Step Into The Light

Chapter 6

Is Arthit Rojnapat finally ready to reveal his first relationship?

After 10 years in the industry, Arthit Rojnapat has snagged himself a boyfriend.

Breaking: Arthit ready to break the hearts of millions?

Who is the mystery boy that has finally swept Arthit off his feet?

Breaking: Know all about Arthit's new boy toy.

Arthit's love interest: A twenty one year old college student!

Arthit and Kongpob, the budding young love story of a superstar and a nobody.

10 ways in which Kongpob managed to snag Arthit's heart.

Read: Kongpob's illicit past

Kongpob's long list of 'boyfriends' that have been left heartbroken. Arthit next?

Is Arthit, Kongpob's latest sugar daddy?

Did Kongpob buy his way into college?

Breaking: Kongpob and his failing mark sheets!

"How the fuck did they find out I failed geography in 8th grade?"

I would have chuckled watching Kong sitting on the dining table pouring over all the tabloids that Bright could possibly get his hands on while the poor boy pulled his hair out in utter frustration. It was barely day four of us hiding out while we waited patiently for the press to build up the story they had created themselves. I guess Kong was about to learn first hand just how fast the media can create and destroy you without you having lifted even a finger.

And then there was Bright.

"Yes, yes, yes!!!"

Rubbing his hands together in a purely evil villain sort of a way, he read those articles with pure glee.

"YES! Everything is going perfectly. Yeessss...."

Ok, to that even I couldn't help but chuckle. Especially, looking at Kong's jaw which was somewhere on the floor with the utter shock of Bright's reaction.

"Bright, you are scaring the kid. Again."

"Everything is going exactly according to plan."

"But they hate me. No, they despise me. They think Arthit is my sugar daddy. And they don't even know me. How the fuck is this your actual plan?"

"Yup. It is. And it's perfect."


"You see, the more they hate you the more they talk about you. And right now we really need them to talk about you."

I watched Kong bite his lower lip as he contemplated Bright's words. His eyes squinting as he read the words on the tabloid once again. I could see the wheels turning within Kong's mind. And as much as Bright kept claiming that Kong was a compliant little lamb, and as long as we kept him protected from any of the harsher criticisms, shield him from the truly evil nature of the paparazzi, compensate him more than enough for the four months of crap he was going to go through, he would be more than willing to play along with us without asking too many questions.

I have this bad feeling that might not be entirely true.

Kong may come off as this stuttering naive boy, mostly overwhelmed with everything that is suddenly going on with his life, but under that mop of hair Bright kept trying to desperately style every morning, you can clearly see the long list of questions forming in that head, that one day we will have a very hard time answering.

Is it too late to abort this whole madness yet? Hell, we haven't even begun.

"Ok, so now that we have them exactly where we want them, I think we are ready for the big reveal. How about tomorrow?"

"To...tomorrow? Seriously?"

"Yup. Tomorrow sounds perfect. It will go great. Don't worry about it."

But worry about it he did. Literally, all night long. Just one thin wall away I heard him walk a marathon the entire time. And I might have considered going and telling him to take a deep breath cause I would be right next to him the entire time but it was just so fucking cute listening to him pep talk himself. Right until the time the sun was rising over the doomed day, when he must have finally taken a glimpse of himself in the mirror, which only resulted in him freaking out some more about the dark circles he must be surely sporting. I don't even know why I found everything he did so amusing, especially the expression of utter disbelief when Bright finally unveiled his grand reveal plan the following day.

"A walk in the park?"


"That is your big reveal? A freaking walk in the park?"

"Yes, Kong. A walk in the park. Holding hands. Looking pretty and in love. Simple. Romantic. Perfect."

"Are you seriously saying I was up all night stressing cause you want us to take a simple walk in the park?"

"Is that why you look atrocious? Kong! You are going to have a thousand cameras pointed on you today. You need to always look drop dead gorgeous from now on. Now I got to make sure the makeup guys work extra hard on that hideousness."

"Th...thousand cameras?"

"Obviously. You are Arthit's boyfriend now. You are piping hot property now. Don't you forget that for a second."

Aaaaannnnd....we are back to a freaked out Kong.

Except for the first time in the decade since I have entered the entertainment industry, the years of playing cat and mouse with the press, dodging the games again and again I did something that is completely out of my character.

I voluntarily got out of my seat from the shadows, on the edge of my own home, and slowly walked towards the dining table, taking a seat next to the clearly stressed out boy, placing my hand around his wrist and giving it a light squeeze. Trying to coax out his nervousness as I murmured softly to him.

"I will be with you the entire time."

The anxiety on his face morphed into slight shock at my action, eventually leading to his expressions softening as he searched for the honesty in my face.



And then there was that smile again. The same one that seems to have me completely transfixed. Like once he flashes it my way I find it impossible to stop staring at him. And I would have happily continued that way if my annoying manager hadn't cleared his throat in the most obvious way possible. His own eyes shooting daggers in my direction looking rather pointedly at the innocent way I was holding Kong's wrist.

"Yes, yes, Arthit will be stuck to your hip the whole time. Now go get your makeup done."

Waiting less than two seconds until Kong was ushered off to the other room to get ready for the big walk in the park plan, Bright swung around and pinned me under his accusatory glare, viciously poking away his finger into my chest.

"I told you already, stay out of his pants."

Brushing his hand aside I began walking towards my own room to get dressed, Bright following me the entire time, growling away his displeasure.

"And I told you already, I don't plan on sleeping with him."

"Then what was all the touching and smiling and promise bullshit you were spouting?"

"I was simply trying to be nice."

"When was the last time you were ever nice to another human being? Hell, I am your best friend. Why don't you try being nice to me once in a while?"

"Bright, seriously, you saw how stressed Kong was, and seeing how we are massively taking advantage of the kid, I feel it's only reasonable we try to relieve atleast some of his tension."

"Relieve some of his tension? I totally do not like the sound of that."

"Get your mind out of the gutter Bright. I just want him to not be so nervous."

"Alright, alright fine. I guess you are right. Perhaps it's a good thing he doesn't look like he is about to faint right before you guys have to kiss."

"What do you mean ki...kiss?!"

Both of us instantly turning to find an ashen-faced Kong standing by the doorway, looking like he had just seen a ghost.

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