Step Into The Light

Chapter 4

"Where exactly are you by the way?"

"For the millionth time, Oak, I already told you, that I can't tell you. Not yet anyway."

His question once again followed by an extended silence when he came back with yet another of his absurd responses.


"Yes, Oak?"

"Whistle Humpty Dumpty if anyone is listening to your conversation and you need me to come rescue you."

"Oak I don't need you to come rescue me or anything. I already told you I am fine. I am just going to be away for a few days and I will come back as soon as I can. You got the check for the rent right?"

"Screw the rent Kong. You expect me to believe there is nothing sketchy going on? I still have the fucking press haunting our doorstep. And then the most popular man in our country zooms by and kidnaps you without a word. All I am saying is that if they are keeping you hostage cause they want to harvest your organs I will have you know I have a purple belt in Karate."

Rolling my eyes at his antics I pinched the bridge of my nose before I tried to once again convince him that I wasn't in any immediate danger. Yet. I think. Maybe?

"I shall keep that in mind Oak. I got to go now, but I will call and check-in again tomorrow ok?"

"Wait Kong..."

Hanging up before he could launch into yet another worst-case scenario with me I tossed aside my phone on the bed as I stared at my reflection in the large floor length mirror. Barely even recognizing the boy staring back at me with the new haircut and the clothes which actually fit I couldn't help but think back to the conversation from two days ago. A conversation I have this eerie feeling about that will change my life forever.

"Oh, okay...I guess I...wait, what? What did you just say?

"Arthit's boyfriend ofcourse. So as I was saying..."

"Wait, wait, what do you mean boyfriend?"

"Well, pretend boyfriend if you are all into semantics."

"I don't understand. Are you saying we have to pretend dating? Just because of these pictures? You can't be serious."

"Serious as a heart attack."


"We have our reasons."

"What possible reasons could there be for the megastar Arthit to pretend dating a nobody like me?"

"As I said, we have our reasons. You don't really have to worry about any of that. As long as you do exactly as I say all will turn out just fine."

"I don't give a damn what your reasons are, why would I agree to this charade?"

"Oh? Are you saying you wouldn't want to date Arthit if given a chance?"

My eyes immediately darted towards the man in question who was still sitting in the same chair, practically in the same position since the moment we had entered. His face an expressionless mask as I tried to read his reaction. And him just sitting there, looking all broody and dark, exactly like the mysterious persona you hear about on TV was enough to make my stomach do a double flip. Groaning internally I looked back at his manager.

This is a slimy trick question I tell you. Like who in their right minds would take one look at that perfect specimen and actually say no at the prospect, but that didn't mean I wanted to be a part of whatever messed up little games they were playing. Straightening my back, stretching to my full length, mustering up as much courage as humanly possible I responded with all the fake confidence I could find. Just because these people are rich and famous and ungodly beautiful does not mean they can push me around.

"Nah, I don't believe I would."


"Yup. He is not really my type."

One partially raised eyebrow. The part shock, part disbelief finally the only reaction from the stoic man sitting in the shadows, quietly judging me, when Bright practically burst out in laughter.

"Good one Kong. I never understood what everyone sees in that bozo either."

"So does that mean we don't need to do this whole pretend dating thing?"

Obviously the hopeful tone in my voice must be rather amusing cause Bright laughed at my face once again.

"Unfortunately kiddo, him not being your type actually works in our favor. Cause I would very much like to keep this pretend relation just that. We don't want any complications down the road, do we? So where were we? Yeah, your wardrobe..."

"Hang on a second, I don't think you understand. I don't care what your reasons for suggesting something so crazy are, but I am not going to agree to this. I have my life and college and friends. Why would I agree to pretend date anyone? Actually you don't need to answer that. I am NOT going to agree to this madness. So please tell everyone that this was all just a misunderstanding and none of it is true and I will simply make my way home. And tomorrow everyone will forget about it."

Nodding vigorously I convinced myself that everything I said sounded perfectly reasonable. Which it ofcourse did, right? Who in their right mind wakes up one morning and finds themselves having to pretend date a superstar. This was all crazy to begin with anyway.

Turns out Mr. Bright wasn't all that convinced with my speech as he shrugged rather nonchalantly before typing on his phone to pull up a video that looked eerily familiar.

"Well, in that case when you are home why don't you tell the reporters yourself. Let me know if they believe you."

Squinting my eyes, I stared at his screen, only to have them widen in shock as I saw the horde outside my house having multiplied by a good 10 times.

"Is that live?"

"Yup. You think you can handle all of them on your own."

"If I just deny everything they will eventually go away."

"Ah, isn't that cute. I miss the days I was this innocent and naive. But don't let me stop you, go ahead and try it yourself."

I was about to open my mouth to put forth another of my baseless arguments, suddenly feeling like this whole situation was running away from me. Like reality was somehow getting warped and I didn't know how to end this hallucination when finally, at long last he spoke for the first time.


His quiet growl reverberating within the large room as he slowly made his way up to us. Standing right in front of me. His intense gaze pinning to my spot. His entire personality overwhelming my mere presence.

"Arthit, hang on..."

"Enough Bright. Listen, uh...Kong, right?"


Why the fuck was I stuttering? Hadn't I just rejected the man 2 minutes ago? I seriously have the spine of an earthworm.

"Kong, let me be honest here. We are in the middle of...ummm...a sticky kind of a situation. Which has now gotten even more complicated with you and the pictures and the press and all the hoopla it will come with."

"But I didn't...I swear..."

"I know. We know. We believe you. But now that these series of unfortunate events have happened, perhaps it came with a silver lining. The press already thinks we might be having an affair, so maybe if you help us play along we might be able to use it to our advantage all the while protecting you from their prying paws. How about just let us handle it and I promise all of it will go away in a few months..."

"Four. Tops."

I only briefly looked as Bright interjected before Arthit snatched my attention back to him.

"Yes. Four months. That's all we are asking. In return, we will be compensating you ofcourse. For your rent, and your tuition, and obviously for living expenses. Along with a very generous bonus for all your time and effort. Plus Bright will help shield you from all the press and paparazzi that are more than capable of tearing your life apart. So what do you say? Can you do this simple favor for us?"

Thinking back to that one moment I am still not entirely sure what devil descended into me. Maybe it was his smooth voice. Maybe it was the promise of free tuition that I knew was beyond valuable. Or maybe it was nothing more than my gut telling me that is was what I wanted to do, cause staring straight into his eyes, the moment he finished weaving the silky trap around me, I found myself whispering softly.


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