Reboot alternative universe season 3

Chapter 3

Go back to Mainframe when Guardian Bob lives

"Hi Dot," said Bob

Then Dot said "Hi Bob"

Then they go to the Principal Office where Phong lives

Phong checks his stuff in Principal Office and then he got a vid window about a game drop in Mainframe.

Then he called Dot and Bob about the game and Bob said " we are going into the game soon''.

Then Bob and Dot enter the game and Bob said "this game is about Zombies .''

Also, the user has a lot of Ammo in this game and he could kill us.

Then Bob reboot into a zombie and Dot reboot into Morticia from the Addams family . Dot looked disgusted and said, "who plays these violent games" and look at the audience.

Then the user comes in

Bob used glitch power ram to blow up the user And game over .

After the game Bob helped Dot rebuild the diner and was start to kiss eachother.

Then ceil stop them and said, "go wait at the bar" .

The end of episode 1 of season 3 of reboot
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