The Physiotherapist (English)

Chapter 12 – Normal Life (Attempt 1)

A year and a half had passed since the accident and Krist was once again, along with Singto, on their way to the hospital. This time he would receive the results of his latest exams, and, if everything was fine, he would definitely be discharged from Dr Pete. In addition to the tests showing that everything was fine, the physical therapy had been a complete success; Krist was in top physical and mental shape. The only thing that had not come back was the memory of the accident. According to Dr Pete, this type of occurrence is quite normal in accidents that involve blows to the head and Krist should be aware that he may never remember how the accident occurred. With everything cleared up, Krist was discharged from Dr Pete. The two men left the doctor’s office laughing like children. Today, they would have a lot to celebrate. Krist called his parents to invite them to dinner with Singto, Myna and him.

Dinner was very lively and everyone was happy. Krist looked with emotion at each member of his family who was seated at the table. Many things have changed in everyone’s lives. The accident that claimed Anong’s life was also the same one that gave them new opportunities. The parents gained a new son and a granddaughter. A baby has a new father, an aunt, cousins ​​and new grandparents. One of the men got a daughter and the other got new parents.



Today, I went to the hospital for my last appointment. The exams were all normal and I was definitely discharged. I just do not have memories of the accident yet, but Dr Pete said I might never fully remember it. Shing said we had to celebrate. He was just as happy as me. We took Myna home, invited our parents, and we all went out to dinner. I thought it was too romantic, we looked like a couple with a child and accompanied by their parents lol lol lol lol lol, I saw people’s eyes looking in our direction, but I did not care a bit about it and they didn’t seem to mind either. Just being in their company was paying off. Shing’s eyes didn’t stop shining... he was too beautiful!! When he looks and smiles at me, I feel like my heart wants to come out of my mouth. I do not know how or when it happened, but I think I am in love with Shing!!!!!! I think when Anong told me to open my heart and take the chance, she must have been referring to me opening up to Shing’s love.


Everything seemed to be going in order, except for Krist’s heart. Prae’s words kept bouncing around in his head: “If you feel there might be something between you, a chance whatever, allow yourself to love and be loved” as did Anong’s words: “Open your heart. Do not waste this chance” and Myna’s: “he loves you and he is suffering”. He did not know how, but he had to let Singto know his feelings. After some internet research to find out what to do, he decided that the simplest is usually the safest.

When Singto arrived from the clinic, he found the table set for three and the house smelling soft and deliciously of incense. Krist was playing with Myna on the terrace. He could not tell what, but Krist’s face was different from normal. His face wore a smile that highlighted his dimples, leaving him brighter than usual. While Singto was talking to Myna, Krist asked him to take a shower so they could relax during and after dinner. Even without understanding the reason, Singto said he would do as he asked and went to take his bath.

After finishing his shower and getting comfortable, Singto went back to the terrace to meet Krist and Myna and was once again surprised by Krist’s smile, who got up and, as he walked to leave the terrace, told him:

- Can you accommodate our daughter in her chair, while I serve dinner?

- Clear! Singto replied with a grin that went from ear to ear. Whenever he heard Krist call Myna our daughter, his heart fluttered. He did not say my daughter or your daughter, it was our daughter. It filled Singto’s heart with hope.

Dinner went exactly as Krist had scheduled, with a menu of simple foods and a red wine. Everything to please Singto’s palate. The two had fun while talking and feeding Myna. When dinner was over, Krist asked Singto to watch over Myna while he cleared and set the table. Singto wanted to protest, but he said that he had already spent the whole day with the girl and that it was his turn to take advantage of this time to enjoy the little girl.

As Myna plays in the living room, taking her toys from one man to another, they continue drinking and talking and Krist remembers what happened on the day of the cemetery and the memories it brought back. Until Myna sits on Singto’s lap and rubs her little face against his chest, getting ready for bed. With the excuse of making the environment more pleasant for Myna to sleep in, Krist dimmed the light in the room. He took the opportunity to create a more romantic atmosphere, in addition to trying not to show embarrassment during the conversation when he said that when Myna pushed him out of the room it was because his angel was suffering.

- And it was. I almost lost hope that you would wake up! The day you woke up I was very sad and had cried a lot, but I would never give up taking care of you. Singto spoke as he got up to take Myna, who was already sleeping in his arms, to his room.

- Watch what you say. If P’Prae heard you talking like that, she would go crazy and provoke me a lot. When she was here, after Myna’s birthday, she told me you were in love with me. Said Krist!

- What if I am? Singto left the question hanging as he left the room and left Krist alone.

When he returned to the living room, he found Krist standing beside the bookcase. He was putting on a slow song. Turning towards him, he extended his hand and spoke in a soft voice:

- Give me the pleasure of this dance, Mr Shing Prachaya?

Singto walked towards him with a huge smile plastered on his face. In that instant, he was seeing his dream come true: Krist was returning his love. When Krist took his hand, he was pulled slowly against him, until their bodies were together. Without letting go of his hand, Krist wrapped his other arm around Singto’s waist and, leaning his head against Singto’s neck, they began to slide in time to the music. Afraid that Krist was under the influence of alcohol, Singto asked:

- Kit, do you happen to know what you are doing?

- If you are afraid that I am drunk, my answer is no. I am not drunk. Krist replied as he slid his face over Singto’s face.

- Maybe a little excited, but not drunk. Their foreheads were already glued together, their noses brushing.

- I know what I am doing! And since Singto made no move to turn his face away, Krist moved his lips closer to Singto.

- I know what I want! He spoke, putting his lips to Singto’s, who, unable to take it any longer, invaded Krist’s mouth with his tongue, in a frantic struggle. Until, when they parted for air, Singto spoke almost without thinking:

- I love you, Kit! You do not know how long I have been waiting for this!

- I know! Krist replied. And today I want to show you all my gratitude. Krist continued, setting off to kiss Singto once more when he felt Singto’s hand pushing against his chest and pulling away from him.

- GratiTUDE? Asked Singto. GRATITUDE? He asked again raising his voice, taking Krist by surprise.

- No, Shing! You... tried to talk Krist

- I DO NOT WANT YOUR FUCKING GRATITUDE! Singto spoke almost shouting, not letting Krist say anything. What do you think I am? Do you think I am buying you? That I did what I did expecting something in return? You do not really know me, Krist Perawat. You can take your fucking gratitude and.... and... make good use of it! At that moment, Myna started to cry in the room, probably being woken up by the loud voices. Still nervous, Singto looked at him and continued:

- Your daughter is crying. I think you should see what she wants! Turning his back and then heading towards his room.

Caught by surprise, Krist simply froze and could not speak. Singto had never called him Krist or even yelled at him. He had to explain himself, but when Myna cried once more, he ran into the bedroom to get the girl. As he cradled the little girl in his arms, he heard the door to the room being opened and then closed with another loud bang. At that moment, tears began to fall from his eyes. Singto had got it all wrong.

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