speak.” She told him honestly, her tone holding the softness and fingers busy fiddling with the hem of the blanket she has spread on her half bare body.

“The matter was big but yours wasn’t small too either. Even if you were feeling like something is getting wrong, you should come and discuss that to me. Otherwise, this marriage is good for nothing,” JK said back, his tone holding a bit of disappointment.

“Hyung was mentally disabled, he was sick. He may have get infatuated by you and confessed to you but at least, I could expect some maturity from you. Why didn’t you called me immediately? I would’ve talked to him and made him understand that he was wrong but you found better option by running away leaving him all alone in the room. I didn’t expected this from you,”

“I’m sorry.” Tears welled up in her eyes and a sob escaped her mouth.

“I’m really sorry. M…my senses stopped working that time and I can’t help but leave from there. I never thought he would run away and caught up in this unfortunate situation. I’m so sorry,” She sobbed, her crystalline tears welled up starting to fall off rolling down on her cheeks. JK can’t help but to go near her. He can’t help but need to calm her down.

She was already enough petrified by him.

Resting her head on his chest, he hesitantly brought up his hands to rub her back up and down and caress her. She was sobbing badly like a little kid. He needs to calm her.

Indeed, Aerin has done the worst sin of her life by playing with his feelings but now, she has seen enough of karma.

He punished her for enough times.

Not anymore.

Their relationship was already enough damaged and the things now damaging it more. And they need to take the control over it. Otherwise, they will end up falling apart and the future of their child will completely be ruined.

Time passed and her sobs died. Now she was calm. He continued to caress her till she was calmed and her breaths were normal.

“I should’ve stopped you from going to him. Neither anything would take place nor anything would’ve happened with him,” He sighed closing his eyes in disappointment shaking his head. Aerin gulped before looking at him.

“It’s not your fault,” She muttered making him open his eyes back.

“Don’t worry, it’s not your fault either,” He replied back making her nod. Holding her close to his chest and her head was placed onto it, he has her small, tear-stained, puffy face in his calloused hands. Noticing how she still has his slap marks, the guilt rushed through his body and he felt bad for her.

“For these marks…… I…I… I’m sorry,”

Bringing his thumb upon her puffy cheeks, he wiped her tears as she kept looking at him with dismay filled in her eyes. She was beyond bewildered. Looking away, she tried to pull herself out of his embrace but kept her still on her spot. Instead, his holds became tighter on her arms. Her heart thundered in anticipation.

“But, still don’t you think you need a punishment for trying to escape?” He asked, cocking his eyebrow playfully. Not being able to match his level, Aerin tried to pull herself back but indeed, his holds were ironic.

“You do need it,” He whispered huskily.

“Let me go this time, please,” She urged but he shook his head.

“No!” He whispered before finally bringing his lips closer to hers. Finally placing them on hers, he sucked the taste of both her lips and tears. Kissing her sensually, giving her the thunders in every possible way he could do, he closed his eyes before leaning in further. Settling her on top of himself as he laid down on the bed, he covered of themselves with the warm blanket.

Holding her small face in his calloused palm, he deepened the kiss before his hand reached down. Holding the hem of her trouser, he pulled it down in one go before tossing it away somewhere in the room. Unbuckling his belt, he immediately slid down his pants before his length spring up hitting her belly button. She gasped before immediately trying to get off of him but he held by her waist.

“You should be thankful that I’m giving you a gentle punishment. So be a good girl and suppress your moans this time if you don’t want our little daughter to wake up,”

He whispered caressing her hair gently before pulling her further upwards on himself. Settling her on his abdomen, he grabbed the hem of her underwear pulling it down before filling her up in one go. Gripping her waist tightly, he helped her taking himself inside her completely as he lout a groan in ecstasy.

“Ah f#ck, yeah!” He grunted helping her bounce on himself carefully as she tucked her lower lip to suppress her scream. Her palms dropped on his chest for support and legs hung low on the side on his lower abdomen feeling completely numb.

“Tonight, you will ride me.”
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