Step Into The Light

Chapter 8

Arthit and Kongpob make their first public appearance.

Blossoming love? Arthit and his first boyfriend take a romantic stroll in the park.

Arthit and his 'Accidental Love': Disaster strikes as soon as their relationship is revealed.

Kongpob, Arthit's latest, and only boyfriend, saves a reporter in distress on their first date.

Tell all: A reporters account of his first interaction with Arthit's Boyfriend.

Our very own reporter, Tay, regales the story of how Kongpob gallantly helped him while he was hurt.

Watch as Kongpob offers medical assistance to a reporter in distress.

Tay sings praises of Arthit's boyfriend. Calls him handsome and friendly.

We tracked down all of Kongpob's deepest secrets. His friends call him the nicest man on Earth.

Poll: Is Arthit stealing away Kongpob's innocence?

"I am going to kill you. I am serious. I. Am. Going. To. Kill. You."

"I know."

I banged my head repeatedly on Bright's desk as the man threatening my life paced up and down his office while both his hands were buried deep in his hair, pulling at it wildly.

"One thing. One fucking thing I tell you to do and you go and fuck up even that."

"I know."

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"What did I tell you. What the fuck did I tell you. Go take a walk. Look pretty. Get your pictures clicked. And do not fucking talk to any of them."

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"I know."

"Please tell me you know why we are actually doing this. You know why we selected Kong for this debacle right?"

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"I know."

"He is the good innocent kid with no power and no money who won't create any troubles for us when all of this is finally over."

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"I knooowww...."

"And when it is time for you guys to publically break up, the whole world will be nice and sympathetic towards you, their favorite sweetheart, to not focus on any other crap that may be printed in the tabloids."

"Bright, I already know all of this..."

"One day. Just one freaking day. It takes one outing and you already managed to turn the press on you and they already fucking love Kong. How could you even manage that?"

"Well, I already told you it is something we should have considered earlier. Kong is really charming and when he..."

"Shut it already. Just cause you want to get into his pants doesn't mean I am in any mood to hear you sing his praises just yet."

"I don't want to...actually...well..."

"Wait, what was that?"

"No, nothing. Just never mind."

"No, no, no. Let's not 'never mind'. What did you just say?"

"Well, it's not that I don't want to get into his pants..."

And suddenly it wasn't the table that was the clear and present danger to my forehead as my manager had very gladly taken up the lofty job of smacking me red and blue.

"Unless you plan on also getting down on your knee and promise to love and care for him for the rest of eternity you had better keep that cock of yours firmly inside those pants. And your hands out of his. We are already creating a world of problems for the boy, you had better not slap on heartbreak on top of everything."

"Yes, Bright. For the millionth time. Just cause I want to sleep with him doesn't mean I am actually going to."

"Good, cause you had better not give me any more of a headache than I already have. Now I got to alter my entire strategy with the two of you. Ahhhhhh.....It's ok, it's ok Bright. You can figure this out. You are a smart, confident, amazing manager."

"Are you seriously complimenting yourself right now?"

"Well, someone has to. Now shut up and listen to my new plan."

Which I did. For the next three goddamn long hours. Again and again until my ears were about to fall off. Until I had to finally tell him that I had left Kong alone at home for the entire day, and even then Bright made me repeat my promise a hundred times that I had absolutely no designs on poor little innocent Kong.

I obviously didn't.

I may have been dumb enough to agree to Bright's plan but even I am not that much of an idiot to actually get involved with Kong. If you knew anything about me, it would be glaringly obvious that love was something that was not in my dictionary. Relationships and this industry did not go together and anyone who said differently was either lying to you or to themselves.

The competition, the temptation, the sheer amount of lust was all that my line of work ever had to offer to anyone, and before someone entered my bedroom I was more than clear where we would stand. I made no promises and I accepted none. And that is exactly how I planned to keep it. How else do you think I have survived for a decade in this brutal industry with my reputation still unscarred.

