The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 74



The night went on as the couple arrived while walking down the alley. Her arms interlocked with his one and a sweet smile splashed on her lips and so as his. Looking like a queen walking with her king as the crowd started to cheer them up. The happiness creeping in her beautiful hazels and they shimmered with the sparkle.

JK walked into the crowd with Aerin beside himself and the beautiful smile never leaving his lips. He was happy. Today, he was happy after a long while. He was delighted and passionate.

"Wishing you both a very happy anniversary," Daihee wished after sharing a hug with Aerin and side hugging JK.

"Thank you," muttered Aerin, shyly and her cheeks started to tint.

"BTW, where is Jimin-Ssi?" asked JK, his eyes wandered passing the crowd to get the glimpse of Jimin.

"Oh actually, he went to pick up Taehyung and Ahyeon. They were by town side but their car stopped," informed Daihee as JK let out an 'Oh' before nodding.

"They must be here by now. I don't why they are still not here?" Daihee shrugged before her eyes landed on the main door sight to see if Jimin has arrived yet or not with Taehyung and Ahyeon.

Finally after some time, they all were there. Till then Yumi too, approached the couple when she got to see the sight of Jimin with V and Ahyeon.

"Oh sorry, bro. We were a little stuck in the traffic," Jimin huffed before approaching them.

"It's okay, it happens, nevermind," JK replied back when he shared a hug with the guys. "Happy anniversary, dude," wished Taehyung as they shared a brotherly hug and JK nodded.

"You're looking beautiful," Ahyeon complimented Aerin after a warm hug and she looked down tucking a loose strand of her hair behind her ear.

"Thanks, and you too,"

"Off course I will. I buy even more expensive products from my man's money. Poor he," Ahyeon snickered and both of them giggled together.

"Happy anniversary, aunt and uncle." Said the little young boy and walked inside with the gifts and bouquets on his cute medium sized hands. Aerin smiled before bending down to his level. He wasn't too short than her but yet a little much. She ruffled his smooth hair before kissing his cheek.

"Thanks, Cham," JK replied.

"Thanks, my little boy," She said and Eunho made a face making others smile in awe.

"Please don't call me that. I'm big boy now." He reminded her as she bite her lower lip is surprise before faking a gasp.

"Oops~ sorry," She said.

"So shall we start? I guess it's the time," said Yoongi who just approached after conversing with some of the official clients.

"Oh yeah, off course," exclaimed Jimin as all nodded before getting themselves back to the function.

The ceremony started as both of them cut the cake together with their little daughter who was dressed same as Aerin tonight looking like a little version of Aejung. Both mother and daughter wore the same type dress, beautiful embroidery oceanic blue gowns complimenting the white pearl necklace.

Feeding the cake to each other, they interacted again when their little daughter grabbed their attention.

"Happy anni, Mama-Dada," She said raising her head up to look at her parents who smiled in awe after looking at her. Crouching down to Aejung's level, both kissed her red, chubby cheeks before thanking her.

"Thanks, my little baby," said JK, before he picked her up in her arms.


"Hi~ what's your name?" The boy asked as Yoonmi smiled before looking down in shyness.

"My name is Min Yoonmi. And yours?"

"Oh! I'm Han," The boy said before passing a sweet smile at her.

"Btw, you're so beautiful, will you dance with me," The boy asked making Yoonmi giggle.

"Thanks, I will." She replied softly before ready to give her hand to him but before she could, another hand stopped her.

"Hey little boy, I guess your mina is calling you. Go see where she is," Eunho smiled smugly ready to hover the boy as the boy smile awkwardly at Yoonmi whose facial expressions were completely opposite by then.

"haha! Thanks, Bro. I should check upon her. Please take care of this beautiful girl for me," said the boy before smiling awkwardly at her as she rolled her eyes before looking away.

"Aha~ don't worry, I will, for you and for myself too. Go and see your Mina," He mumbled before passing a smile to the boy who just left after an awkward silence for a while.

"You! What do you want now?" She asked irritatingly as Eunho rolled his eyes too.

"Gosh! Look at you, the little four feet and the tongue is of ten," He said in displeasure before rolling his eyes too.

"None of your business," She jeered on his face making him laugh.

"Oh darling~"

"WHAT!!" She almost screamed making Eunho cough as he quickly cleared his throat.

