The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 76

Aerin almost gasped in dismay upon hearing Mrs. Min out. She didn't expect that something like that will turn out in front of her. A mild glimpse of JK hiding his tears in the hospital crossed her mind as she could definitely feel what he was going through at that time.

"I didn't have any idea about that," Aerin sighed heavily, her eyes lowered and the grief could be noticeable in them. Mrs. Min nodded.

"I know right? We never really talk about the past. We had to keep it buried so that it won't haunt Kook again. My poor son has gone through a lot,"

Said Mrs. Min as a lone tear escaped her eye. She wipes it before getting herself back to the work leaving Aerin with the procrastination.

What past does he has?
What haunts him?

Shrugging, she shook her head before getting herself back to chop the vegetables to prepare the lunch for Aejung.


After getting beaten by the some men on the street, little Kook finally managed to breathe and run only to come back to the shelter where he has kept her safely.

He ran on the side of the road and upon reaching his shelter, he went inside the shabby room made of the bricks and muds. Reaching there, he sat beside his mother who was leaning on the wall.

"Mom... I got your inhaler," He mumbled shaking her but unfortunately nothing comes as a response to him. He was scarred and his whole body was shivering with fear. He licked his dried lips and shook his mother again.

"Mom..." He called out but nothing happened.
His heart thundered wildly in his rib cage. He couldn't get to breath properly. Whatever was happening was scarring him to death.

"Mom..." He called but this time he was shocked only to figure out that his lovable mother has finally.... Gone.

His heart thundered and eyes became watery. The inhaler in his hands slipped onto the floor. He couldn't get to breath properly; he was dealing with the worst pain right now. The physical pain in his body was nothing compared to the emotional pain he was dealing with.

"Mom, please... open your eyes. Mom," He called out sweetly yet with his shivering lips and watery eyes. His voice cracked in the middle of the sentence as he found a lump in his throat. He was unable to speak clearly.

"Mom, please don't leave me. Where will I go?" He mumbled sobbing and leaned in to hug his mother's body. It was seems a nightmare to him. He slapped himself innumerable times only to wake up and get back to reality so that he could see the angelic face of his mom's.

But unfortunately, it was reality.

"Mom, why?"

"Why you left me?"

"Where will I go?"

"What will I do?"

"I have no one now,"

"You left me alone too like dad,"

"What will I do now? Who will console Jungsan Hyung?"

"Who will take care of us?"

"Mom, please come back,"

"Mom please, don't go,"



Jungkook's heart thundered as he sat up on the bed breathing heavily. His whole body was sweating very badly. His white shirt was completely drenched in the sweat. The fear could be seen in his glossy eyes. His whole face was pale and colorless. He couldn't get to breath properly.


He heard a soft melodious voice that belongs to none other than his wife. Turning around, he saw her sitting beside him with the confusion and astonishment filled in her eyes guessing what nightmare he had seen in the middle of the night.

"What happened?"

Aerin asked. She could see the astonishment in JK's eyes too. He just came back to reality and realized that he had a nightmare. She placed her palm on his sweaty biceps only to console him but the next moment, she gasped when he suddenly hugged her.

The hug was so tight that it was almost making it hard for Aerin to breathe but currently, JK was the one who was having the problems to breathe because of the sudden haunting dream he got.

"Jungkook, what happened?" She asked again as he buried his face deep in her neck inhaling her sweet cologne that helped him calming his minds. She hugged him back giving in completely. He needed care and support, and she is there to provide him that fighting with every obstacles.

Placing her hands on his muscular, drenched back, her fingers slipped into his thick wet locks as she gave him the sweet caresses.

"Are you fine?" She asked in a soft tone. All this time, he was providing the soft caress to him; JK was literally shaking like a tiny baby in Aerin's hold. The fear could be seen in his glossy orbs. Indeed, he just had the worst nightmare of his life.


She called out his name, so soothingly and so softly to make him feel himself at the ease. Aerin could see all this time JK was shivering with the fear. His condition was pitiable. He was looking fragile and vulnerable. And, as his wife, it was Aerin's responsibility to comfort him in his worsts.

"I...I'm s...scarred," He let out slowly. His voice comes out as a light whisper like a feather but enough for Aerin to hear. Since, it was late night and they were clearly audible to each other even in the whispers.

"Why? What happened? Tell me," She asked again as she caressed his hair with her long fingers to provide him some easiness.


His voice cracked as tears fell down from his eyes that didn't go unnoticed by Aerin. She felt bad for him. But it wasn't just sympathy to him, it was something else.

"Relax, nothing happened. I'm here, hmm?" she consoles him as he sobbed dryly under her arms. He was literally wrapping himself around her like a scarred koala and Aerin didn't mind giving him the comfort he needed at that time.

He was literally dealing with the worst.

"Kook, you need to sleep," She whispered but he shook his head quickly.

"No... I'm s...scarred." He mumbled sobbing making Aerin's heart drench with the pain. She couldn't see him being this venerable. She wanted to comfort him and take care of him.

"I'm here for you," She whispered caressing his wide shoulders as he looked up at her. His doe-like eyes shimmered as she left a soft peck on his lips. Hugging her back, he placed his head on her chest. He didn't want to let Aerin go away from him.
After his first family was destroyed, Aerin and Aejung are the second chance for him to get a reason to be happy in the life. And he didn't want to lose them too. He will die otherwise.

