Pokemon Gijinka: Aggro


The world tournament has been Earths sweetheart since the forties. Those compete aware that they lay their lives for a chance to be immortalized. Such a spectacle for the right people to abuse.

Mystery / Fantasy
Tahj Evans
Age Rating:

Test subjects

The crowd was screaming with glee and anticipation. The lights of the stadium stretched out so far, one could see them from space. As the two seemingly exhausted fighters walked off the arena, two more from opposite ends walked on. As they approached their positions in the arena, the announcer spoke up. Her voice echoed throughout the entire stadium.

“Wow! That was quite the exciting match, wasn’t it foalks?!” She asked the crowd. She spoke as if it was a rhetorical question. And at the moment it was. However, despite her joking tone, the crowd roared at the top of their lungs. The announcer woman couldn’t help herself from smiling at the expected response.

“Now that is what I’m talking about! At last, from the Mt. Garibaldi stadium, we make history!” The announcer woman threw her fist up into the sky, which in return got a much wanted, and audible for the entire mountain to hear, cheer from the crowd. The announcer woman laughed heartily there drew her attention back to the arena below. Facing each other from several feet apart, were two broad looking men. The man on the right looked to be the eldest of the two. He was wearing a bronze armor that covered most of his body. His head was covered in a medieval healmet, which revealed nothing but his glowing red eyes. In his right hand, he held a dual sided axe with a red and gold glaze. Under all of the spotlights, he seemed to shine with brilliance and power. On the opposite end, the much younger looking man was wearing armor that seemed to be woven from dragon skin from his feet to mid torso. His arms seemed to have wing like structures that were currently folded up due to the fact that he had his arms crossed. His very skin seemed to have a scaly like tone to it as well. The two competitors were currently locked on with each other. Not even for a split second did they take a chance to acknowledge the crowd. Of course, in their minds, the crowd did not exist.

“Oooo,the anticipation is so strong I feel like I’m about to burst.” Regardless of her joking tone, that statement should have been taken quite seriously, due to the fact that her entire body was tense and emitting small sparks of electricity. After successfully calming herself down, the announcer woman held up both of her arms in a cross position. Upon seeing this, the crowd slowly went silent and waited. “This is it ladies and gentleman. This is the day that we shall witness history. One of these men, and said man’s team, will walk away not only champions of this mountain, but champions of the gijinka world. Alright! We’ve waited long enough. Competitors! At the ready...!” The two men slowly positioned themselves into their battle stance.

“I feel as though I have been blessed to have lived this long and come so far. However, young Garchomp, I have not come this far to be bested.” The man in the armor spoke with a stern yet calm tone to his voice. His opponent on the other end of the arena, couldn’t help but smile at that remark.

“I could say the same to you old man. Don’t think I’m gonna go easy on your brittle bones.” Even though he was trying his best not to show it, the young man was practically twitching with anticipation. ′I couldn’t have been set up more perfectly,′ he thought. ′ A Haxorus at his level? I can’t even remember how long I’ve been waiting to show all of my power.′

“Alright crowd! Tonight. Is. The. Night! So I’m gonna need all of your help.” The crowd practically jumped from their seats in an uproar. “Alright. At the ready! 10...9...” the crowd then joined in. “8...! 7...! 6...! 5...!” People from all across the planet were counting down.



“2...” In an instant, the announcer woman swong both of her arms down.



The entire fight was broadcasting world wide. Some people who were to eager to watch it decided it would be a good idea to stop by a local mall and catch the scene on, one of many tv’s. The cheers of the fans echoed throughout the food court as they watched and ate at the same time.

“Holy crap! Look at that. Look at that dual ch--” half of the crowd gathered gasped as a dual chop connected. Hard.

“Sweet arceus, that looked like it hurt.” Another fan spoke what everyone was practically thinking. Some of the fans got a little out of control and we’re, rather violently, removed by mall security. Turns out, even the security were too entwined with the match that they ignored their jobs.

“Oh my...! Dude! Oh, they’re way too strong!”

“They’re fast too. I don’t think the camera guy can keep up.”

