The Physiotherapist (English)

Chapter 10 – Discoveries

Krist’s exercise routine continued and was quite strenuous. At no time did Singto ease or slow down. The effects of all the work were visible. With each passing day, Krist improved more and more. Despite still using his wheelchair to get around in some places, he was able to stand up and walk alone with the help of crutches only.

That weekend, Singto invited Krist to visit a very special place for him and said he wanted to introduce someone very important. Memories of P’Prae talking about Fiat came to his mind, making him quite uncomfortable. But there was no way to say no to the invitation, after all Singto had done for him.

As Singto drove the car, Krist’s mind wandered through countless scenarios: where they were going, who he was going to meet, why this person was so important, why he felt so uncomfortable. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he did not realize they were stopped until the door beside him opened and Singto tapped him on the shoulder, startling him and making him scream. Which made Singto laugh.

After helping Krist out of the car and get organized with crutches, Singto removed Myna from her car seat, which was accommodated in the back seat, and only then went inside the building that was in front of them.

The three were greeted by Patty, who ran towards the three when she saw them entering.


- P’Singto. How much time! Patty spoke with a happy smile on her face. Is this Myna? How she grew up! She continued talking without allowing anyone to respond as she pulled the girl from Singto’s arms.

- Patty, this is my friend Krist! Singto spoke introducing the two.

- So, this is the famous Krist. Nice to meet you Krist, I am Patty.

- Nice to meet you, Patty. Krist replied, smiling shyly as her thoughts raced a mile a minute, now wondering how this girl knew Myna.

- There is someone who will die of happiness when they see you. Patty said looking at Singto, leaving Krist with a feeling of nausea that he could not control.

As they talked, Krist noticed a handsome man approaching, with a physical build that most men would envy. He was approaching with a huge smile on his face as he looked at Singto. As the man approached, he opened his arms, pulling Singto into a tight hug, making Krist feel emotions he himself didn’t know about. The longer he stayed there, the more he felt like running away from that place.

- Singto Prachaya, the next time you go so long without showing up here, we are in serious trouble! Said the man, frowning as if he was angry. Leading Singto to smile openly as he replied:

- I promise that it won’t take me long to return. Our lives are starting to normalize and I think we will have more time to visit you again.

As he listened to Singto respond, the man turned to Krist and said:

- And you must be the famous Krist, am I right? The man asked making Krist shy before answering.

- Yes. I am Krist Perawat. Nice to meet you! Krist spoke.

- Nice to meet you, Krist. My name is Tew. I have been a great friend of Singto’s since our high school days. If you want to know any secrets about him, you can come to me later. He spoke smiling, making Singto smile and shake his head. Turning to Patty he continued:

- Does Fiat know he is here?

- Not yet. Patty replied with a smile on her face.

As he took Myna from Patty’s arms, Tew said:

- What are you waiting to go call him? Asked Tew.

- Not yet! Singto asked, leaving Krist saddened and increasingly nauseous. A thousand things went through his head. All those people he did not know, and they all knew Myna and knew who he was. Why did not Singto want to introduce him to Fiat?

- First I want to accommodate Kit. He must be tired of standing here, listening to you talking a lot of nonsense. When we settle down, you can call Fiat. I do not want to risk him knocking or hurting Kit, Singto explained. Which gave Krist a little relief when he felt Singto’s concern for him.

Placing a hand on Krist’s shoulder, Singto directed him to the porch at the back of the house. As they walked, Krist could see how many rooms the house had. When passing through one of the rooms that had the door open, he could notice the presence of several beds lined up next to each other, leading him to believe that it was an orphanage. He was sure it was an orphanage when, entering the terrace, he saw the number of children running in the backyard. Even so, his mind still worked against him, fueling his doubts until he found out who the famous Fiat was. After settling on the swing that faced the garden, Patty announced that she would call Fiat.

When Tew went downstairs with Myna to play on one of the swings in the garden, Krist started talking to Singto.

- You look very comfortable here!

- Yes, it is true! Singto replied. I was volunteered here. This orphanage is maintained with financial help from our family business. We are always around, concerned about the employees who are hired. We were always afraid that some might mistreat these children who have already lost so much in their lives. Singto replied, explaining his relationship with the orphanage. But, since Tew took over as director of the orphanage, we have become more relaxed. He is of our complete trust.