"Please don't leave me, Aerin-ah," He whispered weakly closing his eyes. His tone was audible for Aerin as she smiled sadly before embracing him back.

"I won't," She whispered back leaving a soft peck on his sweaty forehead that was covered with his wet hair till his eyes. His lips were dried and shivering and he was hugging Aerin as if his whole life is depended upon her. Aerin didn't mind letting him hug her and she cuddled him almost till the morning.

That night, he slept carefree in his wife's arms.



"Good morning, dada~" Aejung ran inside their bedroom. Climbing on to the bed, she literally threw herself into his dad's arms as a wide smile spread on JK's lips after seeing his daughter's angelic face.

"Good morning, my princess. You slept well?" He asked placing a soft kiss on Aejung's chubby cheeks and she giggled before nodding.

"Yup," She replied making JK chuckle.


"Dada, can I ask something?" She asked as JK nodded before caressing her hair.

"Yes princess,"

"Am I sick?" she asked making JK go blank for a moment. His tongue was stuck as he doesn't know what to speak to his little daughter.

"Umm... No princess. Why?"

"No, I heard I had As... Ash..thma?" She pronounced with some difficulty as JK understood what she meant.
"No princess," You're all well," He said and Aerin shrugged.

"I know, you lying... Dada, is it dangerous? Will I die?" she asked making JK's eyes wide opened.

"PRINCESS!! Who taught you that?" He asked in utter disbelief as Aejung pouted. His heart softened as he grabbed her cheeks squeezing them.

"Princess, you know? You are god gifted. And that's why angel has decided to give you some tasks. You know, it's a game and you have to play it well and honestly. And if you won, then angel will be happy and she will give you a lot of surprises," He explained making Aejung gasp in utter dismay.

"Really?" She asked with her eyes widen.

"Yes and that's why, you have to win the game. So, promise dada that you will do as mama and dada will ask you to," he asked stretching his pinky finger making Aejung huff and shrugging, she joined her pinky with his making him chuckle.

"Okay, promise," she pouted making him chuckle. He ruffled her hair and kissed her face making her giggle.

"That's like Dada's brave girl," He said making her giggle. She hugged him and he hugged her back.

"I love you, Dada. You're the best,"

"Love you too, my baby," He chuckled before placing a soft peck on her head.


"Here is the file of the legions. There is a whole history of them inside. Just go through it, it will help you to know them more," V explained before placing the important document on the desk in front of JK.

"Okay and have you talked with their boss?" JK asked and V nodded curtly.

"Yes, I and Yoongi Hyung did a video conference with them last Wednesday. It seems they are pretty excited for our mission. They want it to be started by the next month," V informed making JK nod in return as he started to go through the files.

"Seems good then," JK exhaled as V smiled nodding.

"Hmm... I guess, they are really excited to meet the boss of the Mobs," V chuckled.

"Let's hope for the good start then. I will do the video conference with them this evening," JK informed.

"Okay then, let me arrange it," V nodded. JK got himself back to work when Jimin entered the cabin in a swift motion before throwing himself on the couch. He has a frown visible on his face.

"Now what happened to you?" V asked with an eye roll as Jimin frowned in annoyance.

"My home seems on fire," He mumbled.


"When are we getting over with this meeting with the legions?" Jimin asked before sitting straight on the couch.

"Umm... I have to do arrangement for the video conference. Jungkook gonna talk to them this evening," V informed.

"Oh really? It's good then, at least I will get leave for some days after this," Jimin shrugged making V frown.

"Why so?"

"Because Daihee warned him that she won't allow him in the house if he didn't took her and Jisang out for holidays,"

Yoongi informed them while entering inside as V snickered after hearing him.

"Yah! You punk! You dare laughing," Jimin warned V glaring him but V snickered again. Jimin frowned.

"But that was kind of funny,"

"Come on, we all had families. You guys should understand. But I really need leaves. This work is being the pain in ass," Jimin mumbled as other nodded.

"I know right, Ahyeon was also complaining that I don't have any time for her and Eunho nowadays," V shrugged.

"Exactly!" Jimin agreed.

"Actually, kids are on their vacation time and that's why our wives expect us to take them somewhere. I understand, Because, Yumi was also complaining," Yoongi rubbed his temple making Jimin chuckle.

"Btw, where is Namjoon Hyung?" asked JK, before shifting his attention to Yoongi who just took a seat beside Jimin on the couch.

"Didn't he tell you? He is out with Jin Hyung," Yoongi informed as JK let out an 'Oh' before rubbing his forehead.

"Ah yes! He told me but I forgot. My brain is all messed up nowadays," JK shrugged before leaning back on his chair messaging his head. Yoongi could see the tiredness on his eyes and he knew the reason behind it too.

"Kook, why don't you take a leave for some days too? After all, we gonna get a relief after the meeting with legions." Yoongi suggested.

"But, I have to prepare for the mission. We have a lot of arrangements to do," JK said.

"Yeah I know but we still have free days. You can go out if you want also you barely take Aerin and Aejung out," Yoongi suggested with a smile as JK nodded curtly.

"Do whatever but I'm gonna on the holidays after this video conference is over with legions," Jimin said in a high pitched voice before getting up from the couch and leaving. V snickered and JK rolled his eyes whereas, Yoongi remain same as before.

"Actually Yoongi Hyung is right. After this meeting, there is nothing to do so why don't we spend the holidays with our families? Both, clients and wives will be satisfied,"

V suggest as others nodded upon his opinion.

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