The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 8

JK come to the Orphanage with AeRin. He didn't wanted her to stay at the apartment alone at this time. Maybe that Minho can again attack there. But no one will get any idea about it. So be found it the best place for her.

They both stand infront of the orphanage. As it is still dark so kids and ahjumma were sleeping peacefully inside.

Jk: go inside. I will take my leave after that.

He said and let go of her hand which he was holding protectively from past some hours. He didn't want to leave the warmness of her palms but he can feel the different feeling right now, cause AeRin is also not feeling well.

Jk: as long as the matter is fresh I think you should not go out. Or it will be dangerous for you. And also don't tell anything to ahjumma, she will be worried about it. Don't go out. And make sure to take the medicine your temperature is high. Now go inside.

He finished saying everything but she was just standing there like a statue. Like if she was trying to figure his emotions. She was just looking up at him.
He noticed it but it was really feeling awakward to like to her in a normal tone right now. So he thought of leaving.

Jk: okay then, I'm leaving.

He said and turned around to go. He took his first step but he felt her soft hand grabbed his wrist like if she wanted to stop him.
She quickly went there and hugged him from behind and dugged her face on his mascular back while inhaling his manly scent.

He felt her sniffing his manly scent. He felt a lump on his throat but control himself to let his tear out.

AR: Jungkook ah.

She whispered his name slowly in her soft tone. And he himself don't know why but he wanted to hug her. He turned and she just hugged him tightly and he hugged her back like if both of thems' life depends on each other.

AR: I can't leave you. I can't stop loving you. No matter who are you. What you are. But for me, you are my love. I.. I really love you. Please don't go... Please.

She let out everything which was in her heart from past some hours. He smiled. And hugged her even more tightly.

Jk: I also... I can't leave you at any cost AeRin ah.. I love you too. But I was just wanted to know your opinion. I didn't know if you are happy or not with me.

AR: I am happiest person of the world to have you on my side. You idiot. No matter who you are, I love you. And I wanted to spend my life with you. Only you.

She said while sobbing hard on his chest and he caressed her hair while Patting her back slightly.

Jk: me too.

They both stayed in eachother's arms for some minutes like if they wanted to stop the time right now. They wish if they can stop the time. He pulled away and made her look at his eyes. He cupped her face and kissed her tears away and pecked her nose.

Jk: now go Inside. Or tell me if you wanted to come with me in my mansion. Don't worry no one will gonna objection. The thing which you find better.

AR: no... You go. I'm fine here.

Jk: once my work will be finish today. I will come back to take you from here. This time maybe it can be risky. Also, that bastard Ahn JaeChan, he will definitely plan something. I'm damn sure.

He said clenching his jaw in anger while mentioning his top enemy between there conversation. AeRin looked at him with confused look but didn't minded it. He then let go of that fuck shit and just focused on AeRin who is still Hugging her.

He grabbed her neck from behind make her face lit up and there faces were inches apart. He was smiling at her and she smiled back.

Jk: don't forget... That, I love you.

He said in his deep husky voice as his hot breaths were fanning her forehead. He pecked her forehead and smiled.

AR: me too.

She said smiling and hugged him more tightly. He grabbed the back of her neck and make her look into his dark brown orbs. He pressed his lips over her and kissed her passionately. She kissed him back and closed her eyes. They both stayed in each other's arms for some time. Inhaling and exhaling their breaths.

He pecked her lips for the last time and then turned around to ho cause if he stayed here for some more time. He will definitely gonna aroused.
He was taking his steps forward rapidly but her sweet voice stops him in the mid way.

AR: Jungkook ah..

Jk: yeah....

He turned around and asked. She smiled.

AR: we will meet again soon.

She said and jk smiled at her. And nodded at her while reassuring her.

Jk: yeah... We will meet soon.

AR: take care..

Jk: you too.

With that he left and AeRin sighed sadly and went to the main door. She pressed the doorbell and after sometime ahjumma comes out to check who is it that early. She got surprised to see AeRin there. But then let her in.

