Step Into The Light

Chapter 12

Arthit, along with his new love, attends their first public event together.

Watch as Arthit ushers Kongpob to the launch party of his new movie.

Kongpob smiles and charms at his very first entry into the world of glitz and glamor.

More than one heart is left shaken as Kongpob dazzles all at the hottest party of the year.

The who's who of the country vying to get a little of Kongpobs attention as Arthit watches from the sideline for once.

Problems in paradise? Arthit clearly not happy with all the love showered on his boyfriend.

The fairytale love story might end before it even starts when Arthit shows his true colors at a private party for the rich and famous.

Breaking: Drunk and belligerent Arthit punches an upcoming young actor cause he dared to have a simple, harmless conversation with Kongpob.

Megastar Arthit breaks into a fight over his boyfriend.

Arthit and his anger: Is Arthit abusive towards Kongpob?


Bang. Bang. Bang.

"I. Am. Going. To. Kill. You."

"I know."


Now before the pitchforks come out for me I think we should rewind back to last night to get a glimpse into what actually happened. And trust me I promise you not all of it is my fault. Well, mostly.

"Oh wow. I didn't know humans could frown this deep. Or this is your superpower or something?"

I spared Maya only half a look before I went back to staring at Kong from across the room, and of course right back to frowning. Maya, on the other hand, flashed me a mile wide grin while she sipped the beverage from her glass as she stood beside me. Her evil smile only getting broader as she followed my eye-line.

"I think the party turned out an all-out success."

I would say the party was most definitely NOT a success, actually.

"And here you were worried everyone would be out for Kong's blood. Turns out they all love him."

"Yeah, I can see that. They seem to love him a little too much actually. And it's all your fault."

"Me? What did I do? You asked me to look out for him. Remember that? You practically came to my house begging me to make sure your boyfriend doesn't get eaten alive today. You should be on your hands and knees thanking me for making him into the star of the night."

"This is not even remotely what I meant when I said look out for him. You were supposed to hang around him when I couldn't and give your famous mean girl glare whenever someone tried to get nasty with him. Why the fuck are you practically gift wrapping him and handing him to these shallow fuckers?"

"Oh, chill out already. Stop being such a wet blanket and let the boy bask in all the attention till it lasts. He obviously is having the time of his life. Some newbie director even gave Kong his phone number for a lead role. You should have seen the kid. He was smiling like crazy."

"I know. I was watching. You think I would be this pissed if that was the only phone number he got?"

"Wait, he got more."


"Twenty freaking three? Wow! That boy is more popular than I thought possible. But hold on, how the hell do you know how many phone numbers he got? Please don't tell me you have been standing in this dinghy corner all night creepily staring at the boy."

"Of course not. I have just been keeping a...discrete eye on Kong. I mean, I can obviously not abandon him all by himself on his first...fuck! that's 24 now. This is getting out of hand ."

I must say I absolutely did not appreciate the laugh Maya burst out into at my expense. My feet all jittery with the desperate need to run to his side and finally hide him away from the hundreds of ravenous eyes staring at him. My frown getting deeper than it has ever been when all of a sudden I saw Kong look away from the latest person who was trying to gobble up all his attention, his eyes automatically roaming across the large room, searching for something until they eventually landed on me.

The dazzling smile that he has been bestowing on everyone but me all night long was finally flashed my way when he slightly raised his right hand and shook it in a small, tentative wave. Immediately dissipating the sour expression on my face as I mirrored his cute little motion right back. Our intimate little moment that we were finally getting to share from all the way across the room being rather rudely interrupted as Maya began making not-so-flattering looking gagging sounds from beside me.

"Oh God, save me. That was so sickeningly sweet I think I am going to throw up. When the hell did you end up getting so mushy? I swear your Kong is making people behave all...nice. I hate it!"

And yet she sashayed right back next to Kong, her own smile wider than it has been in years as she slipped her hand around his arm and expertly extracted him from a horde of B grade directors towards the actual big shots in the industry. If he was going to be drowning in movie and modeling roles all night I would much rather prefer he get some legit offers that don't turn out to be softcore porn the first day you show up to your shoot.

You see this thing right here? It is essentially the moment the night officially took the steepest nosedive of the century.

Now I won't deny I was already impersonating the grumpy dwarf fairly accurately watching Kong bouncing around excitedly around the room happily while people showered him with endless attention, but the sour face I make at parties is not really that out of the ordinary. And if the night had ended right this second, other than a few fawning pieces about Kong and maybe a comment here and there about me we might have even survived relatively unscathed.

"I like your new boyfriend."

My head swung around when I heard the low whisper right by my ear. A shiver running down my spine before I even had the chance to look at the dark green eyes of the man who has been haunting my days and nights for years now.

"Neil? What the fuck are you doing here?"

My own voice softer than a whisper as I hurriedly looked around to make sure no one was noticing us standing together. I am already notoriously famous for avoiding any and all unnecessary interactions at parties and if the media even got a whiff of me talking to a seeming newbie actor, God alone knows the interesting stories they are going to conjure up.

"Well, I heard about your new relationship and obviously I couldn't help but come see for myself if you were actually stupid enough to pull such an idiotic plan off. Well what do you know, turns out you are. How did you manage to bag yourself such a pretty little boy anyway?"

"You need to leave."

"Oh, I will. Soon enough. Just need to drink in the spectacle a little more. Although I must say I am impressed at just how easily he has managed to get everyone to sing his endless praises. To be honest I wasn't really expecting that. And by that grim look on your face, neither were you right? This is going to be just so interesting."

"Leave. Now."

"Oh let me enjoy for a minute. It's not always that I get invited to these fancy parties, thanks to you. And today even happens to be extra special. I get a front-row seat to you destroying yet another young life."

With every passing second, I could feel the agitation in my chest grow. Almost desperate to get as far away from here as possible. More than anything wanting Kong miles away from him.


"I bet you haven't told him who you really are, have you? I bet he doesn't know shit about everything you have done."

"Leave on your own before I get someone to physically drag you out of here."

Ignoring me completely I saw him train his eyes on Kong unwaveringly. His clenched jaw showing off the ticking nerve on his neck as he stared at Kong with ill-concealed disgust.

"I think I will go introduce myself to your new boy toy. After all, once you are through with him he will need a strong shoulder to cry on. And to be quite honest he is cute enough that I might even enjoy taking my time..."

He never got to finish that sentence cause I did the most uncharacteristic thing I have ever done. Bang in the middle of a bustling party, with all my colleagues, the media's eyes trained to catch even the remotest of scandals, I threw my arm back and punched him right in his eye.


Bang. Bang. Bang.

"I. Am. Going. To. Fucking. Kill. You."

"I know."
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