ASL on the Moby Dick

Hawks as Uncles and Angels as Nephews

“And that’s what happened!” Thatch finished.

Right now he was in the mess hall eating lunch and telling the commanders about what happened with Ace and his apparent brother: Luffy.

Just then, the door opened. In walked a mellow Marco, followed by a lively Luffy, who was pulling an annoyed Ace. Marco led them to the commanders and sat down.

“Are you joining us, Marco, Luffy, ...Acey?” Thatch asked, which caused a ball of fire to chase him around the mess hall, much to the amusement of the rest.

“Only Luffy and Sabo can call me that.” he growled.

“So bra- Luffy.” Izou said, noticing Ace’s glare.

“Yes… um… you’re a man… but you’re dressed as a woman…” Luffy said, staring at her in confusion. And not at all noticing the sudden tense atmosphere.

“Ah… so you’re Pretty Man?” he asked, tilting his head. Ace smiled slightly at his brother, while Izou blushed.

“Thank you…” Luffy once again tilted his head, not sure why he was being thanked.

“Anyway… which Warlord were you going to meet?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Just curious.”

“Ah, well… Since I’m trying to improve my Fishman Karate, and jiji didn’t want to take me to see daddy and Sabo-nii, I was going to go see someone called… what was it? Ji- Jim- Jin… Oh yeah! Jinny!”

“It’s Jinbe.” Ace corrected, sitting down with Luffy.

“Oh. Oops. Why can’t people have easier names… like Ace, Sabo, or Uncle Hawky.”

“You do know that we’re probably the only people who can call Uncle Hawky Uncle Hawky and not get beheaded, right?”

“But Uncle Hawky’s Uncle Hawky.” Luffy said, with a slight pout.

“Who’s uncle Hawky?” Haruta asked.

“Hmm? Uncle Hawky’s Uncle Hawky.” Luffy replied looking at Haruta like she was an idiot.

“I think she means what’s this Uncle Hawky’s actual name.”

“Oh. What was his full name again, Ace?”

“Uncle Hawky’s full name is Dracule ‘Hawk-eyes’ Mihawk.” Ace replied stuffing his face with food, and ignoring the deadsilence, and shocked stares.

“M-M-Mihawk’s your uncle!?”

“Not by blood.” Ace replied with a shrug.

“He trained us to use a sword, and was the one who gave the swords we currently use to us. San Kowareta Tenshi* is what they’re called. They’re triplet swords.” Luffy said. He thought for a second, then moved all the food to the side of the table. He took his sword and placed it on the table, and then grabbed the sword on Ace’s waist and placed it next to his.

“See, they look similar. Except mine’s red with orange and blue designs. And Ace’s orange with blue and red designs. And Sabo’s blue with red and orange designs. Coincidently, red’s my favorite color, orange’s Ace’s, and blue’s Sabo’s. My sword is called Pyuaenjeru*. Ace’s called Daten-shi*. And Sabo’s called Fukushū no Tenshi*. It fits us very well.”

“Three Broken Angels*… how does that fit you three?”

“One of us is hated by the world.” Luffy started. His eyes were distant and filled with pain. He didn’t look like he would or in that case, could continue. So Ace took over.

“One of us is hated by the world. Another one of us hates the world. And the last one of us is hated by the world, but still loves it.”

“Hated by the world?” Thatch asked in a whisper.

“Yep. I’m hated by the world. Sabo hates the world. Luffy is hated by the world, but still loves it.” Ace said, not knowing why he was saying all this. The only people who even had an idea were Jiji, Dad, Papa, Uncle Mihawk, and Raleigh-ossan.

“Why would you think that, yoi?” Marco asked, his lazy look gone, and replaced with sadness and anger. Much like everyone else’s in the room.

“I don’t think it. I know it. I’ve known it all my life. And even when jiji said it wasn’t true… that people were just cruel. That they didn’t know a damn thing… I knew it was true. I was hated. Not because they knew me. But because of the blood in my veins. Hell, it went to the point that I questioned if I should have been born. After all, if I hadn’t been born, mother would still be alive.

It was terrifying. Knowing that if it hadn’t been for jiji, I would’ve died before taking my first breath. And then I met Sabo. He told me we could be monsters together. Said he despised the world. And after a few years, Luffy came along. Heh! At first I hated him. Hated how he could smile so much. Hated that he seemed to have everything I yearned for…”

Luffy was in another world by now. And Ace seemed to be there with him, even while he was talking.

Thatch wanted to tell him to stop. To be quiet. That he shouldn’t have to say something so painful. But at the same time he knew Ace had to. Knew that to help Ace, he had to know.

“Then one night, I overheard… the bandits talking about Luffy’s blood. Turned out he was also hated. Just like me. But we were still so different. One tainted in darkness and the other a pure light. I hated that. Hated he could still smile. Hated him. But well… a lot happened and we became friends.

Me, him, and Sabo. Then realised that we loved each other more than normal friends did. So we took an oath to brotherhood. I don’t regret it, but I think back and can’t help but wince at how clueless we were. And for once in my life… I wanted to live. I had people who cared for me.

Jiji cared for me. And I knew Daden did too. But it was… different. I guess maybe it was because jiji promised my ... father… that he’d take care of me. And Daden was the one who actually took care of me, since jiji had work… I guess to me… Luffy and Sabo were the first people who had a choice to love or hate me. Knew everything about me. And still chose to love me.

But after a while… I remembered I was a devil after all. Maybe because of who father is… or maybe I just… am. I don’t hate my father anymore, ya know? Used to despise him. Blamed him for never being there. Blamed him for the reason I was so hated. Believe it or not Luffy was the one who told me I was in the wrong for that…”

He stayed silent as if remembering something.

San Kowareta Tenshi ~ Three Broken Angels

Fukushū no tenshi ~ Vengeful Angel

Daten-shi ~ Fallen Angel

Pyuaenjeru~ Pure Angel

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