Across the food court, there was a movie theater section. Ironically, some big names premiered that night along with the match, so the people coming out where in very small numbers. Some people where talking about the movie, while others began rushing to the parking lot to get to their cars. One woman in particular looked as though she was more interested about the movie above all the other commotion. She was talking on her smart phone to a friend.

“So wait, why didn’t the guy just destroy any of the capitals?”

"You got me. I’m not a nerd like you. I just saw it cause of this guy I was with.” The feminine voice on the other end joked.

“Y’know, ever since you joined that ‘geek’ group. You’ve been coming home with guys whose vocabulary far, and I mean far surpasses yours.”

"Yeah, I know. But they’re hot.”

“I could get them if I wanted to ya know. And I have pictures to prove it.”

"Hey! You said you wouldn’t get in my way! We had a deal.”

“Oh, my sweat arceus, Jay, I’m playing.” The woman laughed, though she wasn’t joking about her body. She wore a somewhat torn pair of skinny jeans and a top that showed her belly button and cleavage. Something about her outfit that was actually somewhat strange, was a pair of green tinted 70′s glasses. She continued to walk out to the parking lot and eventually stopped next to her car.

“Alright, Jay, I gotta let you go. I’m about to drive.”

"Jeez, you’re a total buzz kill when you talk all safe and junk.”

"Hey, I took a pledge. And I don’t feel like going back on it. Anyways, it’s cold and I wanna get in my car, okay?”

"Fine, I’ll see ya when ya get back, Danaya.”

"Alright, bye.” When she got the final response, Danaya put her smart phone in her back pocket. She unlocked her car door and quickly climbed in. She felt the warmth of the heater to be a relief from the midnight chill.

“Man, I just cannot believe the fight is still going on.” A male voice from next to Danaya’s car said. “If we hurry up, we might be able to see it at the hotel.”

“I still can’t believe it.” Another male voice said as he climbed into the car. “After all these years, THE strongest team will be crowned tonight!”

“Dude, you might just give that announcer lady a run for her money.”

“I know, right.” They then, rather quickly, drove off into the distance. Even though the entire conversation was held in closed windows, Danaya heard it as though they were right next to her. She didn’t like the though of who was the strongest. A topic like that would have always been in the back of her mind, but this time was different. She had never seen so many people in a turnout like that before. And that was just in one place. Putting a hand to her chin, she began to think.

"Who is the strongest, huh.” She quietly chucked to herself. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested.


Danaya quietly opens the door to the apartment and closes it back. She tiptoed her way to the bedroom and opened the door. Unsurprisingly, her roommate was being spooned by a rather buff guy. She could tell by the way the room looked that it was quite a night. All she could do was shake her head.

“Shocker.” She whispered and quietly closed the door.


“Run!! You have to run away!!” A woman screamed in Japanese to a group of teens. Some shoved by down the street while others couldn’t find the will to move their legs. The sound of gunshots soon drowned out the sound of screams as bullets wized by. The woman shook as she was pelted and fell into a pool of her own blood. Men and women dressed in full dark brown and black army uniforms. Black tinted visor’s covered their faces, leaving their mouths exposed.

As soon as they saw the woman hit the floor, they stopped firing and marched in unison towards the teenagers.

That was enough to kick start the feeling back into the legs of those who were frozen. A chubby young man and a thin girl with curved grey devil horns. They ran, feeling their heartbeat in their chest, not daring to turn around for any reason.

“Ahh!” The boy screamed as he triped and fell on his face. Thankfully, he was just loud enough for the girl to hear him and stopped. They both looked at each other, the boys eyes pleading and face dripping with blood. The girl unconsciously ran back to help him, then stopped. When she got close she saw that the reason the boy tripped was because there were vines wrapping tightly around his leg. She then looked up to see that the troop of soldiers stopped and stood like statues. The boy looked back and forth from them and the girl.

“Help!” He cried, digging his fingers into the dirt trying to claw himself up.

