The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 73

Walking towards the way of the living room, Aerin sat down on the couch before taking another sip of her Juice. She opened a magazine to read since their was nothing else to do in the mansion. All the work has been finished and everyone were finished having their lunch recently.

She was engulfed deeply in the magazine reading about the new ideas to setup the bedroom when her little daughter come towards herself. Hugging Aerin by her waist, Aejung almost threw herself on Aerin's lap while letting out the big oceans of her crystalline tears. She dig her face on Aerin's tummy while crying like a tiny cry baby. Aerin was surprised so she wrapped her arms around her daughter before settling little Aejung on her lap.

"What happened, baby? Why are you crying?" Asked Aerin after wiping Aejung's tears. Her nose and cheek went red due to the impact of the cries but still not feeling relaxed, she cried once again that made Aerin astonish.

"Aejungie, what happened baby?" Aerin cooed to Aejung who was gulping large gulped of breath while still crying.

"Mama, Uncle Joonie broke Aejungie's new doll," she cried making Aerin sighed before looking in the way where Namjoon was coming from. Standing behind Aejung, he made an innocent face before shaking his head. Aerin sighed before shaking her head in displeasure.

It's not a new thing for her to witness these kind of mess in the mansion. It happens always. It wasn't for the first time Namjoon broke Aejung's toy. And it wasn't the first time she come to Aerin crying while complaining about Namjoon.

"Seriously, Namjoon oppa?" Aejung asked, her voice filled with displeasure. Namjoon quickly shook his head in response 'No'

"No, Aerin-ah, it's not me. Actually it's Tom, he mistakenly broke Aejungie's new doll." Namjoon said.

"Noo! You did" Aejung shrieked stomping her foot in the floor before her nose flattered in anger giving her a cute and adorable baby look.

"Noo! I didn't," Namjoon oppa shrieked back with the same energy before looking at Aejung.

"I didn't broke this. Trust me, Aerin-ah , it's Tommy who did this. See," he said before the cute little puppy jumped into Namjoon's arms and made a cute sad face.

"Mama, Appa bought it for me lasteu week." Aejung said before hugging Aerin.

"It's okay baby, I will buy you another one. Let it go" Aerin said before lightly patting Aejung's head and she pouted.

"But Appa bought it. He will be sadeu," she pouted before looking at Aerin with her big Adorable doe-like eyes. Aerin chuckled seeing how much little daughter cares for her father's feelings.

"Uncle Joonie is so bad," she cried before hugging Aerin again leaving Namjoon flabbergasted as his mouth formed a big 'O' as a reaction to Aejung's words.

"W--w--- yah! How could you forgot all the things I've done. And you called me bad, Aejungie?" Namjoon asked back.

"You broke my doll. You're such a god of destruction," she told him before stomping her foot on the ground again leaving Namjoon flabbergasted.

"Yah~ wahh! This little panda really like to call me a destruction god" Namjoon pouted as Aejung sighed.

"I Will tell Appa" she said pouting.

"Girl, do I look like I care? Even your Appa fears me," Namjoon said back. Aerin chuckled at his sentence before jumping in their cute little fight.

"Okay-okay, fine. Let's end this," she said but both shook their head like little kids.

"No~" they both said back making Aerin astonish at their little energies.

"Okay then, don't ask me to cook pasta and pizza for you both," Aerin said before playfully rolling her eyes grabbing both Namjoon's and Aejung's attention.

"No-No," both of them let out together and Aerin Chuckled before turning around to face them again.

"Okay then only if you guys won't fight, I will cook pizza and pasta for you both," she said making Aejung jump in excitement.

"Seriously Aerin-ah, your handmade food is the best I could get," Namjoon said making Aerin Chuckle before she nodded.

"Okay then, let me prepare the food for you both,"

"Let me call Seokjin Hyung too. It's his favourite dish, I'm sure he will gonna join us," said Namjoon, before he took out the cellphone from his pants pocket and dialled Seokjin's number who was currently in the hospital.

Seeing Namjoon Calling him, seokjin quickly excused himself from the juniors and went to his cabin.

"Ah yes, Namjoon-ah?" He asked before marching towards his chair's direction. Sitting on, he leaned back before twisting his neck as his days always went busy leaving him tiresome.

"Oh Hyung? I called you to invite for the treat," said Namjoon.

"What treat?"

"Aerin is going to cook your favourite food," said Namjoon.

"Oh really? But I'm pretty busy in the hospital. I have patients to check upon," Seokjin told him making him frown.


"Okay-okay, I will try to come. I will ask my juniors to look upon the patients." Seokjin told him making him nod and smile.

"Okay," Namjoon said before he hung up the call before marching towards the direction of the dinning area.


"Woah! It's so delicious," Seokjin moaned before chewing the food making Aerin Chuckle as they were settled on the chairs in the dinning hall.

"It's so good, Aerin-ah," said Namjoon.

"Mama, did you prepared Dada's favourite black bean noodles?" Asked Aejung grabbing Aerin's attention.

"Yes baby, I did. Don't worry, and finish your food," said Aerin softly before Aejung quickly nodded collecting herself back to eat the leftover food.

"Btw, Aerin-ah, have you and Jungkook planned anything for your guy's anniversary?" Asked Seokjin before taking another bite of his leftover. Aerin's eyes crumpled as she frowned before looking away in confusion.

