Reboot alternative universe season 3

Chapter 4

Now back with the super computer we're a game just drop and game is called a transformers game we're they have to beat Megatron to win said prime guardian turbo as "he read the game stats to all the guardians in the game . "

Enzo said "this game will be tough to beat but all of us will to reboot into auto bots to defeat Megatron."

After realizing this is not an easy game to conquer, The Autobot Guardians started to fight each descepticon. Something started to go wrong. Megatron just beat every guardian except for Enzo whom managed to shoot him and win the game! He was now their hero.

After the game was done Enzo got his own keytool named Mitch and then he got send back to mainframe where bob is .

Then two new human user guardians and their key tools got send to unnamed system in net .

The two new human user guardians their names is Guardian Omega aka (Bernadette winder)and Guardian Beta aka (Chad Winder) And their key tools named strike and freedom based of gundam suits .

They also were trained by prime guardian turbo after mainframe twin city blow up and they were the first two human user guardians.

They have a lot of experience fighting users in games that want to destroy the supercomputer and other system like fun house , Star Wars racer game , halo , mass effect , zombies ate my neighbours.

Now they full fledge guardians they can teach (how to defeat the users )

bionomes and other sprites in this unnamed system.

Now back to main frame where bob is and dot

They see Enzo come back as a full fledge guardian with his keytool named Mitch and Enzo said hi bob and hi sis

End of chapter 4
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