Mafia's Obsession

Chapter 1

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Taehyung's POV

I was in my office checking some files when suddenly the door opened showing Jimin

Jimin -" bam bam wants to meet you , Taehyung "

I looked at him confused cause bam bam hates me 10 times more than I hate him

Me -" do you know the reason ?"

Jimin -" no and he wants to meet you in the alley behind xxxx mall"

I was thinking what he'll going to do. suddenly a smirk came on his face .

Jimin - *raised eye brows* " what's with that smirk ?"

Me - *smirking* " today we're going to have a memorable night "

With that we started our plans with my members .

At night
Y/n's POV

Uhh I'm so late . I went to shopping with my friends and Lisa unnie took so much time causing us to be late and me being me I went to park for some peace . Now I'm super late . Just wow .

I think I have to take the alley behind xxxx mall to get home early . Get up y/n , you have to go home now . With that I started my walk to home .

As I was walking through the alley I heard some sounds of guns and I got so scared that I screamed. SHIT !

I was about to walk away but out of nowhere two men came Infront of me.

???2 -" hey what are you doing here ? Who are you ?"

I'm so scared right now that I can't speak anything .

???1 -" I think we should take you to our boss "

My eyes went wide . They held both of my arms and started to drag me .

Few moments ago
Y/n's POV

I came to the place with my members where that manwhore wants to meet me. Soon after he and his men came

BamBam -" welcome Mr Kim Taehyung"

Taehyung - *annoyed* "why did you call me here?"

BamBam -" can't I call you ? After all we are friends "

He's getting on my nerves now . At this point I just want to kill him .

Me -" you're annoying me right now . So come to the straight point "

BamBam -" I heard you are going to hack some bank accounts and take the money and you'll give that money to some orphanage "

Now I'm getting it what he wants

Me -*raising eyebrows* "so ?"

BamBam -" I want you to give all that money to me ?"

Me -*smirking* " and went should I do that for you ?"

BamBam -*smirking* " you don't do it then I'll expose you . I have all the proves of your planning from hacking to planning to kill the drug Mafia "

Me -" ok I'll do it "

He smirked and all of my numbers and men looked at me in shock

BamBam -" now you have taken Right choice "

Me -" but for the money you have to be alive "

He frowned after listening what I said . I smirk sand pulled out my gun and shoot him

My men started to shoot all of his men and all of the are on the ground. Suddenly we heard a girl's scream .

Me -" Jungkook , Jimin go and check where that noise came from "

They nodded and went.

Present time

Jungkook -" hyung she's the one who screamed "

I turned around as my back was facing them. I can't see her face cause her head hanging low. I went to her figure

Me -" look at me "

She was shaking in fear but still didn't looked at me making me even more angry .

Me -" will you look at me so you want the police to find your dead body beside those ?"

She shakes her head and hesitatly looked at me

My breath stopped . Can someone be there beautiful ? Something inside me is beating so fast which hadn't happened before to me . There's something in her which is attracting me towards her . Her eyes which has fear by seeing those dead body , her tembering lips , her rosy cheeks are getting me. I looked at her eyes deeply

Me -" what's your name ?"

??? -"L.lee , y.y/n"

I couldn't help but smile at her shuttering form . Uhh what is happening to me ? Maybe my members are in shock to see me smiling but right now my eyes are on this beauty .

Jimin -" should we kill her ?"

His words didn't failed to shock this beauty . Dam what's going on with me ?

Y/n -" plz let me go . I promise I won't tell this to anyone "

I chuckled at her innocence . Should I let her go ? I sighed and signaled Jimin and Jungkook to let her go .

As soon as they both left her she ran away from here . I watched her until she was out of my sight . You can't run away from me , y/n .

Me -" Yoongi hyung I want all the information about her tonight ASAP "

Yoongi -" you'll get it soon Tae " .

I want to know about you , Lee y/n . Do love at first sight really exist ?

Y/n's POV

As soon as I reached home I bustly closed the door . I put my hand on my chest only to feel my heart beating fast. Oh my god what just happened ?

Mumma -"where were you , y/n ? Why do you look so terrified ? What happened ?"

I flinched as mumma came out of no where . I put a fake smile and shake my head .

Me -" nothing , mumma. I'm alright"

Mumma -" oh ok . I made din. ...."

Me -*cuts off* " I'm sorry mumma but I'm tired . I'll just go to my room and take rest " .

I kissed her little nose and went upstairs .

I entered my room feeling tired after what happened tonight . I quickly changed myself into night dress and laid down on my bed .

"Plz God don't like me see him again "
With that I fall asleep hoping that next day will be good for me

Taehyung's POV

Why only she's on my mind ? Her eyes were different . Everything about her is a different . She came into my life like an angel . My angel . Yes I'm in love. I'm in love with my angel at first sight . All this feelings are new to me . What are you doing to me my , angel ?

Suddenly I heard a knock .

Me -" come in "

The door opened showing Yoongi hyung with a file and came in

Me -" did you find some information about her ?"

He nodded and gave me the file . I opened it and started to read. Hmm interesting . So she's a collage student . But what thing shocks me is she's just 19 where I just turned 27 . For me age is nothing but number. And she doesn't like gangster and Mafias . Uhh she doesn't know that she'll spend her whole life with the one she hates . I took out the photo from the file and keep looking at it with so much adoration.

Yoongi - *raising eyebrows* "why do you want her information ?"

Me-*smiling* "a husband should know everything about her would be wife "

Yoongi -*confused* " what do you mean ?"

Me -" I'm in love hyung . I'm in love with this angel . Soon she'll in my arms in this room and no one will come between us "

My joy knew no limits but didn't knew that my joy will take away from me after hearing him .

Yoongi -" I'm sorry to say this but, Taehyung , she has someone else in her life already "

Me -*confused* "tell me clearly"

Yoongi -" she already loves someone else . She has a boyfriend"

The ground under me just slipped . She has what ?

Yoongi -" yes Taehyung . She has a boyfriend . His name is ......"

Before he could say good name I grab a flower base and throw it on the floor angrily Causing to have a huge cut on my palm and blood to come out making hyung panic .

Yoongi -" Taehyung your hand ..."

Me -" leave"

Yoongi -" but ...."

Me -" I said leave. Me . Alone"

He sighed seeing me angry knowing that I won't listen to him and left . After he left his words are roaming around my mind . Should I leave her ?

I came Infront of the mirror but instead of me I'm seeing y/n on it . I was about to touch her but she disappeared .

Me -" Y/n !"

No , I can't leave her . Only she can control the beast in me now . I'll kill that person who's the barrier between me and my angel . San evil smile came on my face and I started to laugh like maniac .

Me-"you'll be mine , Lee Y/n . I'll make you mine by either hook or crook "

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