Step Into The Light

Chapter 10

The last thing I saw were his pupils dilating before I bent my head down to capture his lips. Soft, tender, pliant lips that trembled slightly as they felt the pressure against them. My mouth immediately prying his apart, almost desperate to taste him. The instant my tongue touched his, I felt an unnatural shiver running down my spine. My body reacting to this one simple contact like I have been parched my whole life, and drinking his essence is the only way I can possibly survive. A million tiny bubbles forming under my skin and all of them bursting simultaneously covering my body in a delicious tingle as I felt his own tongue tentatively enter my mouth. Nervously trying to explore secrets I was desperate to share with him.

My fingers finding that they had a mind of their own as they dug even deeper into his locks, pulling him even closer, not close enough, kept increasing the pressure until I could feel his teeth smashing against my lips, grating them, biting them like he was just as hungry as I was. Starving. Ravenous. His hands moving to my shoulders, clutching at my t-shirt as if he was hanging on for his dear life, while we battled with our mouths, our lips, tongues, teeth. Silent moans being erupted into the still night.

And just as I was about to snap all threads of resistance, about to reach a point where return would be impossible, about to throw all my promises, all my cautions, all the fortitude in the wind and take him there and then on the sands of that beach, I felt him pry his mouth away from me and take two hurried steps backward.

My chest heaving as I tried to gulp in oxygen, my lungs burning with every breath, his taste still making every last cell of my mouth tingle with pleasure, a hot flush washing over my entire body as I stared into those eyes. Staring back at me those tawny pools showing an endless stream of emotions, none of which I could identify. My own consciousness incapable to comprehend his thoughts while mine was still a whirlpool of raw feelings.

The kiss, one simple kiss, one taste of his lips and somehow I knew turning back was not an option anymore. Words that I have told myself over and over again. Arguments I made against myself. I wanted Kong. And there was no getting over that anymore. Maybe I didn't want to get over that anymore, and even I know that's not the best idea.

"How was it?"

His voice suddenly snatched me out of my haze of passion I saw him raise his hand as he wiped at his mouth with the sleeve of his right arm.

How was he sounding so normal when my entire being was an erupting volcano of emotions?


"The kiss. Did I do ok? Was it too wet? Maybe too much tongue."


"I will get better with practice I hope."

And then he simply turned around and began walking away from me along the beach again. Just like that.


What the fuck!

How the hell was he behaving like we hadn't just sucked the souls out of each other? Especially, when this was supposedly his very first kiss, when I, who actually did have years of experience of all sorts, was left practically shaken to my very core.

Did that kiss really not affect Kong at all?

How is that even possible?


Just keep walking.

Don't look right, don't look left. And definitely don't look back. Keep your stupid face straight and simply keep walking.

I could practically feel Arthit's eyes boring holes in the back of my neck as I shakily walked away from him. What the fuck was I even thinking when I reached forward and placed a kiss on his lips? Obviously the answer being I wasn't.

I was just...I don't really know what. Overwhelmed I guess. Arthit was being so nice to me. Again. Always so soft and patient. Always listening to whatever rubbish I was spouting. Not once making me feel like a silly little nobody I truly was while invading the personal space of a goddamn megastar. For a second when he invited me to go to Japan with him I almost forgot who he was, forgot the insane distance between our lives.

Hence my dumb brain spazzed completely out of control and decided like an utter idiot that sure, let's just kiss him, cause at that moment I felt like I wanted to. Like I actually had a right to.

Not two seconds later Arthit thoroughly schooling me what a kiss truly meant. Shattering all my pre-conceived notions of what it should have felt like. Igniting every last inch of my body with a fiery passion that I am not even sure I completely understand just yet. His touch, his taste, his feel seeping right through to my bones, when it suddenly hit me that I was staring right in the face of a ginormous problem.

If I wasn't careful I was going to tumble head first for Arthit.

And that would really, really suck.

I mean how incredibly stupid would it be if I ended up falling for Arthit. Firstly, where would that even leave me. It's not like I ever had a shot with anyone like Arthit. I wasn't even in the same league as him. I mean who would even take a second look at me when they get late night visits from the perfection named Maya. I was obviously not blind to the way they were intimately wrapped around each other that night.

And then there was the question of this entire facade.

Now, as much of a blithering idiot I come across as to these high and mighty celebrities, even I wasn't that naive. Arthit had the most spotless history when it came to this two faced industry. Not one tabloid had even hinted at besmirching his character in the decade he has been a model turned actor. So when Bright says 'they have their reasons' for a fake relationship with an absolute nobody, even I can take atleast a couple guesses as you what salacious affairs Arthit must be desperately trying to hide. And perhaps even predict as to how all of this is going to end. For me.

So then why was I actually playing along with their games? Well, partly cause I was atleast a little bit of an idiot, and partly cause...I have some reasons of my own.

But more importantly, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that getting affected by Arthit was only going to lead into trouble. Even thinking about getting affected by Arthit was nothing but bad news.

Gulping deep cleansing breaths, I tried desperately to lower the intense blush that was flashing across my face as I felt Arthit catch up to me soon, and no matter how much I wiped and patted down my palms I could feel the nervous sweat trickle down my fingers even as Arthit slipped his hand into mine once again. Our walk back awkwardly silent where every passing second my throbbing lips kept reminding me just how experienced Arthit really was. Both on and off screen.

Falling for Arthit would be really, really stupid Kong. Don't do it.

Satisfied my little pep had done its job and my heart was protected from its own folly, at least for the time being, I tried to smile once again as we made our way towards Bright, who was simultaneously elated that I hadn't gone and done anything stupid this time around while also berating us constantly for having a wild makeout session that would be flashed across every tabloid tomorrow morning. And the more he kept mentioning our kiss the deeper my blush was stamped all over my body. Having to keep my face firmly turned, staring solely outside the window on the drive home as I tried my hardest to focus on everything but Bright's on going commentary about taming down our following make out sessions.

Not even sticking around for dinner as soon as we arrived back to his apartment, I made a beeline straight towards my temporary bedroom claiming need to catch up on homework and projects, the last thing I heard Bright say right before I shut the door clearly put our situation in perspective once and for all.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention earlier, but Maya called your phone when you were out pulling that stunt. Why didn't you tell me you were planning on going back to her place for dinner after your promo shoot tomorrow? I need to know your whereabouts 24x7 man."

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