The Physiotherapist (English)

Chapter 7 – Daily life

- Good morning! Singto spoke as he opened the bedroom curtains. It’s time to wake up, have your coffee and start exercising. Singto continued.

The sunbeams that streamed through the window slammed right into Krist’s face, leaving it fully illuminated. As he opened his eyes and looked away from the light, he looked at Singto who was holding Myna in his arms. Krist still tried to argue something to stay asleep, but was silenced when Singto said he had slept long enough. Adjusting the bed so that he was practically sitting, he placed Myna on Krist’s lap and told him to babysit her while he went to get her breakfast.

It was not long before Singto returned with a breakfast tray for Krist, putting it to bed after taking Myna back. When Krist finished eating, Singto returned to leaving Myna in his lap as he removed the tray and tidied up the room.

A while later, he placed Myna in an enclosure in his room so that she could be close to them, and looking at Krist, he said it was time to begin the exercises for her recovery. Singto advised that Jay, a nurse at the clinic, would be arriving shortly to help him with his exercises, his daily hygiene, and whatever he needed during the day.

The exercises started off lightly and increased as Krist’s muscles got warmer. In the end, he was exhausted, but in no time did Singto let him stop or give up. After the physiotherapy session, Singto left some objects near the bed, such as balls and rubber bands, for him to use during the day as much as he could. He warned that the more he exercised, the faster his muscles would recover, but he made him promise to do everything as instructed, otherwise, there could be injuries, which would affect the results obtained. After hearing everything Singto was talking about, it was Krist’s turn to talk to him.


- “Shing”, can I ask you something? Krist said looking seriously at Singto.

- Sure. Whatever you want! Singto replied.

- Please do not think I am being ungrateful or anything, but... why are you helping us? Krist spoke almost in a whisper.

- Hmmm... someone who is very important to me asked me to help both you. That simple. Once I started taking care of Myna, there was no going back. I just fell in love with her and you... When he realized what he was saying, Singto felt his face flush and tried to hide it, hoping Krist did not notice his slip, when he continued to talk... you also needed my help. But do not worry about it. I do everything with great pleasure.

- May I know who this person was? How did she know me? Krist asked.

- It was my sister. She did not know you guys, but I would not want to talk about it right now. Singto spoke with tears in his eyes. Can we leave this subject for another time? I promise I will tell you everything! He continued explaining.

- Sure! Krist replied, realizing that Singto had been thrilled. Please do not be upset with me. He kept talking trying to apologize.

- Hey... I told you not to worry about anything. Of course I am not upset and I promise I will tell the whole story later. I am just not ready to tell you now!

- Another thing… Do you mind if I keep calling you “Shing”? I know it is not your name, but when I talk to you it comes out so naturally! Krist spoke with a smile on his face, showing two dimples in his cheeks that left Singto even more delighted.

- Since you do not mind me calling you Kit. Singto replied, also with a smile on his face.

- Of course not! Nobody has ever called me that, but I like it! Krist replied.



I cannot call Shing by his right name lol lol lol lol lol Myna, who used to visit me in my dreams, called him that way and as much as I try to call him by the right name, that is always how his name comes out of my mouth. He even thinks it’s funny and says he has no problem. He is a really good guy. He is always concerned about how I am and about my wellbeing. His voice always reminds me of the angel’s voice I heard while I was locked in that room. When he talks to me, I feel like everything will be fine. Physical therapy is not easy, but he seems more determined than I. Whenever he touches me, I remember the feeling of warmth and comfort I felt in the room when it warmed up and I heard the angel’s wings. If I close my eyes, it is almost like I am still in that room. He is always talking and telling stories. I think he is really funny and his smile is really cute. I am just curious about his sister’s story. Did she play a part in the accident and that is why he was thrilled and feels obligated to help me?


The following days were almost the same as the first. Singto would wake Krist up in the morning, serve a small breakfast, and after Jay arrived, they would begin their exercises. Myna participated in the entire routine from inside her square. One time Jay tried to pick her up, but she did not like it and threatened to cry when he insisted. Singto’s parents were always around, sometimes visiting Krist, sometimes taking Myna for a walk. Krist was already noticing the improvement in muscles, both arms and legs. He knew he still had a long way to go. That is what Singto always said, but he was already reaping the rewards of his effort. He was already able to help when he went to a wheelchair, which made it easier for him to get around the house.



