Mafia's Obsession


"why can't you just accept that your present and future is me ? ", he said gripping my arms . "you're nothing to me Mr Kim . you're way too much older than me and I have a boyfriend . there's no way we can be together . " , I tried to remove my arms from his grip but he held me tightly making me groan . "then I'll make a way if there's no way . and about your sweet boyfriend he's just your boyfriend and anything can happen to him if you don't accept me " , he said and smirk which didn't failed to shock me ~~~~ Love were never a feelings for the mighty Kim Taehyung . He only knows one feelings and that is coldness .Little did he know an angel will come in his life and will melt his cold heart and will go at any length to cage her forever . But what if that angel has already someone else in her life ? [A/n : this is the proper version of my previous version one . This one was in YouTube but YouTube deleted some of that chapter and now I'm writing it here again . ] Started at YouTube - 30 July 2019 Started at wattpad - 23 march 2021 Ended - .........

Romance / Erotica
Kim Juthika
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Kim Taehyung

Age : 27 years old
Family : mother and elder sister , his gang members
Relationship : single
Occupation : businessman but Mafia underworld
Personality : cold, heartless , devil

//I just want to be your best mistake//

Lee Y/n

Age : 19 years old
Family : mother only
Friends : Kim Jisoo , Kim Jennie , Park Rosรฉ , Lalisa Manoban
Relationship : taken by Jackson Wang
Occupation: chemical engineer student
Personality : loving , caring , kind and innocent . Loves her loved once

//I'm not perfect but I'm always myself //

Jackson Wang

Family : father only
Relationship : taken by Lee Y/n
Personality : goofy , carefree , funny , understanding , loves his girlfriend

// Wherever I'm with you that place my favourite //


As themselves


As themselves

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