"I-I m-mean, Oh Min uncle's beautiful darling daughter, keep your little tongue in control and be far away from these types of flirty boys," He said as if he was warning her making Yoonmi roll her eyes.

"It's my life and it's my business. And my business is only my business, none of your business." She talked back making Eunho scoff.

"Aww little baby, it is of my business," He said before winking at her making her gasp almost.


"See ya right back, Ms. Four feet," He said before waving as she stomped her feet angrily on the floor.

"This bitch! I need to tell Taehyung Uncle to keep his son in control" She mumbled.

That attitude of Eunho was always irritating for her and she completely hates it. Even though, Both Eunho and Yoonmi are now in same elementary boarding school. He lives in boy's hostel and she in girl's one but that doesn't mean that he will always keep an eye on her. Even both study in same class. But Eunho being possessive after her, always irritates her.

She felt as if she was stalked all the time and just because Eunho and she were in a family relation doesn't mean that Eunho will possess her.

The night went on as the ballroom dance started while JK was sitting with Aejung on his lap and he was feeding her the all-time favorite ice-cream.

"Dada, I wanna dance too," She said adorably before pointing at the center of the hall where the dance was going on. Aerin chuckled looking at the father-daughter duo.

"Look," She said.

"Aww, so my princess wants to dance."


"Okay then, Dada and princess will dance together," He said making the little jump in excitement as she clapped adorably making both JK and Aerin smile at her adorableness.

"Come on, let's go," he said before picking her up in his arms and went to the floor with her while Aerin clapped to cheer them while dancing. They both were looking cute and adorable. Their noses scrunched up while laughing and giggling that made Aerin smile while looking at them as she continued to clap cheerfully for the father and daughter.

"Dada, I'm tired. My head going round-round," Aejung said before pouting as JK's facial expression changed into a worried one. He quickly put Aejung down before kneeling down to her level.

"Princess, are you fine?" He asked worriedly.

"Yup, don't worry," She said as she ran out before leaving JK in confusion and came back while pulling Aerin with herself out of the table.

"Dada, please dance with mama. Sowry~ I am having round-round," She said apologetically before giving pulling Aerin in front of him. JK smiled before shaking his head and kissed Aejung's chubby cheeks.

"It's okay, princess." He said.

"Please dance," She said excitedly as she pulled Aerin to him before running out of the floor.

He looked at her timid self before pulling her close by her waist. Placing her hand on his shoulder, he intertwined his fingers with hers before slowly pulling her closer to himself that made her breath hitch. Starting to move at the rhythm of the music, they interacted sometimes as the addictive proximity started to heat up their hearts.

Her sweet fragrance started to fill her nostrils again as he inhaled deeply before bringing his face close to hers. Her eyes lowered, head downed, and the tension could be noticeable on her face. She bites her lower lip in anticipation that without any doubt didn't go unnoticed by his hawk-like eyes and he licked his lower lip gazing her sweet, plump lips.

"Damn it! Why you always do this? It tempts me so fucking damn much," He hoarsed on her ear before giving the cold chills to her body.

[Warning: Mature Content]

Pulling her into an empty mid-lighted corner that was barely noticeable to the crowd, he smashed her on the nearby wall before attacking her lips as the hunger took over him.

She let out a moan in anticipation before closing her eyes, her hands quivered, legs trembled and the goosebumps could be noticeable on her body with whatever happened within the speed of the light.

"Close your eyes, my little hummingbird. Leave it to me," He whispered before giving a soft peck to the side of her lips and she started to loose herself under him. He almost hovered over her before attacking her cheekbones. Travelling the wet kisses all over her as her hand itched to grab his collar and she did so. Her one hand slid into his thick and silky locks and the other one grabbed his collar tightly before leaning on the wall.

His hands roamed all over her sensitive body feeling her curves under his rough finger pads. She was looking alluringly seductive tonight and he can't deny the fact that he was going insane all this time just have her right there at the right chance he could get.

"P-please," She moaned out before gasping in anticipation and he continued to draw the enticing art on her body.

"Please what?" He asked before grazing her milky white skin with his teeth. He continued to nibble on her skin as his other hand gave a tight squeeze to her soft bosom making her gasp.

"Ahh~" She moaned out a bit loudly but soon the realization hit her and she palmed her mouth to not to let out any ecstatic sound out of her it. Even thought, in the loud music, they were barely hearable and noticeable yet Aerin was having nervousness in her mind of what if someone saw them.