As Singto explained his relationship with the orphanage, Krist watched a child run limping toward them. As he paid more attention to the limping child, Krist noticed that he did not have one of his legs. It had been replaced with a prosthesis.

- Uncle Sing has arrived! Uncle Sing has arrived! Shouted the child, getting closer and closer, until he threw herself into Singto’s arms and started to cry as he hugged him and rubbed his little face on Singto’s neck, who smiled and stroked his back affectionately.

- Uncle Sing is here. You do not need to cry. Singto spoke affectionately, waiting for the little boy to stop his crying.

- I missed you! Whimpered the little boy.

This scene made Krist cry, causing Singto to speak in a joking tone.

- Ready. It was just what was needed. Two children crying at the same time. What can Uncle Sing do to make you two stop crying?

These words made the child look towards Krist and ask Singto.

- Who is he? The boy asked as he continued to sniffle, trying to stop crying.

- This is Uncle Kit. He is a friend of Uncle Sing’s and he came here to meet you. Do not you want to go perform for him? Singto spoke.

The boy got out of Singto’s lap and went to stand in front of Krist, holding out his little hand as he spoke:

- Nice to meet you Uncle Kit, I am Fiat.

- Nice to meet you, Fiat. You are a very polite little boy. Krist replied, squeezing the hand Fiat had extended to him.

Looking at the crutches beside Krist, Fiat, like any child, asked without any embarrassment.

- Is Uncle Sing helping you walk? And, pointing to his little leg, he continued. It was Uncle Sing who helped me walk again.

- Yes, it is! It is Uncle Sing who is helping Uncle Kit walk again. Krist replied as tears began to trickle down his face again.

- Do not worry uncle Kit, you will be fine soon. Uncle Sing is the best! Fiat spoke with a huge smile on his face.

- I know! Krist replied, already wanting to cry again at Fiat’s words. Can I get a hug from you too or is it just uncle Sing who wins?

- Of course, Uncle Kit, you can also get a hug. The boy replied as he wrapped his arms around Krist’s neck.

As he wrapped his arms around the little boy, Krist looked at Singto, who kept seeing the interaction between the two, and saw his eyes shining brighter than ever. The glint in Singto’s eyes toward him always made his heartbeat faster. Even with his heart pounding, and just moving his lips, he said thank you to Singto, getting a smile and a nod in response.

The rest of the day passed in great spirits. You could see how happy and well the children were. Adults had as much fun as children. The only thing that did not change throughout the day was the distance between Singto and Fiat. The boy looked like an octopus, full of arms and hands, clinging to Singto as much as he could. Despite having started the day with a sick feeling in his stomach not knowing what lay ahead, Krist felt it was one of the happiest days he is had since the accident. He left knowing that he would come back so many times had the opportunity.

That night, Krist told Singto about his childhood. That his father had died before he was born and his mother had died when he was six. As his parents had run away to get married, when they died no one in the family wanted to take responsibility for him, putting him in an orphanage, but it was a totally different place from the one he knew today. He said that he was not mistreated, but also that he never had anyone to give him love or affection. Besides seeing the few friends he made go away with their new families and never see them again.

After listening carefully to Krist’s story, it was Singto’s turn to tell the Fiat story. He was abandoned at the hospital when his parents discovered he had foot bone cancer and that it had already spread to the Tibia, which is the bone below the knee. Doctors chose to amputate the entire lower leg, below the knee, before starting chemotherapy. They said this would give Fiat a better chance of recovery. I met him at that time and stayed by his side during the treatment. He just stayed in a wheelchair until I decided to donate the prosthesis to him. It took him a while to learn to walk, but I never gave up on him either.

Tears ran down Krist’s face when he commented:

- You are very good, Shing. That is why everyone loves you!

- So, you love me too, Kit? Singto asked with a smile on his face. Krist’s face was as red as a tomato, but that did not stop him from throwing a pillow at Singto, causing them both to laugh.



I feel like with each passing day we have become more friends. Today he took me to see the orphanage that his family helps run. It is very different from the one I lived in. I told him about my childhood. He listened very patiently. I also met Fiat, which P’Prae told me about. He is a very nice boy and has a real adoration for Singto. But with the dedication he treats us, who cannot adore him? I do not know what is going on, but I feel like each day that goes by I feel more involved by him.

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