On the other hand jk exit the orphanage and went to their apartment to pick his car which remains there as now he has to go back to Seoul. Today is really very big and important day not only for him but for whole mafia group. He has to confirm a very big order about new technologies for their work which will help them. And also he has to pick a very big order of really very good and expensive weapons. As the work is really important so he has to go by himself.

Once he reached the apartment he went towards where his car was and sit inside. He took out his cell and dialled V's no.

Jk: is everything ready...

V: don't worry...

Jk: okay... I'm also comming.

V: but first, we have to meet Mr.Han.

Jk: I know. And make sure to tighten the security... That Bastard Ahn JaeChan will definitely try to attack us on the way.

He said while clenching his jaw. Whenever he mentions his name his facial expressions automatically changes.

V: I know. Don't worry about it. We already prepared for this.

Jk: okay... I will be there on time.

He said and hanged the call. He sighed and started the car's engine and left From there.


...After some hours...
....In the evening....

Jk finished his meeting with Mr.han and confirm the date for their next project. Also they get their weapons securely. Now he is on the way back to their main office.

Jk: get this truck safely to our underground godown.

JM: don't worry.

Jk: make sure nothing happened with it.

V: yeah yeah we will... Okay then see you later.

Jk: hmm.

He said and out on his black goggles back on his eyes giving a proud smirk. And went inside his car. Jimin and V also sat inside the another car and the truck was behind their car. Jimin raised his hand from out the window and the truck started and coming behind them. With that they all left. And jk went to his own destination to enjoy the another success.


He was on the way back to mansion as it was already evening. The road was so empty. As he was riding his car through a silent road.

He was enjoying the ride while listening the light music from the radio carefree from any other things. He saw another car's reflection on his side mirror which make him a little surprise. But he didn't payed much attention to it.

He was continuously focusing on the road till than the another big black shining car hit jk's car from behind making lose the car's control. And the car got hit by a hard rock and the car overturned twice or thrice.

Jk's whole body control got imbalanced and he got hit with that resulting the blood oozed out from different parts. His neck, Forehead, hand and foot started bleeding really Badly.

He started breathing heavily as his mind just stopped working for few seconds. He saw a blurred vision from out of his car's Window and saw two man all in black suit were marching towards now at his overturned car.

One man grabbed him by his collar and pulled him out through the window resulting in the glass piercing his back and abdomen really Badly. He was not in right state of mind to think properly what is happening with him.

The man pulled out from the car completely and throws him there on the ground. He groaned because of the pain on his abdomen. He started coughing when the dust of the ground filled his nose and throat.
He saw so many cars were present there and a smirk appeared on his face. He got that his enemy attacked him. But no one knows that jk will never gonna lose. And he himself has full confidence on himself. But this time his fate was not in his favour.

He saw a blurred vision of a not so tall figure was approaching him slowly and behind that figure another tall figure was approaching him. When he was trying to collect all of his controls and mind power but next moment his eyes become wide open eventho the blood was above his eyes which was comming from the forehead but now he lost all himself when he saw someone whom he never expected to see here.


Jk: A..A..aerin ah....

His breaths sticker in his throat when he saw her here. She was not looking the same AeRin whom he left in the morning after spending a memorable moment. She was looking completely different. Like if she is someone else.. but no, she was AeRin.

The moment he saw her kneeling down infront of his level he didn't wanted to believe it. His mind was on a very high level of confusion. Eventho his whole face was covered with blood and he was breathing heavily but still
He has a different facial expressions.

But for the next moment of his confusion, he saw that Not any other but his top enemy JaeChan was standing behind AeRin with a proud smirk on his face as the guards were standing there with guns in there hands.
He again looked at AeRin and AeRin understand his curiosity. She took off her black Goggles to look into his now painful orbs.

AR: Surprise to see me...

She finally spoke out something. But she was not looking like the one whom jk loves. Even her tone was so changed.

Jk: a.. aerin ah.. y-you?

He asked but his words were not in his favour they come out as a murmuring tone.

AR: yes I am...