Myna never saw me like a stranger. She always comes to my lap very easily and I have seen her finding other people strange. I asked Shing how he managed to do this to her. He replied that whenever he could, he would take her to see me at the clinic and then take me to her room, where he had pasted two almost life-size panels on the wall with a photo of me and Anong, which he had copied from our documents. He said he wanted Myna to grow up knowing exactly who her parents were. This left me deeply moved. He must be a very special person. Making all that effort for a stranger is not for everyone. He is really nice. I think it is very beautiful the way he treats Myna, like a real daughter. I admire him so much.


Staying in bed was no longer an option for Krist. He liked being in his wheelchair, which allowed him to move around the house. As the days passed, conversations between Singto and Krist flowed quite naturally. They looked like long-time friends. Almost every late afternoon, Singto liked to take Krist and Myna out to the garden to enjoy the sea. He put a blanket under the tree where Myna was playing while he and Krist were laughing at the girl’s pranks.



Every day I feel a little better. Doing the daily exercises still bothers me a lot, but it is getting a little easier every day. I feel like I am getting stronger. Next week, will be a year since the accident, Anong’s death, and it will also be Myna’s one-year birthday. Shing came to talk to me and proposed to have Myna’s birthday next month. It would be the day he took her home when she was released from the hospital. The day would be hers alone. I loved the idea. I see the glint in his eyes when he talks about Myna or when she calls him “dady”, even if he corrects her right away. The sparkle in his eyes is amazing. Every day this guy surprises me more.


When Singto woke Krist that day, his smile was different. After breakfast, Singto said it was time for him to go back to physical therapy at the clinic. He was already ready to move around and this would further help his recovery. It would be the first time Krist would be leaving the house since leaving the hospital. When they arrived, Krist saw the name of the clinic and realized how big the building was. Jay was already at the door to help him out of the car and get him inside. Just entering that clinic brought strong emotions to Krist, it was there that he slept for almost nine months. Some employees were talking to Singto and Krist. The morning passed quickly as Krist was led from one equipment to another. Before leaving, Krist asked to see the room he stayed in during the time he was sleeping at the clinic. Visiting the bedroom again filled Krist’s chest with more emotions. As they drove home Krist commented on how impressed he was with the size and structure of the clinic.

That late afternoon, while they were in the garden, Singto told him that the clinic was on tribute of his sister, causing Krist to look at him questioningly and ask:


- Tribute?

- Yes! Singto replied. Myriana was my younger sister. She was six years old when she died.

Singto went on to narrate how things happened to his little sister, from birth to death. All of this made him want to do physiotherapy to help people and that, with the support of his family, they created the Myriana Recovery Center. As he told his story, some tears were running down his face and when he realized Krist was wiping his tears, bringing a smile to his lips.

- On the day of your accident, I dreamed of her telling me that you needed my help and asked me to help you. When I woke up, the hospital called asking me to go there. The rest you already know. Singto spoke.

- I do not think I can ever thank her enough and neither will you. Krist said.

- As for me, I already said that you do not need to worry. Singto spoke with a smile. But when you are better, we can visit her and bring her and Anong some flowers. Finished Singto.

- Like this? Do you know where Anong was buried? Krist wanted to know, with a look of surprise on his face.

- Yes! Singto replied. When the hospital released Anong’s body for burial, we decided to hold her funeral at our family’s grave. Anong is buried next to my sister. I hope you are not upset that we took this action, but since no one came looking for you... I... I did not want Anong buried like a pauper. It is very important that you know that we pay all our respects to her. Singto said, finishing speaking.

- Thanks! Krist said as tears started to stream down her face. This time, it was Singto who wiped his tears.



Today was full of emotions. I started going to the clinic again. Shing said that going to the clinic was also part of the recovery process. Every time I push myself with a new movement it helps me more in my recovery. It’s great to get out of the house again, even if it’s to go to the clinic. I know Shing is an administrator of the clinic, but that nurse didn’t have to be glued to him all the time. Is she his girlfriend and is she missing him? But she never showed up at his house! I have nothing to do with it, but she really didn’t need to be around him all the time! Later that afternoon, he told me about his sister. From her health problems to the night of the dream, with her request to help me. Then he talked about Anong’s funeral. Which left me extremely emotional, bringing me to tears. I never thought there could be such good people. We were really lucky to “fall” into the hands of this family.

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