A Special Bond

Chapter 3

“Happy Anniversary, Baby.” Roger said kissing Amanda’s head as he handed her a small box.

“What did you do? What is this?” she asked opening the box.

“Open it.” he said smiling at her.

“Wow Roger, I love it.” she said taking the double heart ring out of the box and putting it on her finger.

“I love you, Mandy. I always have and I always will.” he whispered as she leaned up to kiss him.

“It’s beautiful. It matches the locket you got me for my birthday.” she said looking down at her locket.

“That’s what I tried to do. I can’t believe it’s been a year already.” he said holding her close.

“Me neither. This has been the best year of my life.” she told him smiling at him.

“Mine too. Marry me, Mandy.” Roger asked looking down her.

“What?” she asked looking at him in shock.

“Marry me. We’re both gonna be 18 and out of school soon, so marry me. I love you so much and I don‘t want to spend a single minute of my life without you.” he asked getting down on one knee to propose to her again.

“Roger, this last year has been the best of my life. You have given me everything a girl could ask for and more. You are so important to me and the thought of not spending the rest of my life with you kills me. Of course I’ll marry you.” she told him excitedly as she sat on his lap and wrapped her arm around his neck to hold him close.

“Really?” he asked looking over at her.

“Yes Roger. Nothing would make me happier than being your wife.” she said kissing him.

“Thank you, Mandy. I’m gonna get you a real engagement ring and do it right. I promise.” he said kissing her again and holding her closer to him.

“I don’t care about that. All I care about is you. I love you.” she told him looking up at him.

“I know, but I do. I want my girl to have a real engagement ring.” he said kissing her head.

“So I guess we’re getting married.” she said happily as she tackled him to the floor in his room and they began to make love.

“Yes, we are.” he said caressing her.

“I love you, Roger Aaron Davis.” she said laying in his arms.

“I love you too, Amanda Lee Cohen.” he said looking down at her.

“I can’t wait to be Amanda Lee Davis.” she said smiling up at him.

“I like the sound of that.” Roger told her leaning down to kiss her.

“Me too.” she said kissing him again.

“Are we gonna tell Mark?” he asked looking down at her.

“Not yet. I know my parents try to pump him for information and I don’t want to put him in that position. It’s hard for him. The fact that I’m not only his sister, but we’re friends. They think he knows more than he does and I know it makes him uncomfortable.” she told him smiling up at him.

“OK, we’ll keep it secret until your 18. Then they can’t stop us.” he said kissing her head.

“Good idea.” she said smiling up at him.

“Baby, we better get ready. We have to meet Benny and Jocelyn at the diner in a half an hour.” Roger told her leaning down to kiss her before they got up.

“OK Baby.” she said smiling as they got out of bed and started to get dressed.

“Mandy, I was thinking, maybe I can get my own place. I mean, I’m gonna be 18 before you and when we get married, I wanna have someplace to bring my wife.” he said tying his boots.

“But I was thinking of going to NYU when we graduate.” she said kneeling in front of him to kiss him.

“What about my job here?” he asked looking down at her.

“Roger, you wanna be a rock star, right?” she asked smiling up at him.

“Yeah.” he answered quietly.

“Well you can’t be a rock star in here in Scarsdale. You have to go to the city and play in clubs and pay your dues. That’s where all the record producers hang out. We can get a place in the village or something.” she told him smiling.

“You want to go to NYU so I can be a rock star in the city?” he asked smiling at her.

“Well yeah. You’re gonna be my husband and you’re too talented to be stuck in Scarsdale for the rest of our lives.” she said as he pulled her onto the bed.

“You’re really amazing, Mandy.” he said taking her into his arms.

“You’re marrying me, aren’t you? You’re just figuring that out now?” she laughed as she tackled him to the bed kissing him passionately. “Now we have to go meet Benny and Jocelyn.” she told him laughing.

“They’ll understand.” he told her reaching under her shirt.

“OK.” she said laughing more as she curled her legs around him.

After they made love, they got dressed and rushed to get ready so they could meet their friend at the diner. “Now we’re so late.” Roger laughed looking over at her.

“You’re the one who wanted to make love.” Amanda looked over at him.

“I couldn’t resist making love to my fiance.” he smiled as they walked to the diner.

“Where the hell were you two? We thought you were in an accident or something.” Benny asked when Roger and Amanda finally arrived at the diner.

“Sorry. We were just opening our presents.” Roger said laughing as he grabbed Amanda’s waist.

“You guys are so gross.” Benny told them as Jocelyn laughed.

“Oh Benny stop. They’re cute.” Jocelyn said squeezing his hand.

“And we’re engaged.” Roger said holding Amanda closer.

“Roger.” Amanda called out looking up at him.

“Oh my God. That’s incredible you guys.” Jocelyn said hugging them.

