The Physiotherapist (English)

Chapter 13 – Normal Life (Attempt 2)

That weekend, Singto did not come home or answer Krist’s calls. On Monday he also failed to attend the clinic. He just called saying he would take a few days off and that his queries would be passed on to other professionals. Even though he did not want to involve his mother in his problems, Krist had no choice but to call her when, a week later, he still had no news or any contact from Singto. He desperately needed her support.

When Mrs Marila arrived at Krist’s house, she found the man incredibly dejected. With deep dark circles, red and puffy eyes, besides having lost a lot of weight. If she did not know him, she would be able to tell he had been in an accident or was very sick. The suffering Krist was going through was visible. She walked over to him pulling him into a hug, which made him cry even harder.

- Shhhh! Do not cry, my son. It is gonna be okay! Said Mrs Marila as she rubbed Krist’s back in an attempt to comfort him.

- He hates me. He does not answer my calls or answer my messages. Krist said, trying to control his crying.

- He is hurt! He just needs a little time. Mrs Marila spoke.

- Hurt? Did he say what happened? Krist asked.

- Yes, he did. Replied Mrs Marila.

- Did he also say what he said to me? Wanted to know Krist. Or does he think his words did not hurt me?

- I said you should talk, but he is very upset. Said Mrs Marila.

- And are you okay with that? Krist asked.

- With you two fights? Of course not! Mrs Marila replied in a very angry voice.

- Not with the fight. Krist spoke shyly, his gaze turned to the floor.

- Ah... of you becoming a couple? Of course I am fine. I do not think Singto could like anyone better than you. But, let’s be honest, Krist, no one makes a declaration of love saying they want to show gratitude!

- No, mother! He got it all wrong. Of course I am grateful. I am grateful for everything! I am grateful that he took over Myna, I am grateful that he took care of me, but mostly that he was patient in waiting for me to fall in love with him, never asking for anything in return. He did not even give me a chance to finish what I was talking about. He only attacked me with words. When he insinuated that I wanted to sleep with him as payment, just to be grateful for what he did for me, he compared me to a whore. I would never do that, especially with someone like him. Krist finished speaking, already crying again.

- Oh, my baby! Said Mrs Marila, giving Krist another hug and realizing how unfair Singto was when he rushed into his judgment.

- Mom, can you help me with something? Krist asked.

- Of course, my dear. Whatever you want! His mother replied.


When Mrs Marila arrived home with Myna, Mr Krekkay and Singto ran to hug the girl. Sarcastically, Singto asked:

- Did he let you bring Myna? I thought he was going to use her to want to talk to me.

- Not! It was quite different from that! He said he would never separate Myna from us. He even said that if you want you can go back to your house. Said Mrs Marila throwing the house key to Singto.

- What is it? Asked Singto.

- Do you no longer recognize your house key? I did not think it had been so long that you did not recognize the key to your house anymore. His mother replied.

- I know it is the house key, but why are you giving it back to me? Singto questioned as he looked at his mother questioningly.

- Simply because Krist won’t need her anymore. He’s leaving Phuket. I dropped him off at the airport. His mother replied.

- What? Like this? He can’t leave! Singto spoke.

- Of course, he can. And after I saw and talked to him, I can’t take away his reason for leaving and leaving an idiot like you behind. Honestly, Singto, when you told me what happened, I even understood you, even though I thought you were overreacting. But after I talked to him, I was absolutely sure. Mrs Marila spoke.

- But I do not want his gratitude! Retorted Singto.

- And what is the problem of him being grateful that you have taken over Myna? For taking care of him? For standing by his side and waiting patiently while he fell in love with you, asking nothing in return? Tell me what is wrong with that? His mother spoke quite sharply. Not even when he came home from the hospital I saw him so broken, Singto Prachaya. But I think this is no longer a problem for you. You are free of it. Ahh... he also sent word, that he left everything you gave him. He prefers not to owe you so much.

The words her mother spoke hurt Singto’s heart. In that instant he realized how unfair he had been to Krist. He had to do something. He could not let the man he loved walk away from him. Immediately he turned on the phone and started calling Krist. None of the calls went through.

- Please, mother. Where is he going? Wanted to know Singto.

- He is heading back to Bangkok. Replied Mrs Marila.

- What time is the flight? Singto asked next.

- I do not know that. I just dropped it off at the airport. He was going to buy a ticket for the next flight. Maybe he is even boarded, and it is your own fault. Since he’s been trying to talk to you all week. His mother replied.

- I am going there now. I have to at least try to stop him.

- If you want my opinion, I think that alone you won’t have much chance. He really is very hurt. If you want to try something, I think you would better go prepared with heavier artillery.

- I will take Myna with me. I am sure he will cave. Singto spoke almost as if he were an asset.

- Are you sure about that? Asked his mother. Remember that he already said goodbye to her. This proves how willing he is to leave. But it is an attempt. Now do not waste any more time and run there but go safely. Remember Myna is in the car with you.

