The Physiotherapist (English)

Chapter 11 – Other Discoveries

Time passed quickly. Krist’s recovery was impressive. It would soon be a year and a half since the accident and he had already managed to get rid of his crutches. That weekend, Singto announced that it would be his little sister’s birthday and that he was going to the cemetery to put flowers. He asked if Krist would like to join him. He could meet his sister and enjoy visiting Anong’s grave. Krist accepted the invitation immediately.

With everything arranged, early on Saturday morning, Mrs Marila arrived to stay with Myna. She had two bouquets of roses, one for her daughter and one for Anong. The first one she handed to Singto while saying:

- This one is for your sister. Tell her we miss her every day. Then she turned to Krist and handed him the second bouquet as she spoke:

- This one is for your Anong. Please tell her to be calm. That you and Myna are part of a new family. Who loves you very much and will always do everything possible to be happy. As she finished speaking, noticing how Krist’s eyes filled with tears, she pulled him into a hug and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

- Now let’s not be sad. I want to know where grandma’s little princess is? Mrs Marila spoke with a huge smile on her face.

- MYNA! Grandma has arrived, my love! Shouted Mrs Marila and went into the house in search of her granddaughter, leaving the two men with a smile plastered on their faces.

The way to the cemetery was silent and peaceful. Singto knew that after such a long time, many things were going on in Krist’s mind and he did not want to disturb this moment.

Before entering the cemetery, Singto stopped at a flower shop. Despite bringing the bouquets his mother had bought, he wanted to buy a small arrangement of white lilies for Anong. Krist had previously said that they were her favorite flowers and he would like to pay a special tribute to her.

When they reached the area that belonged to the Prachaya family, Singto showed him where Anong’s headstone was. He knew Krist needed to be alone for a moment. So, he told would leave him alone for a while and then they would go together to his sister’s grave, then walking away.

Krist knelt in front of Anong’s grave and then placed the bunch of flowers on the headstone, before starting to talk to her.

- Hi, Anong. It’s been a while, right? I could not come earlier because I was still recovering. It was my new mother who sent you these flowers. She said you are supposed to be reassured that they will take good care of me and Myna. So, our daughter is called Myna. She is a very smart girl and is getting more beautiful every day. Who would have thought that, in the midst of this tragedy, Myna and I would be adopted into a new family? Please, forgive me that I could not save you! He finished speaking with his voice already cracking, before breaking down into a very heartfelt cry.

Upon seeing Krist cry, Singto immediately came over to lend his support and, without even saying a word, put a hand on his shoulder to let him know he was not alone. Waited as long as Krist needed to cry his sorrows and hurts. When Krist stopped crying and got up, he just looked at Singto and thanked him. Singto said that he also had something to talk to Anong and asked to be alone with her for a while. As soon as Krist pulled back a little, Singto put on the lily arrangement he brought her and started talking:

- I chose these lilies for you. I know they are your favorites because Krist told me. I am really sad about everything that happened. I really wish our lives had been different, but I want you to know that I love Myna so much. I treat her like my daughter and would give my life for her. I also love Krist very much and I want you to know that if there is any chance between us, I will do my best to make him happier. Please, wherever you are, be at peace. I promise you that we will do our best for your family.

When he got up, he saw that Krist was already in front of his sister’s grave and headed straight for it. When he reached the side, he saw new tears running down Krist’s face as he looked at his sister’s picture.

- Krist, this is my little sister... Singto was speaking when he was interrupted by Krist’s voice.

- This is Myna! And looking at Singto, who was quite surprised by Krist’s statement, he continued. Tell me I am not crazy? Leaving Singto not knowing what to say, since he did not know what he was talking about.

- I know her. I dreamed of her several times. Her name is Myna! And looking at Singto, he continued. Were you her angel? Krist was getting agitated.

Singto nodded.

- I was not hallucinating! Krist started crying and fussing again as some flashes from the room came back to his mind before he lost consciousness.


When Krist opened his eyes, he found he was in a different room, realizing immediately that he was in a hospital room. Feeling his hand pinned, he noticed that Singto was holding and resting his head back on the bed. Looking at that sleeping man, Krist wondered how much longer Singto would put up with someone like him, giving him work and bringing so many problems into his life. That thought brought more tears to Krist’s eyes. Not wanting to wake him up, he reached up with his other hand to stroke his hair, but he was unsuccessful. As soon as he touched his hair, Singto woke up and lifted his head to look at him. His eyes were worried, which made Krist immediately ask if something was wrong with himself.

- There is nothing wrong! Singto replied with teary eyes. I was just scared of losing you again! He finished speaking while leaning over his chest, wrapping him in a hug, leaving Krist quite surprised by this show of affection.

They were still holding each other when their parents opened the bedroom door and walked in, leaving Krist embarrassed at their position. As his mother rushed to the side of the bed, pushing Singto aside and, taking his hand, asked him how he was feeling and pressed a kiss to his forehead, his father moved to the other side with the same concern.

- I am fine, Mom. Sorry to worry you. Krist replies looking at his parents.

