The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 77


It was a bright sunny morning in Paris and everyone was up. Yes, JK took both Aerin and Aejung to his apartment in Paris to spend the holidays. It was really fun and no doubt, all were enjoying, especially the little one.

All the time, Jungkook and Aerin would make sure that their little daughter was taking proper medication and balancing well herself. Sometimes, they will care too much about her though but they are well aware that their little daughter is really intelligent and knows to deal well.

It made them proud of her too. She is so young yet she is so strong.

“Dada, look what I made,” Little Aejung came running towards Jungkook gaining his attention from the newspaper as he looked down at her with astonishment. She was completely covered with the mud and her pink floral dress was all ruined but she cares less about it.

“Aejungie, what you did with your dress?” He asked sighing as he approached her while looking at her all muddy clothes. She was looking dirty yet she was looking so adorable that JK can’t help but to chuckle.

“Dada, I made our home,” She jumped in excitement making JK’s eyebrow raise in confusion and before he could ask further, she was pretty fast to pull him with herself for the showcase.


“Come with me,” She pleaded making him chuckle as they walked towards the side of the lawn where she has made a beautiful little house of the mud. JK was flabbergasted upon looking at the beautiful creativity that his little daughter have done. He couldn’t help but to admire it.

“Wow,” His mouth parted as he took a close look of the beautiful mud house.

“Is it good?” She asked bringing a smile upon his lips.

“It’s so good, my little baby” He chuckled making her grin widely.

“Mama, you and I will live here. Happy family,” She exclaimed clapping making JK chuckled.

“But my little bun-bun, its sooooo small for us to be fit inside,” He chuckled as she pouted.

“Oh yes~” She smacked her forehead making him smile at her little tactics.

“That means we can’t live here?” She asked pouted making JK shook his head.

“No, it’s not like that. We will make a good one together and then, we will live in it.”

“Let me take the shots of this beautiful masterpiece,” He said making her grin again as he took out his cellphone. Opening the camera, he took some pictures of the little mud house with Aejung sitting beside of the house posing cutely for her dad to take pictures. He clicked some of the pictures before picking Aejung up.

“My little princess, now look, you are all covered in the mud. Come let’s get you a bath and get ready for the lunch,” He said tickling her tummy as she giggled.

“Yup~ Mum made our favorite food,”

“Yeah so let’s be quick before Mum eats all our food alone,” He snickered and Aejung laughed too in response before both father and daughter went inside.



After the shower, JK helped Aejung in tidying up her room and did her hair into a cute little ponytail before helping her to wear her shoes as both father and daughter walked together downstairs.

“Oh you both come?” Aerin asked as she just finishes cooking the lunch for them. JK helped Aejung sitting on the chair before facing Aerin.

“Hmm,” He hummed before taking the next seat and pouring Aejung a glass of milk.

“Good then, let me serve lunch to you both,” She said as Jungkook nodded curtly in response before facing Aejung back. He asked her to finish her milk till Aerin comes back with the dishes and food.

She served them respectably as Aejung jumped in excitement after seeing her favorite ‘Kimchi fried rice’ was made and pork belly for Jungkook. She could see the satisfaction on her family’s faces. It made her inner happy.

“Here you go, baby,” She said making Aejung grin as she took her spoon to start. Same goes with Jungkook.

“Wait!” He asked making Aerin stop on her track turning around back to face him with a turmoil look.

“Yes?” Her voice comes out as softly as a touch of light feather on the rough skin. It made his heart skip a beat, seeing her looking in his direction, waiting for his answer. Indeed, she looks beautiful always. Her voice just added another allures of hers.

“Have you had your lunch yet?” He asked making Aerin seal her lips in a thin line before she shook her head slightly.

“Not yet,”

“First come and have your lunch with us then do whatever is left to do,” He suggested. Before Aerin could answer Aejung too spoke from JK’s behind.

“Yep Mama, pleasue, come and eat first,” She said pouting and definitely Aerin can’t help but to smile after seeing her daughter’s pleading doe-like eyes.

