Arthur is a brazen, young actor who had seen nothing but selfish faces hiding behind masks of generosity and upright attitudes, and betrayal is as common as breathing. Kongpob is a young, brilliant neurosurgeon who believes in love and second chances. While they seem to be poles apart in their attitudes and upbringing, the only similarity between them is their search for hiraeth. Will they be able to find it together?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Kong had just got his paper published in a reputed journal, so he was here in LA Desiré celebrating with his friends over a drink. After a few drinks, his friends left but Kong stayed back because something had caught his eyes. Arthit Rojanapat - the famous model who recently ventured into acting. The male was equally famous for his night escapades.

Kong kept his eyes trained on the back of the man who was drinking himself to death. As if somehow knew Kong's unwavering gaze on his person, he turned back and winked at Arthit.

The next thing Kong remembered was lying in his bed with Arthit fast asleep after Kong denied going any further than a kiss since Arthit was drunk as a log.

Kongpob sat in the corner of 'La Desiré' - a bar that elites of the city frequented. He sat in a corner the same as every single day for the last one month. No, he wasn't here to enjoy the wild nightlife or the company of a random partner for a night. He was here for -The Arthit Rojanapat.

Kong was watching the said male gulping down drinks after drinks before walking down to the dance floor amidst hordes of lusty souls wanting to get a piece of him. No. Arthit Rojanapat is not an innocent, he knows the effects he had on people. Kong had observed his ways in this one month. He saw how Arthit weaves the cobweb of seduction with that innocent, smouldering eyes, knowing smile and smug persons.

Kong now knew why people get drawn to him despite knowing it's only for a night. Because Arthit was hell and heaven, sin and pleasure, angel and devil all mixed in a single package.

Kong saw Arthit stumbling his way to the exit with a girl all over him gyrating her body shamelessly - Kong felt disgusted at the obscene scenario. Arthit was barely able to stand on his own- time to intervene in Kong.

Kong walked to the lady and pulled Arthit towards himself by grabbing his bicep. " Sorry Miss, my friend here had one too many drinks. He is not in a condition to stand straight let alone do any other rigorous activities you might have planned later. I hope you understand." The girl walked away shooting a death glare at Kong.

" Cockblocker"
Arthit chuckled leaning on to him for support. Kong ignored Arthit's remark and put his arm around the male to lead him towards his car.

As every night Kong brought Arthit to his apartment and put him to bed. Some days Arthit slept without a word, other days were hell for Kong. Today was one of the other days.

As Kong settled in bed to sleep away the night Arthit slid closer- close enough to almost spoon him. Close enough to trace a finger from just above his knee to the span of his clothed thigh, Arthit's hand wandered to Kong's stomach and kept creeping up towards his chest. Kong felt his skin shivering from the touch but he kept his eyes closed and body rigid- not responding to obvious seduction.

As soon as Arthit's hand crept up to his chest drawing an, oh so innocent circle around his nipple Kong jolted up
" What the hell? Keep your hands to yourself"

Arthit snorted " What? do you want to say you bring me here every night out of the goodwill of your heart- ." Arthit put special stress on every.

Kong couldn't claim he had no other intentions, but not on the drunk man. He has plans with sober Arthit- which he had never seen yet.

Kong sighed " Just sleep." Saying that he laid on the bed. He was tired of this, he just wanted to sleep but Arthit had no intentions to let him sleep peacefully.

The moment Kong laid down on bed Arthit straddled him " It's been a damn month since I had any action Ai saat. You shouldn't have barged in all high and mighty and ruin my chances with her if you aren't ready to take her place. "

" You are drunk. Sleep now." Kong tried to reason.

" I am sober enough to fuck you through this mattress if I wish so. " Arthit retorted.
Kong was used to this side of sexually frustrated Arthit. He closed his eyes ignoring the male straddling him.

Kong was startled by a sudden attack of Arthit's lips on his. Arthit kept kissing aggressively, ruthlessly bit his lips till Kong gave in and granted his tongue the entrance to hot caverns of his mouth. Arthit spanned every nook and cranny, familiarising himself with this unknown territory until he was satisfied or rather he felt the need to breathe oxygen into his burning lungs.

As soon as Arthit breathed enough for sustenance he slid down a bit sitting directly on the pelvis of the younger man underneath him. He smirked in satisfaction seeing the dazed state he put the younger male in, desire shining in eyes, pleasure clouding his mind, breath running mile a minute Kong was a perfect picture of lust.

Arthit ripped open the nightshirt without caring about the buttons flying in all directions and descended on his throat. He traced his lip on the column of younger's throat before sucking a bit on Adam's apple which kept bobbing up and down due to Kong swallowing his saliva.

Arthit descended further to the collar bone nipping it, bit and sucked till he was sure it will leave a mark. Moving down he ran his hands on the chiselled abs admiring the sculpture underneath him Arthit gyrated his lips a little and smiled in satisfaction feeling the younger arch his back though very minuscule. He moved his hips some more - enough to create the friction needed and bent down to capture the hardened nub. As soon as Arthit gave a little kitten lick - a preview to the night ahead. Kong jolted to his senses.

Within seconds Kong had flipped their position, now Arthit laid flat on his back underneath the younger male who glared at him, frustrated half due to arousal and a half due to falling prey to vicious seduction.

Arthit traced his thumb on Kong's lower lip catching the tiny drop of blood oozing through the cut on his thumb and sucked it clean while staring deep into others' eyes.

" Let's just fuck doctor, get me out of your system. Out of sight out of mind."

" I am not interested in drunk dead logs. Drunken consent is not consent. " Kong retorted averting his eyes.

Arthit flipped him to sit on his stomach once again, he leaned to whisper in the ear
" Then take it as a warning doctor. Stay far away if you don't want this dead log to fuck you into oblivion. If you dare to ruin my night once again I promise we won't stop like today."

Kong should have heeded this warning but what is a moth if he fears being in the flames!

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