ASL on the Moby Dick

Of Crocodiles and Baby Brothers

“Woah, woah, woah! Hold it! Ace, who is that kid?” Thatch exclaimed. Ace spared him a look.

“This is Luffy.” he replied, coldly.

“Ace~! Don’t be so mean~! And plus he’s part of the crew that saved my life, ya know?” Ace blinked, seemingly taking all that in.

Then he bowed.

Which caused some to faint, as it was too much shock for them in one day.

“Thank you! For saving Luffy!” he said.

So the brat was so important to him, that he’d put aside his pride?





“W-woah... No problem…. Anyways! How’s he related to you? That’s what I meant!” Thatch said.

“He’s my adorable and innocent baby brother.” Was the reply.




“B-b-b-b-baby brother?”

“I wasn’t aware you had a brother, Ace.” Whitebeard said.

“He doesn’t have a brother.” Luffy said, causing everybody to look at him.

“But he just...”

“He doesn’t just have a brother! He has two!”


“Acey,” he continued, ignoring Ace’s blush, the crew’s snickers, and then Ace’s growl, “is the oldest. Then Sabo-nii is a few months younger. Then me, who’s younger by three years. Ah, but I could totally beat them in a fight!”

“That’s a groundless statement.” Ace replied.

“Hm~! Meanie Ace~! I may not be able to beat you now, but I will be in a few years! When I’m 18 like you, I’d totally be able to kick your ass!” Luffy pouted. Ace raised a brow.

“I’ll be 21 then. Face it, Lu. You’re doomed forever.” Luffy continued to pout.

“No fair!”

“It’s an older brother’s job to be strong and protect the younger one.” Ace said.

“Is it because I got eaten by a crocodile?” Luffy asked, “Because that only happened once!”

“It happened exactly 187 times. And I for one am quite annoyed by the fact that you seem to love getting eaten by what we were supposed to be hunting.” Ace said, frowning.

“Then is it because of the time I got eaten by that-”

“Yes, part of the reason is that you always get eaten.”

“Is it because of-”

“Lu, shut-up.” Ace said, causing Luffy to pout even more. The remaining crew who hadn’t fainted stared at the boys.

“Question!” Thatch exclaimed causing the brothers to look at him.

“How can two of you only be a few months apart. And also, how come you don’t have the same last name?”

“That’s two.” Ace replied. Luffy shishishied.

“We’re not related by blood! But we’re brothers nonetheless.” Luffy said, and while his voice was cheerful, his face and eyes were daring anyone to object to that. When no one did, Ace turned around and left towards the infirmary, Luffy still in his arms.

“To think Ace was a big brother… huh…” Namur said.

“The Grand Line sure is a mysterious place, yoi.” Marco replied.

“I think it’s adorable! Did you hear his comment about it being a big brother’s job to protect the younger one! Acey’s adorable!” Thatch exclaimed, dancing off to the kitchen.

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