The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 75

"Don’t worry, Mrs. Jeon, Aejung is all good now,” The doctor said smiling genuinely at her as Aerin couldn’t help but to shrug.

“Thanks, doctor,” She mumbled making the doctor nod.

“It’s my pleasure, Mr. Jeon,” She says as Aerin took her leave with her little daughter after bowing respectably at the doctor.

Today, when she was tidying Aejung’s room, she found Aejung having high fever. She quickly brought her little daughter to the hospital for checkup.

It turns out to be that she has cold that’s what the reason of the sudden fever. After her medication, Aerin brought Aejung back to home and told her to rest in her room till she came back with her milk and medicines.

After preparing Aejung’s milk, Aerin took the medicines that the doctor has prescribed for Aejung. She went to Aejung’s room. By opening the door, she found her little daughter lying on the bed covered with her baby pink Barbie quilts while looking at the ceiling.

Upon feeling her mom’s presence, Aejung looked up to look in Aerin’s direction before smiling as Aerin smiled back before entering. She sat down beside her on the bed before placing a soft peck on Aejung’s forehead.

“Medicine time, baby,” she cooed her before helping her get sit on the bed. Aejung made a frown face before scrunching up her little nose.

“Mama, they are so dirty. They don’t taste good,” Aejung complaint before pouting while kept sitting on her bed. Aerin sighed before chuckling as she caressed her daughter’s hair.

“No baby, they are not dirty, they are healthy,” She cooed making Aejung pout again.

“But, Mama—“

“Baby, you have to take them. If you won’t take them, you won’t get better then who will play hide & seek with Mama,” She asked as Aejung frowned being in a helpless state.

“Now c’mon, open your mouth, AAAAA,” She indicated her as Aejung did as Aerin asked her to do. Opening her mouth, the tablet was placed on her tongue and Aerin gave her the water. She gulped it down in one go before making a weird face. Aerin chuckled.

“Mama, they are dirty,” She pouted.

“Aww, it’s okay baby but they are healthy,” she chuckled as she made Aejung sit in her lap. Caressing her daughter’s hair, she placed a sweet peck on her head.

“Does Aejungie want to listen to fairytales?” She offered and she cooed her daughter. Aejung almost jump in excitement before clapping her hands. Her beautiful black doe like eyes shimmered in excitement.

“Yes-Yes-yes,” she said making Aerin smile at her in awe.

She started to narrate story to Aejung when the door was wide opened by force. Both mother and daughter first flinched but soon relaxed back when they found it was none other than JK. His marched inside and sat in front of them on the bed. His eyes were oozing concern for his daughter.

“Baby, are you fine. Do you still have fever?” He asked, his voice came out as a soft whisper before he placed his palm on Aejung’s forehead to diagnose her temperature.

“And why are you sitting like this? Just lay down comfortably, baby,” He shrugged before picking Aejung in his arms from Aerin’s lap and lied her down on the bed before covering her with her quilt till her shoulders. He sat down beside her.

As soon as he was informed that Aejung has caught in fever suddenly, he couldn’t help himself but to cancel his works and meetings to come back to home to see his little charm.

“Dada but---“

“What baby? Why don’t you take care of your health? When dada asks you to have proper meals and rest, you should listen to him,” He sighed, his voice holding a bit of disappointment.

“Dada, I’m fine,” She said.

“You’re not. And no chocolates and pizzas till you are fully recovered,” He said as Aejung pouted before looking at Aerin. Aerin nodded through her eyes and little birdy can’t help but to look down.

“Dada~~” She whined cutely but JK had no impact of it. Sometimes, it was necessary to be strict with the kids. That’s for their good.

“No dada, just lie down and rest,” He said strictly.

“Okay fine,” She shrugged making her parents chuckle as they kept sitting beside her narrating her fairytales till she drifted to her sleep. Once, she was slept, JK made sure she was covered well with the blanket. He turned off the air conditioner and closed the window before leaving the room.