The girl froze again, staring at the troopers. The only sound was the boy crying in pain from the vines. She took a step back and the troopers marched again. The girl spun around and sprinted down the dirt road again, tears flowing down her face. Once she thought she got far enough she cut to the right into the bushes. Thorns cut up her legs and face, but adrenaline didn’t let her feel it. She shoulder checked a tree and fell to her side. She sat up, hot steam flowing from her mouth slowly becoming flames. She crawled up to the tree and pressed her back to it, her chest puffing in and out. The sound of a twig being stepped on was enough to get her to force herself to stop breathing. Then she heard the sound of footsteps on leaves. At first she thought it was one, then it sounded like many. She felt surrounded, the sound of footsteps coming from all directions. She let out a small cry as she accidentally lights the grass on fire, quickly spreading around her, flames licked the roots of the tree and slowly climbed up. The girl was unaffected, taking this opportunity to pull her head to her knees, thinking a forest fire was enough to drive the soldiers away.

Now why would you think that?

The girls eyes flew open and she covered her ears, a raging headache following the feminine voice. It was strange, she was speaking in a language foreign to the girl, but she understood every word.

They weren’t going to hurt you, or your friends. They just want to take you somewhere safe.′

The girl didn’t believe it for a moment. Those soldiers killed her teachers. She didn’t know why they weren’t killing the kids, but she didn’t care. The growing fire wrapped around her like a thick blanket. It made her feel safe, even through her migraine.

You’re scared. That’s understandable. They’re always scared. But, think about this. Why are you scared? ′

Why was she scared? What kind of loaded question was that?! Just who was this person anyways?!

In a fit, the girl stood to her feet, face to face with a soldier holding some sort of rifle. But there was no trace of fear on her expression. Only ire. She puffed out her chest and took a deep inhale, the flames around her shooting into her nose. And with a roar she blew a torrent of smoky flames at the unmoving soldier. Then, her fear returned when the soldier didn’t even flinch. The fire having no effect on the flame retardant uniform, but the exposed face was quickly burning. It was about a minute of stillness before the body fell limp to the floor.

The girl looked up from the burning corpse to look around. The flames had spread around, coating the area in a soothing blanket of fire. Near where she stood, the flames parted as some sort of path, followed by the sound of clapping.

A figure wearing a similar outfit to the soldiers in terms of color palette, but was more of a formal victorian dress, fair pale skin and light strawberry blonde hair. Once she was near the girl, the flames died around them until they stood in a patch of light embers and ash. The woman folded her hands to her front and sighed.

“That didn’t look like fear to me.” She commended to the still shaking girl. “Sorry about your fire, this is private property and a forest fire this close to the city would be problematic.”

This woman, her voice sounded familiar, but she didn’t understand her. Was she the one in her head? Before she even had a chance to respond, the silenced sound of a aircrafts engine. She looked up to see a flying carrier ship barely visible in the night sky. How it barely made any noise was beyond her imagination.

“Name?” The woman suddenly blurted in Japanese. Now the girls suspicions were right, this WAS the woman in her head. She looked around to see the rest of the soldiers had finally caught up, their guns slung over their shoulders. The girl apprehensively looked around before meeting the woman’s gaze again.

“...Ai..” She breathed.

The woman almost shook her head in shock. “Ai? Well, that is quite a different name for a dark type.”

“Why do you care what my name is?” Ai quivered under her breath, looking away again. “Why don’t you just kill me?”

The woman let out a sigh and took three steps to the girl and bent forward, their faces almost touching. “I’m not going to kill you..” She moves her hand across the girls face, taking the hair out of her eyes. “I’m going to let you help us.” She said calmly, almost like a mother to her child. Then, her eyes turned pitch black and her straight face curved into a haunting smile. Ai wanted to take this opportunity to run, but she couldn’t. Her body was frozen in place. Her migraine returned, this time worse than the last. Blood trickled down her nose as she felt as if claws were steadily raking her brain. Her eyes grew dull and her body became lax. The woman’s eyes returned to their normal teal as a soldier caught Ai before she fell.

“I suspect the other children are accounted for.” She asked the soldier. He said nothing and stood like a statue. She knew that was the response she’d get, but little conversation never killed anyone. She peered into his mind and saw the events that transpired; A total of twenty teens and preteens were apprehended and now sitting in custody in the air carrier. She orders the soldier to bring the girl aboard the ship and watches as he picks her up and floats into the air and toward the ship.

