The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 7

After some hours...
Same night..

Jk come out of his room. After putting his gun inside his big boots which he used to wear to hide his gun whenever he go to do some work which maybe can dangerous for him.
He secured his gun for the last time.

And after that wore his black leather jacket and covered his face and took his car's keys. And went out of the room.
As it was 2:00a.m. of night so no one is awake there. Only his heavy footsteps can be heard in the big hall.

While eyeing the whole hall to make sure if someone is awake or not. He finally exit the mansion.
He went to parking lawn to took out his car. And get inside it. He took out his phone and dialled a number.

V: yeah...

Jk: I'm going to gyeongju.

V: again... But why.

Jk: something personal... But make sure nothing happened behind me.

V: don't worry.

Jk: hmm...


After some hours...

His car stops just at correct spot from where the apartment is clearly visible. He quickly come out of it and ran inside the apartment to save his love.

Jk: AeRin ah...

He went inside but nothing caught his eyes. The whole things were thrown here and there
But no-one was there. When he was busy processing his mind his phone ringed.

Jk: hello...

MH: so fast huh... Just to save your babygirl.

Jk: where the hell you kept her.

He yelled.from the side in curious yet angry tone.

MH: chill dude. She is in my area. I can't take the risk to remain there who knows what is going that high power mind of yours. I don't take these types of risks.

Jk: then where the hell you are.

He again yelled making Minho chuckled.

MH: come out of your apartment.. and after that you will be guided.

He said and jk quickly took his phone back and ran out of the apartment. Where two tower like man gripped him and tie his hands and tied a clothe strap on his eyes.

He didn't did anything as he already know that he was taking to where AeRin is. He sit inside the car which quickly started and ran off.


He came inside a big building and inside a big but a little creepy hall. The man took the cloth off above his eyes and he blink several times to see clearly. They released his hands and checked him like if he is hiding any kind of weapon.

They touched his shoulder, waist abdomen, thighs, knees but found nothing. Jk was smirking internally knowing the fact that they never gonna catch him.
They let him come inside.

His eyes become wide open when he saw that AeRin was tied there to a chair. She was continuously crying as minho was just smirking sitting peacefully on the couch.

Jk: What the hell do you want. Huh.

MH: well if I tell you honestly. I want everything you have. But right now. I want something more important.

He said smirking and took out some papers from inside his coat. And showed them to him.
On the other hand, AeRin was crying as the man is putting the gun on her head. He can shoot her anytime.

Jk: what is This.

He asked like if he don't scare form it. This confidence of his made Minho chuckle.

MH: the thing which I need most right now. The land which you Snatched from Kang last Month.

Jk: does my forehead shows you written a fool over there. Huh.

MH: nope.. I didn't say that. But you will do what im telling you to do. Cause.... Your breath is in hands.

He said and the guard there tighten his grip on AeRin's neck and dug the gun on her head even more. Making her so damn scared. She started crying even more but only hard muffles can be heard.

Jk: yah you..

He shouted at Minho almost grabbing his collar. But Minho's smirk didn't left his face at all.

MH: you will do it... Otherwise get ready to loss her.

He said almost gesturing the man to pull the trigger.

Jk: noooo.... Don't... Don't.

He said showing the man his palm. His forehead started sweating because of it. Minho is asking for the property which he bought in the name of his late mother. He wanted to start a good work on that land. But right now, his love was in danger. Her life is more precious that that property. And he can't let her go. No one can separate her from him.

Jk: give me the papers.

He said and Minho smirked again.

MH: intelligent guy... Here. Sign here.

He showed him the pen and jk without wasting any other second signed the papers. But his eyes were only setting on AeRin who crying. He wanted to cut the hand of the man who is aiming the gun on her head. But he need to be careful right now.

JK: I signed them. Now free her.

MH: hmm... Good work. But but but... Who said that I will free her. Huh.

He said and jk just look at him with wide eyes. That bloody bastard isn't of one mouth.

Jk: YOU!!!!!

MH: before it I will kill you.

He said and aim the gun on jk's head. But before he can shoot. Jk his left foot on his right one and make him fall there with a loud thud as his head got hit with floor. He quickly took out his secret gun from his long shoe and shoot all the men there within a blink of an eye.

He can see AeRin's reaction on himself. She was looking at him with wide eyes. He just shoot the man who was standing behind AeRin. She was looking at him like if she was seeing someone whom she is meeting for the first time. He can understand her situation. Cause he never showed his this face to her.

But right now he don't have to think about these shits. He had to took out AeRin safely out of that creepy area. He ran there and untied her ropes quickly and took out the tap carefully which was above her mouth.
He quickly made her stand and was about to rush out of the cell with her. But she wasn't in her right state. She was looking at him like if she didn't know him.

AR: what was that... Jungkook.

She asked when he was about to rush with her. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to face her. She was looking at him with her glossy yet questionable hazels. All the men were lying dead there and for her surprise, jk shoot them.

Jk: I will tell you everything truely about myself. But right now, we have to get out of here quickly.

He said and held AeRin hand protectively interlocking his fingers with hers. Like if he he is telling her that he is always there for her.

