ASL on the Moby Dick

Enter Sabo: Angry and Ready to Kill Ace

Sabo sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time.

Why was he doing this again?

Oh right, because he was in love with that jerk. Frowning, he turned his small ship towards where he could make the outline of the Moby Dick.

He thought back to what his grandfather had absently told him about Whitebeard all those years ago.

’The man loves sake. Easiest way to get him to listen to you. Give him sake. Of course since you are becoming a marine you won’t really need that information, now would you?’

The ship was way closer now, and he had no doubt in his mind that they had already spotted him. He hoped they wouldn’t attack. After all, his small ship wouldn’t be able to hold on with that much damage. And dying sounded quite annoying at the moment.

“Permission to come aboard, Whitebeard-san?” He held the bottle of sake closer, praying this would work.

“Permission granted, brat.” The voice boomed, sounding amused. Sabo scowled, though he quickly put on a polite smile as he climbed the ladder thrown down for him. Jumping on the large deck he noticed everybody staring at him. Careful to not let his smile slip, he let go a bit of his hold of his presence. His smile turned true when he felt a presence get stronger in response.

He walked to Whitebeard’s chair, and by the raised brow he could tell that he had noticed the exchange. As did all the commanders. Ah well. Not like he was trying to hide it.

“What do you want, brat?” Whitebeard asked. Sabo opened his mouth, but before he could let out even a sound, he felt strong arms wrap themselves around him from behind. He leaned into the touch and couldn’t stop the giant smile forming on his face.

“Sabo.” Ace mumbled from where his head was buried into the crook of Sabo’s neck.

“Ace.” Sabo replied. They stayed that way for a while, ignoring the dropped jaws and stares. Sabo had to admit: he had missed this. Even though it had been only a few weeks since he was with Ace last. He really did miss him. And Luffy.

Letting out a sigh, Sabo slammed his foot onto Ace’s.

“Ouch!” Ace exclaimed, letting go of Sabo. Sabo turned to face him before Ace could even think to ask why he had gotten hit.

“You seem mad. Why are you mad? Are you mad?” Ace asked, face pale. Sabo threw the bottle of sake behind him and towards Whitebeard, knowing he’d be able to catch it, and stomped towards Ace.

“I specifically tell you to not do something stupid. One week! One week later, I get news that you, you stupid, stupid, stupid, idiot, went and challenged the world’s strongest man. Damn right I’m pissed.”

He pulled out his pipe and, after coating it with Haki, slammed it on Ace’s head. Ace scowled.

“Oi! Using Haki’s unfair!” he cried, nursing the bump on his head.

“Don’t talk back to me while I’m lecturing you!” Another smack.


“...Sabo…?” Luffy’s sleepy voice came. Wait… Luffy? He turned towards where the voice had come from. There stood Luffy wearing Ace’s obviously too big clothes.

He had to admit the boy looked adorable. You’d have to have either no eyes or no opinions to not think that.


Now fully awake, Luffy jumped towards Sabo and pulled him into a hug.

“I missed you!”

“I missed you, too. Why are you here?”

“Ah, I wanted to improve my fishman karate, and jiji didn’t want to take me to see you, so he decided that I should go meet a Warlock named Jinny.” Why did he have such stupid brothers?

“I see. It’s Warlord and Jinbe, Luffy. Ah, but as long as you’re okay…” Sabo smiled down at Luffy.

“That is so unfair! I do something stupid, you hit me with a pipe. Luffy does something stupid and you smile at him?” Ace exclaimed. Remembering why he was here, Sabo turned towards the freckled idiot.

“Luffy’s cuter.” Ace frowned and got ready to attack as Sabo did the same.

With a cry of, ‘Dragon’s Claw’ and ’Firefist’ they lunged at each other. Sabo heard Luffy laugh as they continued their battle.

Around them the pirates stood in a mixture of confusion and amusement.

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