Kamon Lucilfer [Chrollo's Daughter]


Kamon Lucilfer, the daughter of Chrollo Lucilfer. She was quiet, analytical, and innocent. Not cute, innocent. She had a glare that could kill you, make you anxious. She had grey, lifeless eyes, but her personality was like her mothers. She was going to leave Meteor City and find her parents. No matter the cost

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The Name

“Kamon...why do you still believe your father loved you? He left you in Meteor City for fuck’s sake!“, Dan yelled as he took another sip of his expired beer. He had his shaggy mustache covering his mouth, and his beard that covered his whole chin. He had frilly and kinky hair, but a lot of people in Meteor City had that type of hair except for Kamon.

Kamon Lucilfer, the daughter of Chrollo Lucilfer. Of course, she was never told there names, just the fact they left her behind. She was as quiet as an empty room, she only spoke when it came to her parents. She always had an innocent look. It wasn’t cute, it was innocent. She had the same glare as her father when she spoke. It made some of the Meteor City residents feel like she was gonna massacre a whole town at any moment.

She had that glare, that evil glare of his, but she had the personality of her mother, caring and sweet. Her long black hair and curtain bangs, her eyes as grey as a rainy day.

“Yes, he did, I will travel far and ask him myself, He did love me”, Kamon said quietly. They looked at her surprised, then they all chuckled loudly. All the men that was present laughed at her statement as she stood there serious with what she stated.

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO HE IS! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-” Dan said as he wheezed. Her patience was done. She pulled out a knife from her back pocket and pushed it against his neck. She was pissed.

“Who is he then?“, she asked. her voice still quiet. Dan squirmed under the knife and he moved around a lot. Just looking into her eyes would make anyone anxious. He was frightened at her sudden outburst. She was usually a very calm child, but now she was done with the father-doesn’t-love-you bullcrap. He put his hands up in defeat.

O-Okay, his name is C-Chrollo Lucilfer, But we don’t know w-where he is right now”, Dan stuttered. She narrowed his eyes at her, then looked at the spider necklace around her neck. This was the necklace Dan said her father gave her. It had a spider with a cross on it, it was one of those necklaces where you could open it. When she opened it, it was a boy with a cross on his forhead, and a woman wearing a woman suit.

She took the knife off his neck and walked out of the little fort. It was made out of metal scraps and broken wood. The other slum brats looked at her, then continued their usual games.

She was going to leave Meteor City once and for all.

4 hours later.....

She had everything with her, some disgusting ass food, some dirty water (it was the only water they drank which transferred many sickness to everyone), and her knife. She narrowed her eyes at the entrance to leaving this trashy place. It took a long time to walk all the way to the entrance, and she gathered supplies on the way.

It was late at night and people guarded Meteor City Residents from coming out. If any of them came out, it would transfer sicknesses and diseases to everyone. Nobody ever tried to get out, this may be her last chance to get out of her. If you were caught, you were killed.

She hid behind a pile of trash as the guards stood side by side.

She ran to the trash mountain close to the entrance and hid behind it. A little can fell and made a loud CLAMP!. She widened her eyes. The guards shined a flashlight on her side.

“Oh, guess it was nothing”, one male voice said. She scooted behind the pile of trash quietly.

“Yeah, you’re probably just tired”, another male voice said.

A garbage truck pulled up. That garbage truck was her only way out of this place. It scooted back and dumped the trash into the trash yard. She climbed up the mountain of trash as fast as she could and jumped over the fence and onto the side of the truck as it moved. She swung as she held onto it for life. She stayed hidden from the guards eyes and looked at the sky.

She climbed on top of the truck and sat there while watching Meteor City slowly get smaller from afar. That was her home for a whole 10 years. She remembered the memories she made with everyone there, but she couldn’t stay there anymore.

She was moving on to find her father. No matter what.

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