Step Into The Light

Chapter 3.

I am in the twilight zone.

Or maybe this is some sort of an uber-realistic dream. No wonder none of this is making sense. How else can you explain the fact I was sitting in the most expensive contraption, engulfed in luxury, as we raced down the roads to God knows where. And since the moment I had actually complied with the brief 'get in' command, Arthit had yet to look my way let alone actually talk to me.

Now I might not be the smartest cookie under the sun but I want to say him showing up on my doorstep out of nowhere had something to do with the fact that the press had somehow assumed he and me were a thing.

I felt laughter bubbling up inside once again just at the absurdity of the thought which spilled outwards cracking the tensed silence within the car. At least that made him turn towards me and look at me all quizzically. Wait, was that better than him ignoring me? I am not sure seeing how he must now think I am a bonafide idiot.

Instantly swallowing my laugh at his hardened look I stared outside the window wondering where the star was whizzing me off to. And soon I didn't need to wonder anymore when I found myself once again in the basement of the building I had just been fired from.

"Umm...what are we...?"

People really don't like me talking, do they? Cause just as I had uttered my first coherent words to the man, he slammed on the breaks. Parking the car he swished out of his seat. Is it weird that even his clearly irritated demeanor looks classy? He had yet to say one word to me and yet I could already feel the goosebumps run down my arm.

So you can imagine my utter shock when he walked around the car, swung open my side of the door and clasped his hand around my wrist, tugging at it till I followed him wordlessly as he led me into the elevator. A place I have never ever stepped foot in before. My jaw instantly dropping at the sheer opulence.

Holy fucking shit!

Why was everything covered in gold? And crystals?

They realize this is just the elevator right? Why does this need to be so jazzed up?

And I was still getting over my shock from a dumb little elevator when I came face to face with his front door. Now I know I sound like an idiot going on and on about such mundane things but I'm not kidding when I say It. Was. Just. So. Bloody. Fancy.

"Close your mouth, please."

Snapping it shut at his quiet request I blushed at having him discover me gaping at my surroundings with such awe. Could I come off any more like a broke college student?

But suddenly, the soft hand wrapped around my wrist, or the overabundance of wealth surrounding us was no longer the problem when I was hurriedly ushered into his apartment. My jaw didn't even have the chance to drop at the sight of his actual apartment when a man I had seen occasionally come in and out of the building descended upon me with full force.

"You! You are Kongpob! You are the Kongpob!"

Was there a question somewhere in there?


"Explain these please."

Having a handful of full-sized pictures shoved in my face I blinked multiple times before the faces on the pages in front of me came into focus. Was it me? And Arthit? Together?

Yes, I believe it was.

It was the briefest of interactions from the other night. Barely 5 minutes where he had helped me stand up. Stood around and asked if I was doing ok and then turned around to walk away. That is it. That is all that happened.

And yet what I was looking at painted a completely different picture. From this sneaky little angle somehow it looked like he was looming over me intimately, brushing a lock off my face, smiling at me in a rather flirtatious manner while I had my head hung low, my cheeks stamped tomato red in a blush. Well, atleast the blush part was real. But absolutely everything else didn't look remotely close to what actually transpired.


"Are you sure? Are you really, really sure you don't know what these are? You really weren't the one who clicked these? If you were the one who tipped the press about any of this, tell me now before I skin you and play jump rope with your intestines."

"What? No! I don't know anything about this. I swear."

The strange man threatening to play with my insides stepped even closer to my face until his face was less than an inch away. His coffee breath fanning my face as he continued to glare at my eyes without blinking even once. I may have to admit a silent shiver ran down my spine just looking at the man's intense stare.

Eyes still stuck on my face unwaveringly, he whispered softly, his eerie voice scaring me even more.

"Should I trust you?"


And just like that, like a switch that went off, the strange man took one step back and gave me the broadest grin those teeth could flash. Honestly, his smile was just as creepy as his silent threat. Grabbing my hand within both of his he shook it vigorously as my confused brain was still trying to figure out what was going on.

"Let's start over. Hello, Kong, I can call you that right?"

"Huh, I guess..."

"So Kong, I am Bright, Arthit's manager, agent, life guide, whatever you want to call it. And your new best friend."


"Don't worry your pretty little head about anything just yet. First, we need to get you in some presentable clothes. Where do you normally shop?"

The man who called himself Bright had now begun walking around me in circles, eyeing my hole-y clothes as if I had just emerged from a dumpster, tapping his forefinger over his chin as if he was in deep thought along with a little bit of a grimace at my fashion sense. And during the entire awkward little interaction I was having with this Bright fella, Arthit had yet to say even one word. Sitting on a chair at the far end of the room, quietly observing this weird conversation play out.

"I...don't understand..."

"What's so confusing sweety? You have to look presentable of course. The bad news is as Arthit's boyfriend you will be under a lot more scrutiny now. On the other hand, the very good news is Arthit's wallet is almost bottomless and we can shop absolutely anywhere we want. So where do you want to start?"

"Oh, okay...I guess I...wait, what?"

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