So when it came to Kong, I didn't need Bright to tell me what to do. I may be attracted to the boy, but he deserved more than being a one night stand or the flavor of the month. He deserved more than being involved with the likes of me.

All I had to do was keep it professional and get over this annoying attraction. It's not like I haven't done something similar before or won't have to do it again in the future. After all not everyone you lust for ends up agreeing to jump in bed with you. All I had to do was get over it. Simple.

Thoroughly convinced that I had atleast this little problem completely sorted in my brain, I rotated my shoulders to relieve some of the tension as I waited for the elevator to reach my floor, desperately trying the curb the excitement I knew was bubbling inside at the thought of seeing Kong again after a long day of dealing with Bright. Physically biting down on my lower lip cause I really shouldn't be smiling just cause I was about to see his face in the next few moments, when suddenly the burgeoning smile was wiped out all on its own.

"Hey, stranger. Long time no see."

Watching the woman casually leaning against the door, clad in her skin tight dress, her perfectly manicured fingers playing suggestively with that lock of hair meant to frame her pretty face. My first reaction was obviously to pinch the bridge of my nose as I wondered how bad the security of our building really was when anyone could saunter right up to my doorstep. Letting out a pained sigh I took two steps towards her.

"Hey Maya."

"Hi Arthit."

Her voice a breathy whisper as she sashayed closer to me. Absolutely nothing in her demeanor looking like this was going to be a pleasant conversation. Well, atleast some things never change.

"What are you doing here?"

"Always straight to business huh? Aren't you going to atleast invite me in?"

"Not really. It's been a long day Maya."

"I can always massage your aches away."

"No thanks. I think I'm going to just..."

But before I could successfully move away from her she grabbed the front of my shirt and dropped her voice to an even lower whisper.

"Is your new boy toy inside? Is that why you aren't letting me in?"

"Don't call him that."

"Oh? Possessive, are we?"

"Why are you here?"

"I came to know what is the deal. You say no to a relationship for ten years and then suddenly start parading the pretty boy in front of the press? What is really going on Arthit?"

"Firstly, don't talk about him like that. And secondly, there is no deal. Everything you need to know you will read in our press release soon."

"It's all fake, isn't it? I saw the pictures. The poor little lamb looks like you would gobble him alive, except I know he isn't your type. But you and I both know who is your type, right?"

"Listen, Maya..."

"Why didn't you come to me if you needed to fake a relationship? At least you would have had some real fun on the side."

"Maya, what do you really want?"

Leaning closer into me, her hands trailing up and down my chest, her lips move within an inch of my ear, she whispered softly.


At some point in the past that would have been a tempting offer, something I would have seriously considered. Releasing all my pent up frustration with a night of no strings attached sex sounded exactly what I needed. But now? Now I had Kong to worry about.

Speaking of which, just as I was clutching both of her hands that were still wrapped around the front of my shirt, her lips still brushing against the shell of my ear, our positions looking deceptively intimate to any onlooker when suddenly the front door was swung open.

"Arthit? Is that you? I thought...I...heard....voices...oh"

Kong's question freezing on his lips as he looked at us in pure shock. His gaze darting multiple times between me and Maya before resting unwaveringly on her hands still placed against my chest.


Fear and anxiety spiking through my veins as I could just guess the thoughts running through Kong's brain. As much as the pep talk I gave myself about simply moving past my attraction to Kong, even subconsciously it bothered me beyond reason that he would look at us right now and come to the wrong conclusion.

"Listen Kong, it's not what you..."

" Maya right? The Maya? I am seriously a huge, huge fan. Like a massive fan. I have seen all your movies. Multiple times. I actually own all of them. In fact the only movies I own are yours. I can't believe you are actually standing in front of me. This is insane. I think I am going to freak out..."

I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that this right here is the moment I have felt peak irritation that will remain unparalleled for the rest of my life, as I watched Kong flash her the broadest of smiles I have ever seen on his face, gushing over Maya like an over-enthused puppy.

How is it that it was me the woman was clinging onto like an octopus and yet I was the one who ended up getting jealous?

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