ASL on the Moby Dick

Enter Sabo: WB pirate's view of the... love?

“Commander Marco!” came a shout. Marco turned to face his brother.

“Yes, yoi?”

“We spotted a small ship heading towards us!” the crewmember replied.

“Is it getting ready to attack?”

“No. It’s a really small ship. One that could just barely handle Grand Line weather.”

“Leave it be, but be prepared to defend yourself. Just in case.” The marines had tried stupider things than attacking from a seemingly harmless boat.

“What’s going on, Marco?” Whitebeard’s voice came. Marco turned towards his father.

“A small ship was spotted heading towards us. It didn’t seem harmful, but I told them they should be prepared to defend themselves. The marines have done stupider things, yoi.” Whitebeard nodded his head in approval.

A little bit later the ship had stopped right next to there’s.

“Permission to come aboard, Whitebeard-san?” a young voice came. Marco raised a brow at the polite tone. Everyone had stopped doing what they were after hearing the voice. Tch, lazy idiots. Always looking for a way to get out of chores.

Judging by the amusement lighting up in Whitebeard’s eyes, he agreed on Marco about how weird it was for someone to greet pirates in a polite tone. Unless they themselves were a pirate and an ally.

“Permission granted, brat.” A ladder was thrown down for the visitor. And soon a kid, teenagers were still kids, around Ace’s age appeared. He had blond, wavy hair, but his eyes were hidden beneath a top hat with goggles on it. He was wearing tight pants and boots. He had a belt where a sword rested. He also wore a blue dress shirt, with a cravat and a long black jacket with a buckle on the sleeve. Attached to his jacket was a pipe. Interesting weapon choice….

The brat was holding a giant bottle of sake. Looked like he knew the easiest way to get Pops to listen. Huh.

As soon as he reached the deck, he let his presence go a bit. Marco’s eyes widened at that. Not many people could hide and release their presence at will. He noticed all the commanders stiffen. He also noticed another presence get stronger. Ace’s.

“What do you want, brat?” Whitebeard asked. Marco heard doors being slammed open and pounding footsteps.

The blonde opened his mouth to say something. But he never got the chance to speak it.

Jaws dropped simultaneously as Ace went up behind the blonde and wrapped his arms around him and buried his face at the crook of his neck.

“Sabo.” he mumbled. The blonde smiled, a true smile, and leaned into the embrace. A look of pure happiness and love on his face.


They stayed that way for a bit, enjoying each other’s presence. It was an adorable scene, really.

Though it came to a screeching halt as the blond, Sabo, lifted his foot and slammed it onto Ace’s.

“Ouch!” Ace’s cry was left unheard as Sabo turned to face him, a deathly glare present on his face.

The Whitebeard’s got ready to attack.

Nobody hurt their soon-to-be-brother!

“You seem mad. Why are you mad? Are you mad?” Ace asked, face pale.

Marco watched as Sabo threw the bottle of sake towards Pops without even glancing at him.

“I specifically tell you to not do something stupid. One week! One week later, I get news that you, you stupid, stupid, stupid, idiot, went and challenged the world’s strongest man. Damn right I’m pissed.” The Whitebeards exchanged glances at that.

Now that Marco thought of it, Luffy did say that their third was called Sabo.

This ought to be interesting.

The brat coated his pipe with Haki and slammed it onto Ace’s head.

“Ow! Using Haki’s unfair!”

“Don’t talk back to me while I’m lecturing you!”

Another interesting one.

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