“What did the doctor say?” He inquired Aerin while taking off his wristwatch as soon as they entered their room. “She’s just caught in a mild fever and cold because of the intake of the high amount of ice-cream yesterday. She will be fine soon,” Aejung answered.

“Seriously, I guess I need to put some restriction for her eating the ice-creams,” He shrugged mumbling as Aerin nodded her head before humming to him. Taking a pair of hoodie and sweatpants, he left for the bathroom as Aerin went to complete the left work and bring him the lunch in their room.


It was the time of the midnight and everyone was already packed in their rooms sleeping peacefully after the dinner. Aerin went downstairs to take the water as she forgot to bring it before going to sleep. After taking the jug, she thought of checking upon Aejung before going back to her room.

Aejung was fine in the evening and her fever was also down but still, Aerin thought of going to her room and do a check upon her for her satisfaction. Entering Aejung’s room, she sat beside her on her bed as Aejung was sleeping peacefully.

Aerin could Aejung’s lips were shivering that made her worried as she placed her palm on Aejung’s forehead. For her shock, Aejung was burning with the high temperature. Aerin almost gasped upon checking her. Tension could be seen in her eyes as she quickly went to Aejung’s study table.

Opening the drawer, she took out the medicines that doctor has prescribed for Aejung in her fever. She took it before coming back to her, shaking Aejung slightly as she cooed her in a soothing voice to wake her up.

“Baby, get up. Aejungie~” She whispered softly as Aejung opened her eyes rubbing them and groaning slightly.

“Mama,” She whined as Aerin shook her head.

“Baby get up you need to take this medicines,” She said before helping her to sit up on the bed before pulling the blanket over her. Opening the medicine she gave her some tablets and gave them to her. She made her eat them before running outside of the room leaving Aejung in dismay.

Quickly coming back with a bowl filled with water and a towel, she sat beside her daughter. Dipping the towel in the water, she squeezed it before placing it on Aejung’s forehead as little girl kept lying there with her eyes half opened. Aerin tucked her lower lip harshly between her teeth. The tears welled up in her eyes seeing Aejung getting fever again in the middle of the night.

She started do Aejung’s sponging for half hour. After half hour, she checked her temperature again but unfortunately nothing worked out. neither the medicines, nor the sponging. It made Aerin more worried about Aejung.

“Baby wait here, Mama will be right back,” She said softly after kissing her head before running out of the room. Running to her room, she made her way towards the opposite side of the bed where JK was sleeping. She shook him slightly but it didn’t budge on him.

“Kook, wake up,” She asked again shaking him as his eyes half opened.

“What happened?” He asked in a sleepy voice that was hoarse.

“Aejung got fever again and nothing is working,” She told him in a cracking tone as his eyes opened.

“What?” The sleep vanished and quickly got up from the bed before leaving for Aejung’s room with her.

They entered Aejung’s room. JK sat beside her before checking upon her. He placed his palm on Aejung’s forehead and for his shock, Aejung’s whole body was burning with the high temperature.

“Princess,” He whispered softly as Aejung hugged him before placing her tiny head on his lap.

“Dada, Aejungie… breath… not…” She whispered weakly. Both Aerin and JK’s heart sank hearing her cracked up voice. He rubbed her tiny palms to keep them warm as looked at the watch that was hanging on the wall. It was reading past 1:00 AM of night.

“We quickly need to take her to the hospital,” JK said to Aerin as she nodded agreeing to him. He quickly took Aejung in his arms and Aerin took a bag placing Aejung’s reports and some other important stuff inside before following JK out of the room. Taking his car’s keys, he wore his slippers before stepping out of the mansion.

He opened the passenger’s door as Aerin took Aejung in her arms before sitting inside and JK drove off for the hospital. The distance was covered a bit soon as JK drove with a fast speed. Soon they reached the City hospital. Stepping outside, JK took Aejung from Aerin’s lap as they went inside calling the doctor’s name.