As he left for the airport, Singto came up with an alternative plan and called his friend Tew, who answered him without much delay.

- My friend Singto Prachaya. To what do I owe the honor of this connection? Asked Tew.

- I made a huge mistake and, since the orphanage is closer to the airport, I am in need of a big favor from you. Singto spoke bluntly.

- Tell me what you want from this friend of yours. Said Tew, hoping to hear what it was.

- The following is...


When he heard the call to board his flight, Krist rose from his chair and grabbed his backpack with the few clothes he had decided to bring. Tears were still running down his face, drawing the attention of some passengers. As he started walking towards the gate, he heard a child calling his name as he ran towards him.

- Uncle Kit! Uncle Kit!

Caught by surprise, Krist hurried toward Fiat and knelt down so that he was level with the little boy. The boy wrapped his arms around Krist’s neck, making him cry even harder.

- What are you doing here, my dear? Krist asked Fiat.

- I came for a walk with Uncle Tew and got lost. Why are you crying? You are sad? Are you hurt? Fiat asked as he ran his hand over Krist’s face wiping away his tears.

- No, my baby! I am just happy to see you. Krist lied, trying to stop crying as he tried to smile.

- I am glad I found you too, Uncle Kit. Now I am not scared anymore! Fiat spoke with a smile on his face.

- You do not have to be afraid. Uncle Kit won’t leave you alone, okay? Now, we need to find Uncle Tew. Come on? Krist asked giving a smile to the cute little boy who wouldn’t let go of his hand.

From a distance, Tew smiled seeing the two interacting. The plan worked. Fiat did everything exactly as agreed and Krist would miss the flight. Now it was enough to keep hiding until Singto arrived with Myna.

As they searched for Tew inside the airport, Krist did not suspect it was Singto’s plan to prevent him from taking the flight. He did not mind when he realized that he had missed his boarding and, consequently, his flight to Bangkok. He would always have time to reschedule the ticket when he found Tew and delivered Fiat to him.

They had just finished a snack, after Fiat said he was hungry, and were getting ready to leave the cafeteria when Krist felt a child grab her leg and call him papa. In that instant he realized that he had fallen in a Singto blow. As he took Myna in his arms, he looked at Fiat and asked looking straight into his eyes.

- Weren’t you lost, right? Did you set me up?

- I do not know what you are talking about, Uncle Kit. I do not even know what Uncle Sing talked to Uncle Tew. Fiat answered very innocently and pouting at Krist. Are you mad at me? Wanted to know Fiat.

- Not my dear, of course not. Krist replied as he ruffled Fiat’s hair and placed a kiss on his head. Let’s go, I think it is time to go home! Krist continued, knowing that no one would show up to pick up the kids if he insisted on staying there.

The three headed to the airport exit and took a taxi towards Singto’s house. Once settled, he texted Singto. He said that he was taking the children home and that he would be there to receive them, as he no longer had the keys to the house. When the taxi stopped in front of the house, it was already night and the two children were sleeping, not making it any easier for Krist to get them out of the car. Both the entrance gate and the house door were open, but there was no one inside. Krist managed to get Fiat into his bed and then took Myna to her room. When he returned to the living room, he saw that the door was closed and locked. That meant Singto was home. Even with some tears running down his face, Krist spoke trying not to show any feelings.

- Please, let’s not make this more difficult. Since you are at home, you take on the kids from now on. Just open the door and I am leaving.

When the music started playing and the lights in the room were dimmed, Krist could not take it anymore. Already in tears, he said:

- Enough, Shing! I just want to leave.

- Do you do me the honor of this dance, Kit Perawat? Singto asked entering the room and offering his hand to Krist.

- No, Shing. I do not want to dance with you anymore. I just want to leave. Do you have any idea what I went through this week? Do you think one song will solve everything? That will erase what I suffered? Or are you now wanting to charge what you did for me? Krist asked very aggressively.

- I know I deserve to hear what you are talking about. I was very selfish, I just thought about myself and forgot about your feelings. I left without even letting you speak. Please excuse me. Singto spoke.

- You are an idiot! Krist continued.

- I know that! Retorted Singto, stepping closer.

- I hate you! Krist said, calmer now.

- I love you too! Singto spoke smiling and pulling Krist into a hug. I promise that if you give me another chance, I will always listen to you until the end and I will never jump to conclusions. Please just do not leave. I cannot stand being away from you.

- Promise? Krist asked.

- You have my word! Singto replied as he brought his lips closer to Krist’s.

- Another thing; are not you ashamed to use Fiat to deceive me? Krist wanted to know as he pulled Singto lips from his.

- If he had not arrived in time, would you have given up traveling? Asked Singto.

- Not! Krist replied.

- So, I do not regret it! Singto said as he opened his smile and pulled Krist into a passionate kiss.

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