The Physiotherapist (English)

Chapter 14 – Life that follows

That night, as they slept in each other’s arms, the two men had the same dream. They were walking along the beach hand in hand, when they noticed a small boat ahead of them arriving at the beach. From it, two people got out. A woman and a child, who hand in hand, came towards them. As they got closer, the men realized it was Anong and Myna. Anong stopped for a moment as Myna walked over to Krist and Singto.

Krist knelt on the sand on the beach to be as tall as Myna, before thanking her.

- Thank you very much, Myna. For everything you have done for us. I do not even know how to thank you! Krist spoke holding the girl’s hands.

- I know what you can do. Myna replied with a smile plastered on her face. Take care of my angel, he is very special to me, and be very happy.

- I promise to do my best! Krist replied, pulling Myna into a hug as a tear ran down his cheek. Thanks again! He finished speaking by kissing the girl on the cheek, before she turned to speak to Singto.

- My angel! Myna spoke to Singto, who pulled her around and wrapped her in his arms. Remaining embraced and silent for a while until Singto asked her.

- I won’t see you anymore, right?

- One day, but not for a time! Myna responded with a smile on her face. Leading Singto to shed some tears.

- But you said you would be my angel! Retorted Singto.

- Oh, Shing! You do not need me anymore. Now you have another angel taking care of you. You will no longer be alone. Myna replied.

- Now I need to go. Myna said giving a kiss on the cheek of Singto before descending from his arms and going to Anong’s side.

Before leaving, Anong went to Krist and giving him a hug said:

- Enjoy your life well, Krist. Remember, everything can change in a fraction of a second. Be very happy, you deserve it! Giving him a kiss on the cheek, Anong turned to Singto and while giving him a hug she said:

- And you, Singto, remember that you promised me you would take good care of him! I wish you both the best in the world. After also kissing him on the cheek, Anong released Singto’s embrace.

- Oh, there’s one more thing. I think Myna would love to have a big brother. Anong spoke with a big smile as she looked at the two men in front of her.

Walking closer to Myna, the two joined hands and began walking back to the boat that would take them away from the dreamland.


That morning, everyone woke up together. The children were the first to wake up, but as soon as they started to make noise, the adults jumped out of bed. While Singto went to take care of the kids, Krist went to prepare breakfast for everyone. When they were seated at the table, Fiat was the first to speak.

- Uncle Kit, are you still sad? Are you still leaving? He asked pouting.

- No, my love. Uncle Kit is no longer sad and does not even leave! He replied smiling at the boy and then looking away at Singto, who was also smiling at him.

The rest of breakfast passed smoothly. The children were fed and then, while the adults cleared the table and washed the dishes, Fiat went to play with Myna. While they were tidying up the kitchen, Krist told Singto that he was dreaming about Myna and Anong again and that this time, he was in the dream. Singto looked amazed and said that he had also dreamed of the two and that Krist was also in his dream. When the two began to tell the dream they had, they realized they had the same dream and were very moved. Singto asked if he remembered what Anong had said before he left.

- About Myna having an older brother? Krist asked.

- Yes! Singto replied.

- As Anong said in the dream, our life can change in a fraction of a second. Although I did not plan it, I do not mind having and taking care of another child with you. Mainly the Fiat. That boy is sweet. Krist explained.

- Before all this happened, I was preparing to adopt the Fiat. But, with a simple dream, my life changed completely. I fell in love with Myna and with you. So, I postponed the dream of adopting him. I knew that with my help, the Fiat would always be treated well at the orphanage, and you were needing me more than he did. But if you are willing to educate him along with me, I would be very happy. Singto said to the man in front of him.

- So, I think we can ask if he accepts to be our son. Let’s go? Said Krist

The two men found Fiat playing and taking care of Myna on the terrace. Sitting on the swing, they watched the two of them playing and laughing.

- Hey, Fiat. What do you think of Myna? Krist asked.

- I like her a lot, Uncle Kit. But she’s still too little to take care of herself. We have to help her not get hurt. Replied the little boy.

- You know that we are very worried about when she goes to school, who is going to take care of her. Singto spoke.

- Leave it to me, Uncle Sing. If she goes to study at my school, I promise I will take care of her.

- What do you think of that, Kit? Will it work? Singto asked looking at Krist.

- Hmm. I do not know, Shing. I think it would be better if Myna had an older brother. He could live here with us and sleep in the other room. He was always going to be keeping an eye on her. Krist replied.

- And where can we get an older brother for her? Would any child accept being Myna’s older brother? Asked Singto.

- I accept. Fiat answered, looking at the men and with his little eyes shining.

- Hmmm. I do not know. To be the big brother he will have to call us daddy too. What do you think, Kit? Asked Singto.

- I think you are right, Shing. Krist replied

- I call! I call! Said Fiat almost crying.

- So, if you are going to call us Daddy, now we will be able to tell everyone that you are our son? Krist asked looking at Fiat

- Yes, you can. I allow! Fiat replied already crying.

- So, since you accepted that we are your parents, can we get a very tight hug from our new son? Singto asked the boy, who, unable to answer anymore because of the crying, got up and ran into Singto’s arms and then into Krist’s arms.

After informing relatives and friends, it was only a matter of time before Singto and Krist, in addition to formalizing their union, also officially became Fiat’s parents.

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