ASL on the Moby Dick

Flashback to Strawberries

“Ne, Acey?”

“Stop calling me that!” Ace growled, his face a bright red.

“You look like a strawberry.” Sabo commented from where he was reading.

“Why does Acey hate his papa?” an eight years old Luffy asked. This caused Ace to glare at the kid and Sabo to drop his book.

“Because he’s a demon! If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be so hated!” Ace exclaimed.

“But… you never met your father. I’ve never met mine either, but I don’t hate him. People would kill me if they found out he was my father, but I don’t hate him. Sure, I don’t like him either. But I don’t hate him.

Ace doesn’t know a thing about his dad… but he still hates him. That’s not fair. I’m not saying you should love him, or anything. I’m just saying that maybe Ace needs to learn a bit about him.

If your dad was such a bad man, then why did your mother love him? Why did jiji do him this last favor?

He was a pirate, The Pirate King. Of course a lot of people hate him. There are a lot of bad rumors about him. Shanks has a lot of bad rumors about him too, but he’s a good guy. Dadan has a lot of bad rumors too, but she’s good guy.

Maybe Ace-nii needs to learn a bit about his daddy! You could ask jiji. And maybe he could tell you about people who knew Roger too!” Ace and Sabo gaped at their little brother. Finally Ace sighed.

“Whatever.” And with that he focused his attention on the drawing in front of him. Luffy pouted, thinking Ace didn’t understand.

But little did he know, Ace was for once actually looking forward to Garp’s visit.

“Crazy old geezer…” Ace mumbled. Garp had chased them through the forest when they were trying to escape his ’Fist of Love’. And eventually the three got separated.

“Can’t believe I was actually looking forward to seeing him…”

“Aww! Did you miss your grandfather that much?” Garp’s voice came from behind him. Ace paled. He turned around and glared at him.

“N-no!” He denied. Garp laughed.

“You just said-”

“I said nothing! You must be hearing things!” Garp continued laughing.

“Whatever you say.” He said. Ace frowned and looked at the ground.

He wanted to ask him.

He wanted to know.


He could do this!

Now or never!



Come on!

“UGH! This is too hard!” He shouted.

“What’s too hard?”

“Trying to think of a way to ask you about father!” Ace shouted.

“You wanna know about Roger?” Ace blinked. Once. Twice. Thrice.

“How’d you know?”

“You just said, and I quote, ’Trying to think of a way to ask you about father!’ I’m not that stupid.” Garp replied with a shrug.

“Oh… Cou-could you… maybe… ya know…”

“Bwahahahaha! Why not? Though, why the sudden change of heart?”

“Luffy said it was unfair to judge R-... father without knowing anything about him…”

“Ah… Luffy said that, now did he? Well, Roger was a great man. Or as great a man pirate scum can be. Which is why you are becoming a marine.”


“Right. Right. Sorry. …Wait... did you just call me-”

“You’re hearing things!”

Ace spent the rest of the evening sitting in Garp’s lap, listening to stories about Roger. Not noticing two grinning faces in the bushes.

“If you want to know more you could ask some of his old crew members.”

“Really? Like who?”

“Silvers Rayleigh. Or even that Shanks brat.”

“EH? SHANKS WAS IN UNCLE’S CREW?” Luffy’s voice came.

“Finally deciding to show yourselves?”

“Luffy! Sabo! How long have you two been here? Wait! You knew!?” Ace glared accusingly at Garp.

“Bwahaha! Of course I knew! … And Monkey D. Luffy… what the hell did you just call Roger?”

”Ace is my big brother. Roger is his dad. Therefor Roger is my uncle.”

“Doesn’t that make him your father?”

“Who knows if he wants me to call him father. So I’ll stick to uncle.”

“Huh.” Garp said, giving up on understanding Luffy.

“Do you still hate him?” Sabo asked Ace.

“No… yes… maybe? I don’t know… It used to be simple, ya know? He was a demon… but now? I’m not so sure… I guess I don’t hate him anymore. I dislike him but not hate. That’s… okay… right?”

“Of course.” Sabo said with a small smile. Then he leaned down and kissed Ace on the cheek.

Ace turned red.

“W-what the hell you d-do that f-for?”

“Felt like it.”

The rest of the evening was spent with Ace blushing, Sabo teasing, and Luffy and Garp laughing.

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