ASL on the Moby Dick

Meeting Teach

After the episode with Luffy’s nightmare, things returned to normal surprisingly fast. Well, maybe not normal... but probably as close as they could get. After all Luffy had claimed that they died. He clung onto Thatch now like he was afraid the other would disappear. He, also, always held on to Ace but he was a bit more lenient because he knew Sabo would be there for the freckled firehead. While some questioned the sudden change of behavior, no one really did anything. Hopefully, this meant that maybe the boys would become their new brothers.

Luffy hadn’t brought up the dream after that night and none of the pirates knew how to bring it up. Seeing the worried glances that Ace and Sabo kept on sending him, they figured that he hadn’t told them either.

Sometimes, someone would approach Luffy, but then images of the boy’s fearful eyes and shivering body from then would fill their heads and they would change the topic. No one knew what to do in this situation.

But, luckily, other than that, things were peaceful.

Until Marshell D. Teach came back from his mission.

It had started of as any other day, tense but calm. Then, Teach had called, saying he was almost back, the mission had finished earlier than expected. The news was joyful. Of course it would be, one of their brothers was coming back home.

The day went smoothly, Teach came aboard and went to Whitebeard to give him a verbal report. The ASL trio were locked in their room, Luffy letting go of Thatch for once. Everything was okay.

But then it suddenly wasn’t.

No one could have expected it. Not Whitebeard. Not Marco. Not Thatch. Not Ace. Not Sabo.

When Teach first met the boys, Luffy didn’t shower him with attention like he had done with the rest. The second the two’s eyes met, Luffystarted shaking in Sabo’s arms.

As he trembled, not acknowledging or even noticing his boyfriends’ panic, his breathingstarted getting unregular until to the point of hyperventilating. His eyes were frighteningly blank before tears welled up in them. He fingers dug I to his skin until his nails we’re dyed red.

No one knew what to do. His attack continueduntil Sabo clutched onto him tighter, breaking away from his shock. The pirates turned away, clearing out to give the boys privacy.

Teach was kept away from Luffy afterwards.

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