Reboot alternative universe season 3

Chapter 2

Now Enzo is in supercomputer and training to be a guardian just like Bob. Then Turbo the prime guardian said we have human guardians from planet earth and we are here to welcome them here in the supercomputer. Then one of the guardians asked, "Why do we have users guardians?" Then turbo said," We are allowed to have users as friendly guardians

Then Enzo Matrix said'' yeah''.

Prime guardian Turbo said'' names of the new guardians are Tamara Ember and Austin Moon and Trey Dawson, Parker Tristan, Vera Allen''.

So is everyone is talking about the guardians and then Turbo started talking with Enzo Matrix about Bob that he was so great in the academy.

Then Enzo matrix asked ''Turbo about how is Bob during?

Then Turbo answer "Enzo Bob is okay".

Then a game drop in the supercomputer.

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