ASL on the Moby Dick

Ace just wants Sabo's love :(

"Sabo leans in and ruffles Luffy's hair. He's still quite pissed off at Ace but Luffy can always make him smile. His young lover giggles at the contact while the other is still sulking in the corner. Acey is just too stupid to think of a way to win over Sabo's heart again."

"What the hell are you doing?" Jozu asked his brother, Thatch.

"Getting on my last fucking nerve!" Ace growled. Fearing another fire attack, Thatch yelped as he started running towards Whitebeard for protection.

"Calm your ass, Ace." Sabo commented, hugging Luffy close to him.

"Yeah Acey! Be nicer to Thatchy!!" Luffy exclaimed, pouting. A loud 'yeah' followed his statement. "It's not his fault Saberry's mad at you!¨ Luffy continued.

Ace glared at him before his eyes softened a bit and he sat next to Sabo. Marco watched the once cold hearted teen bump his head into Sabo's side, pouting. And then repeating the action several times until the sun-haired boy let out a sigh and wrapped an arm around him.

“You can tell who tops in this relationship.” Thatch said, appearing beside his brothers, once again. Luckily for him, the trio didn’t seem to hear.

“Ne~ Sabunny?”

“Yes Lu?”

"How come you’re here on the M-m... On Giant Ossan’s ship?”

“Why? Don’t want me around?”

“Could you two be quiet? I wanna sleep.”Ace’s request was ignored.

“So... The brat’s er... Lovers... are they gonna be...?”

“To think I get two other sons in addition!”

“What are the chances of them agreeing, yoi?”

“Stop stressing so much Mar-chan! I’m sure everything will work out!”

“Do you crave death, yoi?” Namur sighed watching his brothers argue. Some things never change.

“Pops... You noticed too, right?” He asked his father after deciding to ignore the other two.

“Those three have a past. Something that doesn’t let them let others in.” Whitebeard replied looking up at the night sky. The deck was quiet for the moon had awoken and everyone, including the three brothers, had gone to sleep. Except for Marco, Thatch Namur and Whitebeard. The four stayed in silence, enjoying each other’s company.

They would get the brothers trust. They would definitely protect them. They weren’t ‘broken’ just a bit scratched.

“We’ll show them the aren’t unsavable, yoi.” Marco voiced.

They bid each other a goodnight and were about to go inside when a loud scream broke the night.

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