"Uh um... I don't know oppa. I don't know if he will plan to celebrate it or not," Aerin answered honestly before looking down shrugging.

"Why not? Come on, it's your guy's fifth wedding anniversary. Don't tell us you both won't have any plan to do celebrate it," said Seokjin before frowning.

"Aha Hyung, maybe they were still didn't get to think about it. Maybe they will think later?" Namjoon said quickly trying to calm down the elder's displeasure. Aerin nodded agreeing with him.

"Maybe," Seokjin said before shrugging.

"Whatever, but we guys are desperately waiting for the party, Okay?" Seokjin said making Aerin smile out nervously.

"Don't worry, we will talk about this to Jungkook," Namjoon said before they all nodded. Bringing themselves back to the eating after their little conversation.



Aerin's sleep broken hearing the sound of the horn of Jk's car indicating he has arrived back. Getting up from the couch, she made her steps outside when Jk's footsteps sounds started to get hearable. Coming inside, he was welcomed by an half awake and half sleepy Aerin who stood up like an obedient servant serving upon his master.

Crumpling his eyebrows, he went inside standing at little but respectively distance from her. He asked.

"You did not went to sleep yet?"

"Actually, I was waiting because it was already late and you weren't back. Aejung was asking for you. I called you but you didn't received," she said, her voice holding a bit of dissatisfaction and complaint as a wife to her husband. Jk let out a tired sigh before shrugging. Rubbing his temple in displeasure, he cursed under his breath for being so much late again that his little daughter again went to sleep without seeing her Papa.

"Actually, I was in an important meeting. My cellphone was on silent,"
He replied back, his voice holding honesty and disappointment at the same time. The guilt started to creep in his eyes for completely forgetting about his little daughter.

Her vacation has been already started and Jk knew very well that now, his daughter needs him much more than the other busy days of the year. But keeping himself busy in his work, he was unable to arrange the time for his little daughter and for.......... her too.

"It's okay, it was necessary. We understand," Aerin replied back softly before passing a mild and tired smile to him. He could witness the tiredness in Aerin's eyes. She was looking so exhausted. Yet she was awake so she could make sure if he had dinner or not. She is well aware how he skips his meals and making sure that everyone in the family was taking proper nutrition, is her responsibility.

"I should've atleast checked my cellphone," he muttered under his breath, in complete disappointment.

"It's fine. The dinner is ready." She informed. Looking up at her, he nodded. He could see how tired she was. He knew that Aerin has been dealing with Aejung all by herself nowadays and it's so damn tiring to keep up with a 4 year old children for whole day. He was guilty too, for not being able to be present their to help her with their daughter. As a father, his responsibilities were equally as Aerin regarding Aejung yet Aerin was the only one to handle all of this and he was guilty for this.

"Five minutes? I will be back after changing," he said making her nod in return before he went to their bedroom upstairs to change. Freshening up, he wore a black colour trousers with a grey oversized shirt before heading back to downstairs. Settling himself on the chair, he kept his eyes up as his stomach was almost hurting with trying to cooperate with the hunger which now, he can't held for long.

Serving him the dinner, she poured him a glass of water before trying to leave but he was fast enough to hold her by her wrist, stopping her right on the spot she was. Being turmoil, she turned around.

"Have you eaten?" He asked making her astonish for minute before she shook her head. While trying to make their little daughter eat, she almost forgot to feed herself. It takes almost one damn hour to feed Aejung while running behind her in the whole big damn house just for her one bite. And by the end Aerin finishes feeding Aejung, her own hunger dies because of the tiredness she has gained from feeding Aejung while running in the whole damn house for her.

"No~" the words came out from her mouth almost as a whisper making jk sigh enough. He already knew she won't eat. He is well aware of the tactics their little daughter does while eating. And probably because of this, it's sometimes becomes common for Aerin to forget about her own self.

"Come and eat," he said.

"My appetite died. I'm not hungry anymore," she said genuinely before trying to leave but next she knew, with a sudden jerk, she was pulled backwards landing on Jk's lap. She gasped and her eyes widen before meeting with his dark ones.

"If I said something then you should listen," he said, this time his voice filled with huskies and calm yet intimidating. His wet long lock that were almost covering half of his eyes making him more intimidating. Aerin can't help but to get shivers while looking in those dark orbs of him. They are so constraining.

Only a single glance of his is enough to suck the life out of your lungs.

"Eat," he said, more like ordered. Nodding, her gazes lowered when his hand brought up the spoon to her mouth. Gesturing her to open her mouth as she did the same. Letting out a mild chuckle, he brought the spoon to her mouth before feeding her. Chewing the rice as if she was forcing herself to do so, her eyes lowered not being able to withstand the power of his coerced ones.

"I have bought something for you," he said making her went turmoil for a millisecond before she asked.


Turning to the side, he forwarded his left hand to grab the bag that he has brought with himself to the dining table. Placing the bag on their laps as Aerin looked up with the questionable eyes.

"What's this?" She asked going all soft as he bought something for her after a while. It's not like as if he doesn't buy gifts for her. But this time, it was after a big break.

"Its a dress. I would like it if you wear this on our wedding anniversary," he said making her confuse for a moment.


"On our anniversary party,"

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