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I had a dream... You all died

11 - I had a dream... You all died

One Piece is not owned by me. If it was, you would see a hell lot more deaths. Because I like to make others suffer :)


“What…?” Namur started, but, before he could finish, his brothers had already started running. Collecting his thoughts, he ran after.That scream sounded awfully like Luffy’s voice. Namur didn’t know what was going on. Were they under attack?

He rushed towards the three boys’ room, slamming the door open.

He saw Ace and Sabo try to comfort the younger one who was screaming and thrashing around.

“What’s wrong?” Came Marco’s voice. Namur could vaguely hear footsteps indicating that more of his brothers had awoken.

“L-Luffy’s having a nightmare..” Sabo answered, pulling his boyfriend onto his lap as Ace leaned over and whispered comforting words. Slowly, painfully slowly, the youngest calmed down. Someone so young should never scream like that.Like the world was ending and there was nothing left to live for. Like everything was all over.

“Luffy… wake up, love…” Sabo whispered to the boy. Ace, on the other hand, was whispering about how Luffy was safe as a way of comfort.

They all held their breaths as Luffy’s eyes opened.


“You had a nightmare, yoi.”

“N-nightmare? felt so r-real…”

Right then and there Namur decided that Luffy looked best when smiling and that it hurt to not see said smile on his face. He never wanted the boy to feel pain. Ever. ...or at least never again. Luffy… and Ace and Sabo… they were his brothers now, and he’d die before he let them feel pain.

“It’s okay, Luffy. Everything’s okay.” Ace comforted.

“... Ace… don’t ever die… okay?” Whimpered Luffy, grabbing the fire user’s hand.

“... Luffy…..I…. Okay…” Ace replied. Luffy gave him a weak smile. Before fear once again clouded his vision.

“THATCH! Where’s Thatch!?” He asked, eyes searching frantically.

“..err… right here?” The swordsman hesitantly came out. Luffy broke away from.his lovers and jumped onto Thatch, wrapping his rubbery arms and legs around the man several times.

“... I had a dream…” he mumbled into thatch’s shoulder but everyone could hear him, “ all died.”

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