“You guys can’t tell anyone. Not even Mark. We don’t want anyone to know until we’re 18.” Amanda told them smiling at Roger.

“OK, mums the word. You can trust us.” Jocelyn told them happily.

“Thank you Jocelyn, you guys are our best friends.” Amanda told them hugging Jocelyn again.

“Oh and we’re moving to the city when we get married.” Roger told them as they sat down.

“What about college?” Jocelyn asked Amanda.

“I’m going to NYU. Roger wants to be a rock star and that’s the place to be.” Amanda said smiling up at Roger.

“That’s great guys. You two have everything all figured out.” Benny said smiling at them.

“Yeah, now all we have to do is graduate.” Roger said holding Amanda close to him.

Time is passing by quickly for the young couple. It’s Roger’s birthday and he and Amanda are closer than ever.

“Happy birthday, Roger.” Amanda said handing him a box.

“Baby, what did you do?” he asked opening up the box. It was a custom made plate holder. It was engraved. On the top it said Roger -N- Mandy and on the bottom it said Love Forever. “I love it.” he said holding it up.

“Good I’m glad. But you’re forgetting one thing.” she said standing in front of him in her denim mini skirt.

“What?” he asked as she gave him a seductive look.

“Me.” she said as she wrapped he wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her neck.

“The best present ever.” he said holding her in his arms. As they began to make love Roger and Amanda felt like the only two people in the world.

“I can’t wait until I’m 18. Then we can tell everyone we’re engaged.” she said smiling up at him.

“Me neither. But it’ll happen soon. Only 4 months to go.” he said kissing her head.

“I know, Baby.” she said leaning up to kiss him.


“Hey.” Amanda looked over at Roger, getting into the car. He could tell that she was upset.

“Baby, what’s the matter? Did your parents find out we’re engaged?” he asked looking over at her.

“I’m um... I took a test and I’m... I’m pregnant.” she looked over at him as tears filled her eyes.

“Mandy Baby, wait a minute. You took a test and your pregnant?” he asked holding her in his arms.

“Yeah. Roger, what are we gonna do?” she asked as she cried uncontrollably.

“Baby, it’s OK. You’re gonna be 18 in a couple of months and then we’ll get married and everything is gonna be OK.” he told her kissing her head.

“I don’t see how it could be. I’m not even 18 and I’m pregnant. How could that possibly be OK?” she asked looking up at him sniffling.

“We want to be together forever, right?” he asked looking down at her.

“Yeah, but if my parents find out, they’ll never let us keep the baby.” she told him wiping her eyes.

“So we won’t tell them. We can run away and elope on your 18th birthday. They can’t do anything after that.” he said comforting her.

“Really?” she asked looking up at him.

“Yeah Baby, everything is gonna be fine. I promise.” he told her caressing her face wiping her tears with his thumbs.

“OK. Roger can we just go someplace please? Away from here.” she asked leaning up to kiss him. “I... I can’t be here right now.”

“OK. We’ll go somewhere. Are you OK?” he asked caressing her hair.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.” she said wiping her face before leaning back.

“I love you, Mandy. Everything is gonna be fine. I promise.” he told her starting his car and pulling out of the driveway.

“I know. I believe you.” she said smiling over at him.

“Baby, we’re gonna have a baby.” Roger called out excitedly.

“I know.” she said taking his hand.

“Mandy, I‘m right here. I love you and I‘m not going anywhere.” he said holding her hand tight as they drove to the school.

“I know. I love you too, Roger. More than you know.” she said leaning into his arms.

“Don’t worry, Baby. Everything is gonna be OK.” Roger whispered holding her tight.

“So, what are we gonna do for the next couple of months?” she asked him looking up at him.

“We’re gonna keep it secret. Our parents can not find out. Not until the time is right. You wear my shirts anyway, so they’re big on you. Don’t worry, Baby. Everything is gonna be fine.” Roger told her caressing her head.

“We’re gonna be someone’s parents, Roger.” she said looking up at him.

“Yeah, I know. It’s gonna be great.” he told her caressing her still flat belly.

“Roger, we can’t tell anyone. Not Benny or Jocelyn. Especially Mark. This isn’t like him covering for me when you sneak into my room sometimes. This is our family.” Amanda told him caressing his hand.

“OK Baby. This will be our secret.” Roger said leaning over to kiss her head.

’I mean it, Roger. No one can know. I know how you are when it comes to keeping secrets. You suck at it.” she looked up at him.

“OK, Mandy. I won’t tell a soul. I promise.” he reassured her, holding her to him.

“OK. Thank you.“ she replied, taking a sigh of relief. “What do you think we’ll have?” Amanda asked leaning against him.

“How about a girl? With blond hair and blue eyes like her mommy.” he asked kissing her head.