“Okay,” She smiled before approaching them. Settling herself beside Aejung’s chair, she served herself some stuff before pouring herself a glass of juice.

“Is it good?” She asked to Aejung who was busy chewing her food.

“Soooo good, you’re best, Mama,” Aerin chuckled upon hearing her daughter’s statement. Tilting her head, she let go of the thoughts before having her lunch and all ate peacefully.

“Dada, I got bore here. When are we going out?” Aejung asked after having the last bite of her food and turning to face her father who was still busy devouring his pork belly. Aerin chuckled.

“Hmmm~” He nodded munching on his food.

“Dada~” Aejung whined.

“Whenever you say, princess” JK said after drinking the water letting out a slow growl after having his favorite lunch.

“Umm… I wanna go today. Aejungie wants to see Paris,” She squealed making him chuckle.

“Okay then, let’s go today,” He said making her gasp before and she started to jump in excitement.

“Aejung, careful~” Aerin said watching Aejung jumping.

“Yay, I love you, dada,” She said adorably hugging JK that JK can’t help but to smile at her in awe.

“Love you too, princess,”

“So, if we are going out then come Aejung baby, you need to get ready,” Aerin called her name grabbing her attention. Aejung smiled before looking back at Jungkook who nodded smiling.

Aejung ran towards Aerin’s direction holding her hand as they went upstairs for Aejung to get ready first.


Aejung saw beautiful Paris with her parents. JK would click her and Aerin’s pictures everywhere making sure nothing is missing out as the family enjoyed their time together with each other.

For Aerin, it was really different since JK barely spends time with her because of his unending works. And these holidays were a great time for them to be together and spend some time.

They visited The Disneyland, The Louvre and most importantly, Eiffel Tower. When Jungkook was a kid, he had always dreamt of visiting the Disneyland and Eiffel tower with his brother and parents. But due to the small income his father could make, they were not able to afford it and unfortunately, he couldn’t come. But he was glad that he was able to take his child to this world and have fun.

But now, his dream of visiting Paris with his family was fulfilled.

It’s just that his wish was fulfilled in a different way.

“Dada, Ice-cream~” Aejung pleaded with an adorable tactic but Jungkook sighed.

“Princess, Remember? No Ice-cream,” He said sternly making Aejung pout.

“Pleaseeeee, dada,”

“Princess, No!”

“Pleasue-pleasue, only one, Pleasue~” She pleaded with her Bambi eyes making his heart melt and he couldn’t help but to agree.

“Okay fine, but only one” He said making her nod and a grin formed her lips. Aerin too let out a chuckle seeing Aejung’s adorable grin.

“Okay then wait, I will be back in two minutes,”

He went to buy the ice-cream as in the meantime, Aerin and Aejung went to sit on the nearby bench on the park.

As JK reached the ice-cream shop, he asked the seller for two ice-creams, one for Aejung and one for Aerin.

“How much?” He asked while taking his wallet out as his eyes were fixed on his family making sure if they were fine there.

“Thirteen euros,” the seller replied.

“Oh okay, here it is. Thank you,”

As he got the ice-cream cones, he went back where Aerin and Aejung were sitting.

“Here is your ice-cream, princess and here is yours,” He said passing Aerin her cone whose lips curved into a thin line while struggling hard to not to smile much.

“Thanks” She mumbled as they interacted but not for so long when Aejung called JK again.

“Dada, its’ not opening,” Aejung pouted making him chuckle.

“It’s so easy, bun-bun. Give it to me,” He said taking her cone as he opened it carefully before giving it back to her. Aejung smiled and thanked him before munching onto her ice-cream as JK kept sitting in silence grabbing his little daughter’s attention back.

“Dada, you didn’t buy one for you?” she asked frowning.

“Ahm… no princess, I don’t eat, I’m fine,” he replied ruffling her hair but she frowned.

“This is not right. You got us ice-cream but didn’t for yourself?”

“It’s fine baby,”

“Are you sad?” she asked again making JK confuse.