- Do not even think about saying something like that again. We are your family and worrying about you is our obligation. Mrs Marila spoke.

- What did Dr Pete say? Mr Krekkay wanted to know, directing his gaze to Singto.

- He said it is okay! I told how Kit was moved at the cemetery and he believes it was just the emotions. But he asked us to call him as soon as Kit woke up. I will do that now. He warned before going to the infirmary to request the presence of Dr Pete, who came without much delay.

- Good afternoon, everyone! Dr Pete spoke as he entered the room and saw the family around Krist. Walking towards his patient, he immediately asked:

- How are you feeling, Krist? It is all right?

- Yes, I am well! Krist replied.

- Do you remember what happened? Asked Dr Pete.

- Yes, I do! Krist replied.

- That is great. Shows you were not disoriented! Dr Pete spoke as he measured his pulse. Then, placing his finger in front of Krist’s face, he asked him to follow as he moved from right to left.

- Do you want to talk about what happened or what you felt when you passed out? Asked Dr Pete.

Looking at Singto, who returns his gaze with a nod. Even silently, giving him all the support he wanted to say.

- I was still very emotional when I left the front of Anong’s grave. I still feel guilty that I survived and she did not. Then I walked to Myna’s grave...

- What? I did not know Myna had passed away! Dr Pete spoke interrupting Krist’s speech.

- No... she is fine! The Myna I am talking about is Shing’s little sister. Krist spoke correcting the misunderstanding. When I arrived at Myna’s grave and saw her portrait, I recognized her. The images of what I thought were dreams, began to pop into my mind, like a movie at high speed. It made me nauseous and I lost consciousness.

- What do you mean, you recognize her? Asked Mrs Marila, impressed with the revelation.

- When I woke up from the coma, I told Shing that I had dreamed of Anong. She told me it was her time and not mine. He confirmed to me that she was dead. What I did not say was that she was accompanied by a girl, who she called Myna and who was helping her. When Shing told me that he had named the baby Myna, I thought I might have heard that name during the coma and was mixing reality with fantasy. Today I found out that the Myna of my dreams was Shing’s sister. I always dreamed that I was in a small white room, with a bed, a small window and a door. Myna always visited me in this room. She talked to me and talked about her angel. Until one day she told me it was time to leave the room and that the angel would take care of me. When I asked who the angel was, she smiled and told me it was Shing and simply pushed me out of the room. I woke up with Shing by my side. I never said anything because I thought it was hallucinations. Krist finished speaking as a few tears streamed down his face. Everyone was open-mouthed with their story. His mother and Singto wept with the memories of Myna and thrilled with the experience that Krist went through. Dr Pete was the first to speak.

- Do not worry about it, Krist. Science has never and will never be able to explain everything. No doubt you had a unique experience, but that does not make you crazy. I have heard reports of patients who saw tunnels, lights, gardens, among many other experiences. In my opinion, this experience makes you a lucky man. The only thing I recommend for you is a little more rest. It can be here or at home, you decide.

- I would like to go home. Krist spoke.

- OK! So, I will prepare your discharge papers. Do not worry about anything, clinically you are fine. Dr Pete spoke, giving a smile, bowing to everyone and leaving the room to prepare the release of his patient.

When Krist got out of the hospital, he asked his parents to come home with him and Singto. He would like to share with his family a little more than he had written in his journal. That night, once again, Krist felt all the love of his family. At no time did they express any distrust of what he was talking about, on the contrary, he felt that they were looking at him with eyes of pure love and understanding. Krist warned that some diary pages contained personal thoughts and still did not want to share, but anything related to his memories of Myna he would like to talk about. Another emotional moment was when he showed the drawings of Myna and the angel’s wings he saw through the window.

The resemblance to the photo on Myna’s grave was enormous. And about the design of the angel’s wings... ahh was another moment that left everyone impressed. The first question Mrs Marila asked was whether Krist had ever seen Singto shirtless, making the two men blush.

- No, never! Krist replied to his mother.

- Show him! Asked Mrs Marila looking at Singto. Those words made Krist look at Singto without understanding what his mother was asking, until he started to take off his shirt, then turned around and displayed a tattoo. It was big enough not to draw too much attention, but it looked exactly like the sketch in the diary.

- Myna always said I was her angel, but just before she died, she said would be my angel. When I grew up, I got this tattoo in her honor. The letter M in the middle of the wings refers to her name. Singto explained to a Krist, who kept crying.

In that instant, Krist was aware that Myna became not only Singto’s angel, but also his. She has organized his entire post-accident life. She found a family for him.



Today Shing and I went to the cemetery to visit Anong and his sister. To my surprise, his sister is Myna. The same girl who visited me in what I thought were dreams. The memories came so fast they made me pass out. Dr Pete examined me and said that he has had other patients who have had similar experiences, but that everything was fine. I love my new family more and more. I shared my memories with them and at no time did they doubt me or look at me like someone weird. It was a very exciting day. I do not know how many lives I will have to live to thank Myna for taking care of me and putting Shing to take care of our daughter. Thanks to her, we are all together and well.

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