“Or a boy with blond hair and green eyes like his rock star daddy.” Amanda said looking up at him.

“Well whatever we have, we are gonna have the most loved baby in the world.” he said caressing her face.

“With the way you love me, I have no doubt.” she told him smiling as they caressed her belly.

“Baby, we have to get you to a doctor.” Roger said looking down at her.

“We will. I’ll make an appointment at the clinic. Don’t worry Roger, everything is gonna be fine.” she told him leaning up to kiss him.

“You’re right, Baby.” he said kissing her again.

“I know I’m right. I always am.” she said laughing as she hugged him.

The following week, Roger and Amanda sat in the waiting room of the clinic, nervous. They are waiting to be called in to the doctor to confirm her pregnancy and to see how far along she was and when she was due.

“What’s the matter, Baby?” Roger asked looking down at Amanda as she sat fidgeting with her cuticles.

“I’m more scared than I’ve ever been in my whole life.” she looked up at him.

“Everything is gonna be OK, I promise. I’m gonna take care of you and our baby.” he whispered, kissing her head. The nurse called her in to be seen by a doctor.

“Well Miss Cohen, you are pregnant and it looks like you’re 6 weeks and according to my calculations you’re due the end of December.” the female doctor told her as she and Roger smiled.

“That‘s, um... amazing.” Amanda told her smiling at Roger.

“You’re gonna need prenatal vitamins and to come back in a month. It‘s very important for you to get prenatal care.” the doctor said giving her a bottle of pills.

“Don’t worry, doctor. We will. Thank you.” Roger said as they left the doctors office.

“So we’re having a Christmas baby?” Amanda said smiling up at him.

“Looks like.” Roger said kissing her as they got into the car.

“Wow, 6 weeks.” Amanda said smiling over at him.

“I know. That’s wild. Are you OK?” he asked smiling over at her.

“Um… yeah. It‘s just… I can‘t believe I‘m really pregnant. By time my birthday comes, I‘m gonna be almost 4 months pregnant. I‘m probably gonna be showing by then. What if someone finds out and ruins our plans?” she asked looking up at him.

“They‘re not gonna get ruined because no one‘s gonna find out. This is our family, Mandy. Yours and mine. We‘re gonna do everything we can to protect it. No matter what.” he looked down at her.

“Our family...” she whispered as tears came to her eyes.

“Yes and our family is everything. We’re gonna be OK. I‘m gonna do whatever I can to protect my family. No one is gonna make us give up anything. You and the baby are my life and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.” he took her face in his hands before leaning down to kiss her head.

“This is gonna be really hard, you know that right? We‘re gonna be 18 years old and we‘re gonna be married with a baby. Our parents probably aren’t going to support us, so it‘s up to us to support ourselves.” she looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

“We can do anything, Mandy. I’m gonna make sure I take care of my family. It‘s what a man does.” he told her, his tone very intense.

“You are a man, Roger. I’ve known since the day we met that you were a man. You took a chance and asked me out when you had no reason to believe that I would say yes and you love me like a man loves a woman.” she looked up at him, raising her hand to caress his face.

“I am never gonna let anything happen to you and our child, Mandy. I promise.” he leaned down to kiss her lips before opening the car door for her.

“I know. I trust you with our lives.” she smiled getting into the car. Placing her hands on her still flat belly as she waited for Roger to get into the drivers side and take her back to his house where they were hanging out.

When they arrived at Roger’s house they went inside and went straight to his bedroom. “Mandy, I’ve been meaning to do something.” he told her kneeling in front of her holding a ring box.

“What are you doing?” she asked looking down at him.

“Amanda Lee Cohen, this is for you. For agreeing to marry me.” he said putting the ring on her left ring finger. It was small and simple, but it was all he could afford.

“Oh Roger, this is beautiful.” she told him excitedly looking down at the engagement ring Roger had just given her.

“You’re beautiful.” he said standing up to kiss her.

“I love it, Roger.” she said looking at her ring.

“I love you so much, Baby.” he said holding her in his arms. “And I love you too, my little one. I am gonna love you and protect you with everything I have, just like I love and protect your mommy.” he said talking to Amanda’s still flat belly.

“You are gonna make such a wonderful father, aren’t you?” Amanda asked caressing his hair.

“I’m gonna try to be.” he told her smiling up at her.

“We are gonna have the luckiest baby in the world with you as his daddy.” she smiled as he leaned up to kiss her.

“And you’re gonna be the best mommy.” he smiled caressing her face.

“Mandy, don’t forget your ring.” Roger reminded her as she got out of the car.

“Oh right. That would have been really bad.” she smiled taking her ring off and putting it in the small pocket of her pocket book.

“I wouldn’t want your parents to see it and freak out.” he said looking up at her.

“I know. I can’t wait until I can wear it whenever I want.” she smiled before leaning over to kiss him.