She said with a proud smirk on her face. And the moment jk was dealing with the pain in his heart. He now, finally realized that she is not someone ordinary. She is really something different.
And now, today at the moment, AeRin complete his doubt.

AR: I told you we will meet soon... Now we met again.

She said with a smirk.

AR: now, you will ask what I am doing here. Okay, let me clear your all doubts now, cause after that you have to go to your beloved loved ones.

AR: I meant to be it Jungkook. Remember what I told you about myself. My name.

She said and a quick flashback ran inside jks mind.

*AR: My name is AeRin... Ahn AeRin.*

He remembered that and then looked back at her with wide eyes. He found something hard hitting his throat. He felt a lump on his throat.

AR: Ahn... Ahn AeRin.... Ahn JaeChan... My brother.

She said gritting her teeths. And jk's heart dropped on his stomach. He felt his pain was increasing. He looked at JaeChan who is standing behind AeRin with a proud smirk.

"She is JaeChan's sister... Huh. How's that possible. She said that she is an orphanage. She lied to me. She is sister of my enemy.
Oh! So all of this was a drama. She.. she did drama with me frim all that one year."

His thoughts got interrupted when he again heard AeRin's voice.

AR: yes... I am his blood related younger sister. He is my brother Jungkook. My elder brother. And you know what... It all was plan. My plan. And you know why... To take my revenge on you.

She said while clenching her jaw like if the words which were coming from her was completely true. She is looking at him with a hateful gaze. Her eyes were not showing love for jk but a Despise.... An unconditional despise.

Jk: revenge...?

He said out with a confusing look and AeRin smirked again.

AR: yes revenge... Remember, Five years ago, when you killed Ahn hanso.

She said while clenching her jaw and jk remember. Yeah he killed a man named ahn hanso. Cause jk loathed that man from bottom of his heart. He just become mafia just only to kill that man Ahn hanso.

AR: yes... My father. Ahn Hanso. You... You killed him.

She said and this time the tears fell down from her eyes. Jk felt something banging on his heart. And he is dealing with his body and heart pain at the same time.

" She is that Bastard's daughter... That bloody murderer's daughter. The one who is the reason behind my phobias. She is his daughter."

He felt disgusting at the moment when AeRin told him her real identity.

AR: you know... That's why. From that day. It became my dream to kill you with my own bare hands. Cause you!! YOU SNATCHED MY MOST PRECIOUS THING FROM ME. My father.

she shouted at him and jk felt lump on his throat. He closed his eyes when his painful memories hit his mind. She just took his revenge on him. She played with him.

Jk: you... So.. all of this w..was a l..lie.

He breathed out just to clear his last confusion.

AR: Yes... It all was just a lie. I never loved you. It was my plan to attract you so that I can get my Revenge on you. Cause you! You are the reason behind my sorrows. ONLY YOU!!!

she said while wiping her tears and jk closed his eyes gulping hard. Everything run inside his mind. The day he met her... The day he proposed her and kissed her... The day they shared an ice-cream together... The day when they both played together... The day when he took her out on date Dinner... The day when he hugged her calming her when she cried loud on his chest... Every single moment.

He exhaled his breath and opened his eyes. He was still laying there with his half opened eyes as his whole body is now covered with blood. And AeRin is still kneeled down to his level like a boss.

AR: And now, I will kill you. I will take my revenge. My father will feel so much peace to see his murderer roast in hell. He will praise me for this.

AR: Oppa.. give me my gun.

She said and forward her hand to her brother and JaeChan gave him the gun. His smirk was never leaving his face.

JC: sure butter.

He said and jk looked at both brother and sister with an disgusting look. AeRin took the gun and pulled the trigger. Jk just looked at her with an expression less face.

"Every coin had two sides AeRin. But you only knew about only one side. But it's okay... If it is my end. I am ready to accept it."

He closed his eyes and the tears and the blood drops fallen down at the same time.

AR: Have a peaceful journey in hell... Mr. Jeon Jungkook.

She said and shot him on his chest. His body jerked with the force of the bullet which now pierced his flesh. And closed his eyes looking at her for the last time.
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