Another gasp left her palmed mouth when she felt his hand going down from her curve to her abdomen before going further going further down and he cupped her intimate.

"THIS! This is fucking mine," He growled as his inner alpha started to possess him. The lust and hunger could be seen in his eyes that with which he was digging the deep holes to her soul. Her possessiveness made her gulp as the moan left her mouth again.

"Whose?" He asked growling again and she bites on her lip tightly feeling herself completely under his custody.

"Y-yours," She whispered as her voice was barely hearable but enough for him to be blessed. He smirked before his other hand gave a soft caress to her cheek.

"Yes. Mine. ONLY MINE!" He growled possessively before attacking her neck. She quivered helplessly yet it was so tempting that she couldn't resist. Her fingers tucking on his hair tightly and the other hand holding him by his biceps for support as he lifts her up from slamming her on the wall, he hiked up her pretty gown that he liked the most tonight, his fingers were desperately ready to be inside her.



Dropping Aerin's body on the soft mattress of their bed, JK hovered over her before showering her with the butterfly kisses. Her body arched feeling his tongue roaming all over her exposed body and she couldn't help it at all. She was writhing in pleasure underneath him.

"fuck!" He cursed before feeling his boner getting stronger with her each tempting look. He was having a hard holding himself back all this time but now, he can't do it anymore. He was almost dealing with the pain. All he wanted tonight was to be buried himself deep inside her soft flesh.

She is addictive.

She is tempting.

She is alluring.

He can't help but he should calm himself really blessed to have a seductress like her who was so tempting yet so naïve only for him to ruin.

His hands roaming all around her body tucking her to the bed before encaging her waist in his arms. Placing her lips onto hers, he sucked the life out of her. He was literally devouring her.

Tonight, he was tempted by the alluring goddess

His hands made their way inside her dress, feeling her soft and smooth skin, her sensitive spots that he was kept grazing upon, was so soft and sweet. Pulling the strap of her dress downwards, he grazed her unmercifully showering her with his wet kisses.

"Uh!" Her hands groped the sheet tightly as he devoured her.

"You're so beautiful, Aerin." He complemented. Aerin could feel the heat that rose up to her cheeks because of his comment before he leaned back to pull her for a beautiful and passionate kiss.

Another moan escaped her lips feeling his fingers going deep inside again. He has already made her cam for several times and now, she was feeling completely drained all because of him. Yet it seems as if he has no intensions of stopping at all. She was helpless and he was aroused.

She quivered feeling the cool air between her legs when her dress was hiked up to her waist. Moving his fingers in motion, he generated the pressure inside her. The electricity ran through her veins. She was overwhelmed by the pleasure he was giving her. Her mind was set on the cloud with the things he was doing to her. He joined another finger as she screamed out gasping feeling herself clenching around his long fingers that with no doubt, was stimulating her to her high.

"I-I'm Gonn' C-cum," She gasped for air as his inner alpha growled possessively.

"Cum," His words were enough for her to release herself. And she exhaled sharply before her body bounced back on the bed exhaustively. She was on cloud. She wanted to sleep. But definitely she was proved wrong the very next second; he pulled her by her ankle.

"You tired already? There is lot left for you. For us." He chuckled before wrapping her legs around his waist, he tucked her to the bed by her waist before peeling the left clothe off of her. She was literally no time given to even react. He was the way really fast.

"I-I um~" She moaned completely helpless feeling his rough hands on her intimates again. He touched her in the dirtiest way he could do. He desperately wanted to do dirty things to her. He was aroused by her sweet yet seductive self. He can admit that his wife was the most enticing and ethereal blessing on the earth. He was unknowingly blessed.

"Oh Aerin-ah," He exhaled out sharply before filling her up with his massive length. He felt getting relaxed. All this time, he was having really hard time hiding his tension. He only wanted to be buried deep inside her, feeling her soft flesh around his rough body, rubbing and slapping against each other.

The heat generated in their body after getting in touch with each other. Aerin was going through a hard time adjusting to him. Every time he does it, he makes sure that it is rougher than previous session.

"You like it? You want more?" He hoarsed before speeding up literally doubling the speed. Tonight, he was possessed really badly and he wanted is his wife to devour roughly. His words were authorative and aura was dominant as if he was determined to rip her apart tonight.

Her back arched colliding with his rock chest, she was lowering herself onto him so that she could get an ease but it was way no help. He was fucking her mercilessly and she had to take what he was giving her.

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