“Don’t worry, Mr. and Mrs. Jeon. She will be fine soon.” The doctor informed as JK and Aerin were listening to her.

“Doctor, what is her report saying?” JK asked as the doctor sighed indicating something unwell.

“Actually, Aejung has mild pneumonia. But don’t worry, it will be gone soon. We had started her treatment and she will be fine within a week,” The doctor informed them before approaching Aejung’s bed.

Opening the syringes, she injected it into Aejung’s naïve skin as the little girl winced being half conscious and Aerin couldn’t help but to bit her lower lip to suppress her cries. They IVs piercing her naïve hands and both parents could not help but to feel their hearts been sinking in pain.

“I will come to check upon her in the morning,” The doctor informed as Aerin nodded. She left and JK and Aerin went towards the bed. Aerin sat on the edge of the bed and JK sat on the side stool holding his little daughter’s hand in his big hands, and he placed a soft peck on Aejung’s naïve pierced hands.

“Baby, you will get healthy soon. Dada and Mama are here with you,” He whispered softly before leaving an affectionate peck on her head while caressing her head as she fell into deep slumber because of the amount of the heavy medicines.

“Why don’t you get some sleep? You are already tired,” Aerin suggested in a whispering tone gaining Jk’s attention as Aejung was drifted to sleep.

“No, I’m fine and I will stay up. If you want you can sleep for some hours,” He said back but Aerin shook her head.

“No, I will stay up too,” She said as JK didn’t protest but nodded agreeing to her.

Both of them kept starring at their little daughter’s angelic face and the whole night passed in some hours. And now, it was the time of the morning and Aejung’s test results were also out.

“We have diagnosed her, there is nothing much to be worried about,” The doctor explained as both JK and Aerin heaved a sigh of satisfaction.

“She has mild pneumonic symptoms and don’t worry, it will be treated well but….” The doctor paused making JK and Aerin’s heart thump wildly in their chest.

“But what?” Interrogated JK as Doctor took out some files before giving it to him.

“Actually, Mr. Jeon, Aejung has Asthma. We have performed a spirometry test upon her, its results out that she has asthma. That’s why she loses breath suddenly,” The doctor informed as JK’s eyes welled up in tears that he didn’t wanted to show to anyone at all.

A wave of emotions filled his eyes that they became red.

“In some cases, it occurs when someone in the family is already suffering from it or has a history. But don’t worry, I’ve prescribed an ultra-powerful inhaler for her. It’s just that you both have to be more careful with her from now on,” The doctor smiled as Aerin nodded but JK was jammed to his spot.

Aerin was a bit in confusion as she shook him to bring him back to reality.

“Jungkook?” She shook him as he looked at her.

“Huh? Uh yes, I’m listening. Don’t worry doctor, I will be more careful with her from now on,” He stated as the doctor nodded before getting up to leave. JK and Aerin too got up to go back to the Aejung’s ward.

Coming back to her ward, JK sat beside Aejung as Aerin was doing some work. By the afternoon, JK completed the paperwork and Aejung was discharged. They went back to mansion and JK made sure that Aejung was fine all the time. He has asked the doctor to do rest of Aejung’s treatment from the mansion.

“What did the doctor say?” asked Mrs. Min and Aerin sighed. They both were in kitchen and Aerin was preparing some healthy food for Aejung to eat as she has to take medicines afterwards.

“What happened, Aerin-ah?” She asked again.

“Actually aunt, Aejung has asthma and that’s why she was getting the symptoms of pneumonia,” Aerin shrugged off looking down.

“What? Asthma?”

“Yes, the doctor say in some cases, it’s also because of someone from the family has been already into this. Did someone have asthma in Kook’s family too?” She asked and Mrs. Min heaved a sad sigh.

“What happened, aunt?”

“Yes actually, it does,” Mrs. Min said. A sad wave of emotions crosses her face.


“Actually Aerin, Kook’s mom had asthma,”

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