Step Into The Light

Chapter 11

"So? You will look out for him?"

I watched as Maya casually leaned against the wall, expertly circling the drink in her glass, the soft clink of the ice cubes hitting the edges the only sounds piercing the silence in the large room. My expressions remaining steadfastly unchanged even as I saw the corner of her lips curve in a smirk.

"Tell me again, why did you pick this innocent little boy to play these tabloid games when you know he will be eaten alive by those sharks? Or...did you pick him because he is this innocent?"

Years of practice have trained me to continue staring at her keeping my mask firmly in place even as she read me like an open book. Laughing cruelly right at my face as she slowly took purposeful steps towards me.

"Will you or will you not?"

"You want to bring your precious little pet to the launch party tomorrow? Right into the lion's den."


Languidly moving closer and closer.

"And you want me to look out for your fake boyfriend?"

"My boyfriend, yes."

Looming over me, she casually ran one hand down my arm.

"Do you think you can really protect Kong from those sharks out there?"

"I can...If you help me."

She snorted her disbelief as she draped herself over the arm of the chair I was currently occupying. Her overwhelming perfume suddenly penetrating all my senses.

"You might have the press eating out of your hand right now but sooner or later the claws will come out."


"And that's not even talking about the long list of people you have pissed off in the industry over the years. A lot of people really hate you, you know."

"Including you?"

"Of course."

Her grin stretching only wider as she placed her hand on my shoulder, leaning in close enough for her well-endowed bosom to brush against my chest, her lips flirting sensuously across the shell of my ear. Her quiet whisper breathing out the question I have been expecting her to ask me since I had stepped foot in her apartment after our promo shoot an hour ago.

"Have you slept with him yet?"

Her loaded question having more than one implication. Nothing with Maya has ever been straightforward but this one time I did need her on my side. By the time this fiasco is over, she will either prove to be my greatest ally or destroy me viciously. And anyone who knows Maya can attest that you absolutely do not want her as your enemy. Pondering only for a second how much I really wanted to reveal to her just yet when I whispered back.


"Do you want to?"


"Ah, I like an honest man."

Laughing softly in my ear she suddenly pressed her lips on my cheek before pushing herself up and sauntering towards her bar once again, filling her glass to the brim, she swung around to face me. Her drink sloshing around precariously as she gave me an eerily cheery smile.

"Ok then, I will look out for him. But not because of you, but cause I like Kong. He seems like a nice kid and I know he doesn't deserve all the crap you are going to put him through. So, yeah, him I will look out for. Don't expect me to be your white knight though. You are all on your own."

"That's all I came to ask for."

Immediately standing up from my seat, I brushed off non-existent wrinkles from my clothes, as I made my way towards the door, beyond satisfied with the way she had reacted. Almost at the exit when I heard her voice once again, rather obviously more than a little tipsy by now.

"Why don't you stay the night, Arthit. You might even convince me to help you out of a...sticky situation."

"No thanks."

Tonight I had to go back to Kong.

Shutting the door firmly behind me I hurried my steps towards my awaiting car. Both nervous and excited to go back home that for once won't be empty. Somehow no matter how much I am hesitant to accept the feeling, ever since Kong has moved in things don't feel so...empty. Like the void I have had in my life is slowly starting to fill up with his melodious laughter.

Although, to be fair currently there is very little I can really focus on other than the mind-blowing kiss from yesterday. His taste still lingering on my lips after all this time. And as nonchalantly Kong pretended to behave I knew it affected him too. It had to. Why else would he avoid even looking at me the entire drive back from the beach? The eyes that kept turning towards me for reassurance every time Bright said something too crazy had not looked in my direction since the time I could see my saliva erotically glisten on his lips. Even as I was leaving for my photoshoot for the day, I saw Kong emerge from his bedroom, almost running into me before devolving in profuse blushes and marching right back inside.

A stupid grin forming on my face, an expression I can't recall the last time I have ever made when I thought back to the red glow on his face. Rather eager to rush home to see that blush once again. My good mood infinitely heightened just by the fact that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bright has gone home for the night since he thinks I will be staying over at Maya's and he doesn't need to protect the helpless lamb from the big bad wolf anymore.

Swinging the door open, my smile instantly freezing on my lips.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

Bang in the middle of the living room, standing precariously on a ladder that was perched over another shaky chair was Kong, a bandanna wrapped around his head and face, an oversized flowery apron that surely didn't belong to me, he was vigorously wiping down the crystals hanging from the chandelier.

"Ar...Arthit? What are you doing back home?"

"Me? What the fuck are you doing trying to kill yourself? Get down from there before you fall and break your neck."

I didn't really wait for him to attempt to maneuver himself down that deathly contraption though as I rushed towards him and wrapped my arms around his thighs. Hugging him close to my body as I lowered him down to the ground.


Both of us silently turned our heads upwards to look at the atrociously large chandelier staring back at us to see how insane his words just sounded.

"Cleaning? I have an army of cleaners come in every morning."

"I know, I know, but I could have bet my life that they missed all the dust on the insides, and what do you know, I was absolutely right. There are years of grime stuck up there and since Bright told me you would be out for the night, and I didn't really know what to do all by myself so I thought I should do something in return for you letting me stay here and..."

I had long since stopped listening to his nervous ramblings as I looked at him for the first time since our passionate kiss at the beach. A kiss that I rather badly wanted to repeat. My hand reaching out on its own volition as I brushed back the lock of hair fallen over his eye that had been annoying him since the beginning of our conversation. Trailing my fingers down the side of his face only cause those greedy tips didn't want to lose contact with his skin just yet. My thumb content at brushing over his lips as I caught him off guard mid-sentence.

I wasn't even conscious I was doing it, leaning closer into him was entirely involuntary. As if his body magnetized mine towards him. The shock on his expression frozen in time as he neither stepped back nor moved forward. Simply waiting for me to claim his as mine. Our breaths intermingled, our lips almost brushing, my lids finally fluttering shut as I was about to kiss him once again when suddenly he took one shaky step back.

And then another.

"You smell really .... nice."

His soft whisper was the only thing he said before he turned around and practically ran back into his room. Leaving me behind blinking confusingly at his odd statement.

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