Step Into The Light

Chapter 5

This is a stupid idea.

This is a really stupid idea.

"You want me to move in where?!"

I closed my eyes briefly as I heard Kong's shrill shriek pierce through my ears as he just realized that yes, infact he will have to move in here if he doesn't want to get hounded relentlessly by the press. Especially if he doesn't want his entire life turned upside down being bombarded by questions no normal human ever considers.

Another shrill yelp quickly following as he discovered that he would also essentially be under house arrest for the whole of next week cause Bright was still planning the big reveal of our fake relationship.

Yup, this was a really, really stupid idea.

And to be honest, I was low key hoping Kong would laugh in our faces, turn around and march right out of this disastrous plan. But to be fair, I am still trying to figure out why the fuck did I agree to this in the first place either.

There was disaster brewing. We already knew it. The scandal that we have been dreading for months, years actually, was going to get unleashed. And if it was up to me I would much rather have just ridden out that wave. And if it ended my career then so be it.

Unfortunately, Bright had other ideas. Other stupid ideas, mind you. When has flaunting a fake relationship to game the press ever worked the way you imagine it to anyway. And now we are going to end up entangling another innocent character in this entire mess.

In fact, I swear I argued with Bright against this whole farce for weeks. I promise I did. I was staunchly against it. After all, I may have already mentioned, how stupid I thought this idea was. And then one day out of nowhere Bright tells me he was considering the kid from the reception desk down below as the fake dating candidate, had him all checked out, with the boy being young, gay, innocent and with a surprisingly spotless background and before I knew what my own tongue was doing I found myself saying 'Ok'.

Oh lord, how many more reasons do I need to add up to rot in hell for ever. I swear I'm building a full proof case to heading there on a one way trip for eternity.

I think I can safely say I am stupider than Bright's dumb idea. I didn't even know the kid that well. I had barely seen him a handful of times mostly pouring over his books studying instead of actually watching the entrance. I remember feeling annoyed when I heard he got roughed up a couple of times but until a few days ago I didn't even know his name. And yet the boy had this charm around his smile that got people to do a double-take without even trying. But no matter how charismatic I thought this twenty something-year-old college student was it still doesn't mean all of this wasn't going to spectacularly blow up in all our faces.

Too late to stress about all of that now, seeing Bright had already leaked our pictures to the press. Now all that was left was to go with the flow.

"Hey, where are you going?"

A fresh flash of worry taking over Kong's expression when Bright began packing up shop for the night.

"I am going home, sweet baby boy. Thankfully, I can still do that. I will find someone to pack up your stuff and send it here. You try and get comfortable. Arthit will show you to your room."

"You are leaving me here? Alone?"

To which Bright just chuckled before patting his head affectionately.

"Don't worry love, Arthit won't eat you. You won't right?"

Two sets of eyes suddenly moved towards me. One still clearly doused in worry while the other teasing me even as he nudged his head rather un-subtly towards Kong.

"No, I won't eat you."

"See, he says he won't eat you."

Slapping his back in a friendly manner, Bright gathered his bag and moved closer to me as he whispered under his breath.

"You better not eat him."

"Of course I won't."

"I'm serious Arthit. I don't know why you finally agreed to this plan, but whatever it is, it had better not be cause you want to get into the boy's pants."

"I know, I know. We will stick to your plan. But only if you don't go super crazy."

"Fine, fine, fine. Now go talk to the boy. Make him feel relaxed and comfortable. The kid is shaking in his boots already and the actual torture hasn't even begun yet."

And with that the tornado I call my manager cum best friend finally exited the house. Leaving behind a freaked out boy who had yet to totally comprehend what was about to descend upon us and me, a man who is famously terrible at voicing any forms of real emotions at all.

Why, oh why did real life not have a script?

Here goes nothing.


Kong, who was still rooted in the same spot since Bright had left a few minutes ago suddenly swung his face up to return my look.


A deep blush creeping up his neck as he once again stuttered his response to me.

"Are you sure you are ready for this?"

Bright would have smacked me on my head for asking him something that would scare him away from his decision.

"Do you think I am making a mistake?"

There was something about those eyes. I can't exactly put my finger on just what it was I was seeing. Something pure, something innocent in his unwavering gaze as he asked me why I was consciously dragging him into this whirlpool. And to be honest I didn't really have an answer to that. Yet, sitting in the shadows, pondering on how the next few weeks will pan out, I couldn't help but wonder why I wasn't already regretting what we were about to do.

"I don't know."


"But whatever happens, I promise I will protect you."

Then he smiled at me. Truly smiled. Without a blush covering his features. Without his shy demeanor forcing his head to bow down. Without him nervously chewing his lower lip every time he looked directly at me.

And for the first time, it finally struck me what about the kid I had found so weirdly captivating. Knowing instantly that exposing him to the world of media was going to pose bigger problems that I had considered until now.



Snapping out of my daydream I returned my attention back to Kong, who was looking at me with questioning eyes as if he was waiting for my response.

"Uh...Bright would show me my is OK for me to stay here right?"

"Yeah, yeah."

Ushering him silently towards his room, smiling internally at his overwhelming reaction at the kitchen, then the drawing-room, even the chairs in the dining table, before we finally made our way towards the bedrooms. Not sure why was I leading him to the one right next to mine, but I was surely going to hear another lecture from Bright tomorrow. My smile getting even broader when Kong's jaw dropped before he jumped excitedly on the king-sized bed in the middle of the room.

"This is the best day of my life."

I may have even let out a tiny chuckle as I saw him bounce on the soft mattress like an overstimulated puppy. His blatantly open reaction actually urging the normally silent me to maybe even say more than 20 words today. Opening my mouth to continue our stunted conversation, wanting to weirdly hear his voice again, when my phone buzzed in my back pocket. Ripping me away from the cocoon of that moment that included nobody but me and Kong.

Looking down at my phone I let out yet another long sigh, flashing on my screen was the name of the one person that had started the entire mess.

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