“Hm?” She reaches up to her ear and taps a ringing earpiece. “Yes?”

Island, are you finished yet?′ Shouted a male voice from the other end, but Island was unmoved.

“An hour before midnight. That’s what I said, and that’s what I’ve accomplished. The clean up squad is now arriving. Is there a situation?” She sighed, wanting to check out from a successful night.

Just something I thought you’d want to see. Better get here quickly if you don’t want to miss it. ′ And with that, the voice cuts out.

“Honestly, now...” Island ponders as she looks about the area again. Some soldiers have been at work replenishing the burned area to what it once was, as if nothing happened. She actually found it impressive granted how quickly the grass began to grow back and chard trees grew back their bark. In a flash of light and slight gust, she vanished.


The area was silent, fans of the hundred thousands of all shapes and sizes, joined together in a collective, breathless gasp.

Not having the strength to stand, the young bloodied Garchomp could only sit and watch as his, now one armed opponent clutched his chest. His armor was torn, his face drenched in his own as well as his opponents blood. What he curses now was it wasn’t the fight that would be the end of him, it was his age.

The champion was having a heart attack.

The paramedics sprinted as fast as they could. Unfortunately, by the time help was literally within arms reach, the old man fell to the floor, unmoving . The medics flipped the man over and tore off his undershirt and began the reviving process.

The silence was only broken by the cries of children. It was loud enough that the teammates of each combatant sitting in their respective benches reeled to it.

After a few tense seconds, one of the medics stand up and walks to the referee. Asking him to take off his mic before talking. After a brief talk, the two shook hands and the med walked away. The ref jogged his way to the commentators booth and grabbed a microphone. He walked to the center of the arena and looked about the gijinka tournament universe(crowd).

He wipes his face and clears his throat. “It is...with a heavy heart that I say...” He pauses again. “Ezekiel Von Bauer is no longer with us.” He forced out, managing to keep eye contact with the crowd through the screaming and cries. This was never easy, but it was his job.

The Garchomp’s teammates rushed over to help him up. He stood, limped his way to the referee and stood with him.

“How many times has this happened?” He asked, not truly wanting an answer.

The ref looked to the side of Ezekiel’s team. All had worn similar armor and four had ran to his body. One, a woman, stayed on the bench. Her head pointed down and trying desperately to hold back tears.

The ref shook his head. “More than I’d like.” He calls the announcer woman down to the arena.

She calmly walked up to the two, holding some sort of folded shirt. She unfolded it, revealing to be a golden jacked with a stylized G on the back and “champion” on the bottom. Ruby’s decorated the shoulders as well as a red trim on the edges. The world championship vest.

“It’s yours. But you can’t have it yet.” She looked to the body and then the crowd. “We have to honor him. It’s tradition.”

The announcer woman walked over to Ezekiel’s body, folded the jacket back up and gently placed it on his chest, folding his arms over. She backs away and requests everyone near to link by holding each others forearms.

The ref, standing on the end of the link, used his freehand to talk in the microphone. The crowd soon stood and did the same, their heads tilted up to the night sky.

“We, the champions of this earth, are gathered to witness the ascension of our brother. May you, great Arceus, guide him to his rightful place with his fellow dragons. And we ask you, Ezekiel, to look down upon us and grant your heir’s and heiresses.”

The Garchomp and his teammates all broke from the link and surrounded Ezekiel. They all rose their hands as balls of energy, all in different colors appeared above their palms.

The ref’s tone then deepened. “Look upon their power, your legacy!”

All at once, they shot their respective balls of energy in the sky like rockets.

“In your name--”

The balls collided with each other and exploded in a flurry of colors and sound.

Everyone joined in to finish the pledge-


From an outside perspective, it almost seemed like divine interference. One moment everyone was in mourning. But, once the pledge was finished and the light was lit up by multiple explosions, causing an array of lights to spread over the mountainside, all their spirits were lifted. Perhaps it was the reminder that, even though his time had come, he died as he should have; A fighter. Burning his name into the hearts of fans worldwide.

As it should be.

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