“Me neither, Baby.” he whispered caressing her face.

“I’ll call you after dinner, OK?” she said smiling at him.

“OK Baby, I love you.” he smiled kissing her again.

“I love you too, Roger.” she laughed before rushing into the house.

“Mom, Mandy’s home.” Mark called out from the living room.

“Was she waiting for me?” she asked taking her book bag off of her shoulder.

“Kind of.” he said looking back down at his book.

“Do you know what it’s about?” she asked sitting next to him.

“No, she didn’t tell me. She just said to make sure I tell her when you get home.” he said without looking up.

“Amanda, can we see you in the kitchen, please?” Mrs. Cohen called out from the other room.

“We? Dad’s home?” she whispered as Mark nodded. “Oh shit.” she groaned walking towards the kitchen.

“Amanda, why did you apply to NYU?” Mr. Cohen asked looking over at her as she entered the kitchen.

“Because that’s where I want to go.” she answered looking up at him as she went into the refrigerator to get a glass of milk. “Did I get in?” she asked looking over at them.

“We don’t know yet. I got a phone call about your financial aid papers. I thought we discussed you going to Brown.” he said looking down at her.

“No dad, you guys discussed it. I told you last year that I wanted to go to NYU. It’s not my fault you guys don’t listen to me.” she said drinking her milk as Mrs. Cohen sat at the chair.

“I went to Brown, Cindy’s going to Brown and you and Mark are going there too.” he looked over at her.

“No, I’m not. I want to go to NYU, like I told you.” she argued looking up at him.

“NYU is for Roger, isn’t it?” he asked looking over at her.

“No daddy, NYU is for me. It was my idea.” she said looking up at him as she put her glass on the counter.

“Well I don’t like the idea of you going to NYU.” he said walking over to the table to sit with his wife.

“Then it’s a good thing that you’re not the one going, dad. It’s my life. I’m gonna be 18 soon and I can do whatever I want and if I want to go to NYU, I should be able to do that.” she argued looking over at her.

“Is Roger going there too?” Mrs. Cohen asked looking up at her.

“He hasn’t decided if he’s going to college yet, but we’re gonna get an apartment and he’s gonna work while I go to school.” she told them non nonchalantly.

“You are not moving in with him?” Mr. Cohen shouted standing up.

“Yes daddy, I am. We’re in love and we want to be together. What’s wrong with that? We’re adults.” she asked looking up at him.

“Amanda, I think you and Roger are moving too fast. You have only been dating for a little over a year. Maybe you should live in the dorms and let Roger get an apartment and you two just slow things down a little bit.” Mrs. Cohen suggested looking up at her.

“Mom, you can make all the suggestions you want, but it’s ultimately my decision and I decided that I want to go to NYU and get a little apartment in the city with Roger and since I’m gonna be an adult, there‘s nothing you guys can do about it.” she told her before rushing up the stairs.

“What are we gonna do Marcus? We‘re losing her.” Mrs. Cohen asked looking over at him.

“I don’t know, but I’m not liking this. She’s changed so much since she started dating that boy.” Mr. Cohen said looking over at his wife.

“She’s too young to be like this with anyone. She has her whole life ahead of her. She can‘t be this in love with a boy already.” Mrs. Cohen said standing up.

“But she thinks she is.” he said looking up at her as Mark listened in the doorway before rushing up the stairs to check on his sister.

“Mandy, can I come in?” Mark asked knocking on Amanda’s bedroom door.

“Yeah, come on in Marky.” she called out wiping her eyes.

“Are you OK?” he asked sitting on Amanda’s bed.

“No, mom and dad just don’t understand. I love Roger and we want to be together. I don’t know what their problem with Roger is. I thought they liked him.” she cried into her hands.

“You said it yourself, you’re gonna be 18 and you can do whatever you want.” he said looking over at her.

“Marky, he’s good to me and we’re in love. I mean really in love.” she said looking over at him.

“I know Mandy, it’s just that mom and dad are worried about you. They think you’ve changed since you started dating Roger. And you have.” Mark said looking over at her.

“But Marky, I changed for the better. He makes me feel like I can do anything, you know? I mean, I know who I am when I’m with him.” she told him wiping her eyes.

“You were a cheerleader before you started going out with him and then the day you started going out with him you quit.” he said moving closer to him.

“My friends were snobs and you know it. They were getting out of hand for a while. He didn’t care that I was a cheerleader. All he cared about was that he liked me.” she said looking up at him.

“Just slow down, OK?” he said looking over at her.

“I can’t, Marky. He’s my future.” she said smiling up at him.

“Are you guys gonna get married?” he asked looking down at her.

“Yes. I don’t want to be without him, Marky.” she said looking over at her brother. Continuing to keep their secret from her best friend.

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