“No problem, Mama will share with you,” she grinned making Aerin almost chock on her ice-cream before she looked at her little daughter with wide eyes.

“Why should I?”

Aerin asked feeling offended after hearing Aejung. No doubt, Aerin is the most caring person but when it comes to her food and snacks, she couldn’t cooperate.

And same goes for the ice-cream.

“Mama, dada hasn’t one,” Aejung told her making her frown.

“Yeah I know but why I need to share my ice-cream?” Aerin asked almost pouting making little Aejung sigh and JK glared at her for being so egotistical for the ice-cream.

“Mama, teacher says ‘sharing is caring’ hmm,” Aejung grinned.

“Then you can share yours but why mine? It’s my favorite flavor. I won’t share,” Aerin said as JK’s nose scrunched up in his little adorable anger. His lips formed an adorable angry pout.

“Princess, I will eat ice-cream,” He said to Aejung gaining Aejung’s attention.

“Then you can go and buy one for yourself,” Aerin defended making JK glare at her.

“My currencies are finished and Ice-cream seller doesn’t have a card-system,” He replied back making Aerin pout. He smirked.

“See, dada want ice-cream, Mama please share yours. I wanna eat mine alone,” Aejung pouted making Aerin frown bewitchingly and JK smirked.

“Mama, pleaseeee,” Aejung said making Aerin sigh and she gave up making JK smirk.

“Okay fine, have mine,” She said before passing her cone to JK which he took delightfully while smirking and started to devour it while Aejung gets busy eating her cone.

“But don’t eat all. Make sure to give me back. I just had some chips above it,” Aerin said to him who was by then was already enjoying the cone while teasing her. Aerin’s mouth watered as she was waiting impatiently for him to return her cone back but instead, he was having it so smoothly as if there was no rush.

Aerin pouted making Jungkook smirk as his teasing increases more with Aejung’s growing impatience. She started to fiddle with her fingers. And he peacefully ate all her ice-cream leaving her with big astonished eyes.

“Ah! It was so delicious,” He moaned in delight after licking his lip leaving Aerin with open mouth.

“You ate all alone?” She asked in complete dismay grabbing his attention.

“Oops! Sorry, I completely forgot about you,” He said faking an apologetic look making Aerin frown who was well aware that he did that intentionally.

“You ate all my ice-cream. Now, I want another,” She protested.

“I don’t have money,” Jungkook replied making her frown again.

“I will get one on my own then,” She smirked before getting up and leaving for the ice-cream shop that was on the side. Jungkook chuckled before he got up too starting to follow her to the shop while Aejung was busy having her flavor.

“Excuse me, one more double Choco-chip flavor please,” She asked the man.

“Sorry dear, the last stock of Double-Choco just finished, really sorry”

“What it’s out?” She asked in dismay as the man nodded making her pout.

“You can buy another flavor instead, if you want?” The man suggested but Aerin pouted.

“No its okay, that was only flavor I like,” she mumbled as her facial features saddened and she turned back only to find her husband standing beside her with a look as if he has committed a crime.

Aerin frowned before making a face as she went back towards the bench where Aejung was sitting having her mint flavor. JK felt sad for having all her ice-cream that now, she couldn’t get one.

“Umm… Don’t you have any other chocolate flavor?” He asked the seller but the seller shook his head with an apologetic look.

“No, sorry,” He replied making JK let out a small “Oh” as he nodded.

“It’s okay,” He said before he finally approaches the bench back where Aerin and Aejung were ready to leave as she finishes her cone.

“Dada, I’m full. It was yummy~” Aejung grinned making JK smile a bit and he nodded in reply.

“Dada, I’m tired I want to go home,” Aejung said grabbing his attention from Aerin who was still sad and he nodded.

“Yeah sure, princess,” He smiled before picking Aejung in his arms and faced Aerin who still has her frown on her face.

“Do you want to go somewhere else?” JK asked her but she shook her head.

“No, I’m tired too. I wanna go back,” She said as he couldn’t help but to nod before walking out of the park to the parking lawn where his car was.


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