ASL on the Moby Dick

Jealousy VS Not So Much Cluelessness

It had been two days since Luffy had arrived, and to say things weren’t interesting would be a lie.

First of all… there’s the whole being Ace’s brother thing.

Then the being Ace’s lover thing.

Then the dream of being the pirate king.

And then the always happy attitude of his.

He seemed to trust the Whitebeards… more than Ace at least. And because of him Ace had also started talking to them and put his assassination attempts on a hold in favor of being with Luffy.

Now if only they could convince Ace to join them.

But even for all this… Haruta couldn’t help but feel something was off about the boy. Maybe she just hated the fact that they had tried so freaking hard to get Ace to smile at them, but this weak looking brat, who claims to be so incredibly strong, just has to look at him, to get Ace to smile. It wasn’t fair.

And so, Haruta decided, that maybe she should show Ace that the brat wasn’t perfect or anything like that. And what better way than to have a sparring match?

“Oi, Luffy?” The brat turned around to face her.

“Yes, err… Haru-chan?” he asked, with a confused look on his face and a tilt to his head. Which Haruta had to admit was adorable. But she wouldn’t let it get to her. Time to prove that this brat was… well.. A spoiled brat!

“Let’s have a sparring match.” Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Haruta confusedly.

“A sparring match? Sure, sounds fun!” It took everything in Haruta to not kill the kid. Sparring was a serious business, not a game!

“Luffy…” Ace started.

“Shishishi! I won’t use any of those, I promise.” Then as a afterthought he added, “Hold my sword. I’m only fighting her with my gears and devil fruit.”

“You have a devil fruit?” Haruta asked.

Yup! I ate the Gomu-Gomu no mi. I’m a rubber man.” He proved his words by stretching his cheek far more than any normal human could.

“Tch. What a useless power.” Haruta said, ignoring the glare that came from Ace, and the slightly disapproving looks from her family. She knew she was being mean, but right now she didn’t care.

Expecting the brat to get angry or sad at that, she was quite startled when he in turn just laughed.

“Every Devil Fruit is useless unless you have enough imagination to find different ways to use them.”

“Wise words, brat.” Whitebeard said.

“Arigato!” Haruta glared at him.

“How could rubber possibly be strong?” Luffy raised a brow. He bit his thumb. Haruta was the one to raise her brow this time.

“Gear Third!” he said as he blew into his thumb. Haruta was sure the kid was completely mental, before she saw his arm turn into that of a giant’s.

“With this my arm is not only the size, but has the power to turn into that of a giant. I can turn any part of my body huge. I mostly use it for-”

“Don’t say it!” Thach exclaimed, his face red.

“-making my arm huge. Though I also use it-”


“-to make my foot big. Ah, but since you’re so damn curious, Thatchy, I can use it to make that bigger too.” Luffy said with a smirk. Very, very, very different from his usual innocent looks.

He let his arm turn to it’s normal size.

“Shishishi! Ready?” the kid asked. Haruta nodded before swinging her sword at him. He dodged with ease.

“Gomu Gomu no Pistol!” He yelled as his arm flew forward. Haruta dodged, and aimed her next attack at his stomach.

They went on like that for a bit.

“You’re pretty strong.” the kid said crouching and placing a fist on the floor. His other hand was on one of his knees.

“Gear second.” Haruta watched in astonishment as his skin turned pink and steam came out of him.

“Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol!” His punch came fast and Haruta wasn’t able to dodge it.

Standing back up, she swung her sword and managed a cut on his cheek.

“You aren’t that bad. But why aren’t you using your Fishman Karate and Six Powers?”

“I said I’d only use my Devil Fruit and Gears.” Haruta scowled.

“Are you underestimating me?”

“I wasn’t. But you aren’t as strong as I thought.” He sounded disappointed. Haruta glared at him.

“Excuse me?” she snarled.

“You keep on fidgeting. Meaning you hate standing still. Yet you try to use physical strength. It’s obvious that if you used your speed you’ld be amazing yet you don’t. So you’re weak.” Luffy said with a shrug.

“Time for lunch!” Thatch’s voice came, he had left for the kitchen a few minutes into the fight.

“Let’s continue this after lunch!” Luffy grabbed his sword and Ace’s hand and ran towards the Mess Hall. Leaving Haruta and anyone (Other than Whitebeard) who listened dumbfounded.

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