Step Into The Light

Chapter 2

I don't think I have stopped smiling all day.

Hell, I haven't stopped smiling in the 2 days since I was rolling around on the ground when all of a sudden I saw a perfect hand in front of my face, Arthit standing there with his outstretched arm just to help me up. Not only was it amazing that it was the great Arthit standing there, it was that much more shocking that he had actually deigned to talk to me. And he knew my name.

Had I seriously died and gone to heaven?

Apparently not so much, since he not only touched me but then proceeded to actually talk to me. With words and everything. Asked me if I was doing ok, if I was hurt anywhere, even if I needed medical attention or anything. How insanely considerate can the man be? And there I was, with my jaw hanging open with shock, having trouble formulating the simplest of words. I don't think I managed to respond with anything beyond an incoherent grunt the entire time the man was standing in front of me.

Not that I am going to let that disastrous interaction with the hooligans affect my high in the slightest seeing how I am still sailing on cloud 9. And now that my stomach hurts that much less and the bruise on my eyes is almost fading I can happily look back on those 5 minutes I had experienced utter bliss.

"Will you stop grinning like an idiot already? You know rent is due tomorrow right?"

Ok, that snatched the smile off my face real quick no thanks to my annoying roommate Oak reminding me right in the middle of my fantastic daydream. But rent was due tomorrow. And I was sort of banking on my paycheck for the coming week to leverage begging for a little extra time. But seeing how Wad had very graciously kicked me off my job for having been a suspect at selling illicit pictures to the media three times already, for no fault of my own if I might say so, I was now going to be jobless right at the time of the month that everyone hates.

Pulling out my phone I went back to the one website I have dreaded since Wad had hooked me up with this gig. Job hunting absolutely, unequivocally sucks. Scrolling mindlessly through the 10s of job postings that are mostly only middle aged men trying to date teens. Laying on our couch on yet another boring Saturday night I could almost feel myself drift off when Oak's shrill shriek suddenly startled me awake.

"What? What happened?"

Staring outside the window, his jaw hanging open in shock, he was gaping at something that clearly surprised him. And although Oak is famous for being a drama queen, nonetheless I pushed myself up from the lumpy couch and walked over to the window myself to immediately have my jaw drop in shock too.

Was there a famous person on our street or something? There must be cause why else there was a whole horde of reporters and cameramen scattered all over the pavement. Although none of them were actually surrounding anyone in particular but rather just looking around as if they were still searching for their target.

"What do you think is happening out there?"

"I don't know. Who are they looking for?"

I am not sure why we were whispering while in the confines of our own home, but somehow it felt even more conspiratorial. Still peering through our blinds wondering who the new victim of the paparazzi assault was when all of us a sudden both of us jumped in shock when our doorbell rang out of nowhere.

Who the hell would haunt our doorstep on a Saturday night? Not like either of us had anything remotely close to what people call a social life.

I guess with all the evidence that was staring me straight in my face I should have been a tad bit more cautious instead of padding across the room in my pajama bottoms and an overly large t-shirt that had more than one hole in it. And it was almost in slow motion as I moved to swing open the front door, taking entirely too long to register the strange man standing in the front of me with a giant black box looming over me, another tiny lady with a microphone in her hand that was easily larger than her face screaming a question at me that I couldn't immediately parse.


"Kongpob? Are you Kongpob?"


My tranced state would have persisted if Oak hadn't spoken up from behind me.

"Who is at the door, Kong?"

And that is when all hell broke loose.

Bright, blinding lights flashing straight in my face as the entire gaggle of people that had been previously loitering aimlessly on the streets suddenly appeared in front of our door all at once. I swear it was atleast a hundred cameras and even more mics shoved right as us bombarding us with questions.

Wait, did they just ask me when our affair started? What affair? I haven't even managed to snag a bloody date in a year and a half let alone be involved in any affair.

I would have told them that if they ever gave me an opportunity to speak. But turns out it's become a common pastime for people to accuse me of things and then not extending me the courtesy of actually defending myself. Completely ignoring any sort of bumbling I was trying to get out they carried right on shouting down at me without taking half a second break to even breath.

"How long has it been going on?"

"When will you officially announce your relationship?"

"Have you'll talked about marriage yet?"

"Are you jealous of his past relationships?"

"What do you think about his upcoming make-out scene?"

"When are you moving in with Arthit?"

"Has he proposed yet?"

"Why do you think he is not proposing?"

Wait, wait, wait. Back up a second.


THE Arthit?

They think I am having an affair with Arthit Rojnapat?
They have got to be kidding right? They must be. This is all some silly little prank. It must be cause what other explanation could there possibly be under the sun for this horde of paparazzi to haunt my door step claiming I, Mr. Absolute Nobody, could ever be having an affair with superstar Arthit. Which means it is totally justified for me to burst out in a hysterical laugh looking like a full-on maniac in front of all these cameras.

And as if embarrassing myself in front of hundreds of strangers, in mostly torn clothes, wasn't bad enough, suddenly from down the street, we heard the loudest growl of an angry car racing straight towards, making all the people who were obviously not seeing the hilarity of the situation like me, instantly dissipate. Finally leaving the front of our tiny townhome bare when not five seconds later we caught sight of the bright flash of red that halted only a few feet away from them.
My stupid laugh freezing on my chapped lips when the very man in question swung open the passenger door to the car, those same eyes that always make my stomach do a double flip, looked straight towards me as he drawled at me once again.

"Get in."

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