He give her a eye contact for the last time and ran out of the cell with her. They went out of the zone carefully and now they have to act normal otherwise others will suspect them.



She was sitting there on the side of the road as it was already morning time. But the darkness is still surrounding them. He looked at her from a little far and saw her sitting there while rubbing the both side of her shoulder to prevent the cold breezes.

He payed the shopkeeper and took the water bottle from him and went where AeRin was.

Jk: here... Drink it.

He said and gave her the bottle. She takes the bottle hesitantly as right now she was scaring from him. The gun was still placed safe in his shoe which was making her scare even more. How the hell he always keep a gun with him. This thought was beating her mind.

She gulped the water and then gave bottle back to him. He also drink the water as his throat was soar and throws the bottle in the dustbin at the side of the road. He can see her shivering lips, the way she is rubbing herself to keep herself warm between these hard cold breezes. He can see that she is shivering because of coldness and also because of fear.

He took off his jacket and covered her biceps and shoulder with it. She looked at him with a confusing look but then she quickly looked away. She was really looking so damn scare of him. She was trying to move e away from him which make him a little angry and he jerked the hems of his jacket to make her sit straight.

Jk: Sit straight...

He said in a little harsh voice and she looked down making him sighed. Sometime he can't control his anger. He can hear her sobs. He pulled up the zip covering her with his leather jacket and then sit back on his previous spot.

He looked at her she was looking down on her lap while playing with the hem of the jacket. Her silence was making him hurt somehow. She was not behaving like the way she used to. Probably because he made her scare so much.

Jk: will not you say anything...

He finally broke the silence between them them which was remain from last some hours.
She breath sharply as he can feel it. And then she looked up at him.

AR: what was that... You shoot men infront of me. How? Who are the real are you. How the hell do you keep a gun with you. Normal people didn't live like this Jungkook... Now tell me who are you.

She finally broken out. She asked all of the questions which were killing her from past some hours.

AR: tell me the truth...

She said in a little harsh voice and he sighed in defeat. He joined his palmed together and out his elbows on his knees while his head hung low.

Jk: I'm not like what you think of me.

He finally said and she looked at him with wide eyes like if she wanted to understand the meaning of the words which he just said.

Jk: my world is different from normal people. I'm not a simple guy who just works 8 hours a day and gets a monthly income.

AR: then.... W-who are you...

She said as she feel a lump on her throat. His words were making her scare even more.

Jk: my world is too dark... I'm a underground mafia leader. I didn't work under someone but those ones work under me.... That's is my reality. This is the real side of me.

He said and AeRin's heart just dropped on her stomach. Jk is not a normal guy. The guy which she dreamed of. He is not like her dreamguy. He is totally opposite of it. He is not a normal person at all. His reality made her scare even more.
She wanted to run away from there right now.

Jk: I kill so many persons a day. That's my reality. Im a merciless monster. That's my reality.

He finally said directly looking into her eyes. He can see the fear in her eyes which were glossier than before.

Jk: but AeRin... I'm also a human. Just because I'm a Mafia doesn't mean that I don't have feelings. I do. And I also have a heart which beats.... For you.

He finally said his true words making her look at him.

Jk: I know, that now I make it difficult for you to continue your path with me. But believe me I love you.

Jk: I know that I made you scared with that dark side of mine. But believe me, I also have a light inside of me which sparkles for you.

Jk: I know that you need sometime to think about it. And I will give you enough time. To finalize that did you wanted to continue with me... Or want to leave me.

He said as he found something is hitting his throat. His words were not in his favour but still he can't be that much weak.

Jk: I will give you time... It's okay if you wanted to quite now. I can understand. It is not easy for a girl to live a guy like me. Who's whole day spend on died bodies, dangerous weapons, and many more crimes. It's all your decision.

Jk: and I promise... I will respect your decision.

He said all of his words. Everything which was inside his heart. All of it to her. But she was just sitting there like a statue. Well that's not a easy thing for a girl to believe. She don't know what to say, what to do. He looked at her condition. He sighed and get up from his spot.

Jk: right now... Your safety means to me. And I will do anything for it.

He said and grabbed her palm again. He can feel her hesitations. He booked a taxi as his car was remained in the apartment.

He made her sit inside the Ravi carefully and joined her soon. He sit beside her but she wasn't even Looking at him. She is the way too shock after his reality. He told the driver to drive and placed his palm above her hand in a protective manner. He can feel that her hand was so damn cold. Almost freeze.

He took her both hands in his ones and started rubbing them with his palms to give them warmness.
She looked at him. He didn't look like a killer at all. The reality which he told about himself was completely opposite of the jk which is right now sitting with her. It was making it hard for her to believe.

Jk: is it giving you relaxation...

He finally asked her and she bit her lower lip to prevent herself to broke out. She nodded at him while lowering her head and he pecked her hands which make her flinch suddenly. She never flinchéd at his touches. But right she is. Which make him hurt somehow.

AR: J-jungkook... I- I need some time to think.

She said slowly in her slow angelic voice but this time the fear was clearly visible in her voice. He smiled bitterly but hide his emotions and speak out.

Jk: I will give you enough time... You can choose which way you feels better for yourself. I won't give any objection over it. Cause your happiness means to me.


T. B. C.

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