The Physiotherapist (English)

Chapter 9 – Memories

The day after Myna’s birthday, after lunch, P’Prae went to visit Krist. As Myna was spending the day with her grandparents, she knew she would find him alone and had many things she wanted to talk to him about. At Singto’s request, she brought a gift that would help Krist get through his spare time: a notebook. Although she did not know who it was at the time she received the order, she bought and equipped the best equipment for a programmer to use.

Singto’s sister had a unique personality. When she arrived somewhere, it felt like a hurricane. She was the center of attention even without having to do anything. She liked to speak her mind, directly and bluntly. She was impulsive and not afraid to take chances. Everything she said had an air of provocation.

When she entered the house and called for Krist, he came from the bedroom in his wheelchair. Although he was starting to walk, he had promised Singto that, while he was alone at home, he would not try to walk alone so he wouldn’t have an accident and jeopardize his recovery.

Looking at him sitting across from her, she asked unceremoniously.

- How is my favorite brother-in-law? Giggling and then coming over to give him a hug after placing Singto’s order on the table.

- Good to see you too, P’Prae. Krist replied. Giving a smile, but already turning red.

- Seriously now, Krist. I am sorry about what happened to you, but I am happy to see you and Myna doing okay, even though you are still on the mend.

- I understand what you mean... I also felt that way for some time... imagining that we were lucky, even after we suffered the accident and lost Anong... is a confused feeling to feel. Krist spoke.

- I can only imagine! Replied Prae.

- Shall we sit on the terrace? I think it is more comfortable for us to talk there! Prae spoke.

- Let’s go! Krist replied. Do you do me the honor of holding in your arm? He asked.

- With pleasure. All for my dear brother-in-law! She spoke with laughter.

Turning red again, Krist grabbed Prae’s arm for support as braced herself to get out of his wheelchair. After picking up his crutch to support his other arm, the two walked slowly to the terrace and sat on the swing that faced the garden and the beach.

As they looked out over the landscape, Krist was reminded of meeting P’Prae. When he was hired to set up and configure the company’s data security system, and how she said he was the brother-in-law she was looking for. Even after saying he was not gay and had a girlfriend. With her bold personality, she was not intimidated. She just laughed and said it was because he had not met her brother yet, making them both laugh. Time passed and they became good friends. He remembered when he said he was getting married and she asked if he really loved Anong. She said that just because they had been together since their teens, when they had met at the orphanage, he should not feel obligated to get married. Marriage is much more than the right thing to do. She said that there was no sparkle in his eyes when he said he was going to get married. She asked if he felt his stomach churn with jealousy when anyone approached Anong. If, when he was out of the house, he counted the minutes left to finish the day and run home and throw himself in her arms to make love. Still, with all these arguments from P’Prae, he still felt that marrying Anong was the right thing to do.

After they remained silent for a while, Prae started talking without even looking at Krist.

- Life is funny. I have so many times planned to introduce my brother to you before your wedding and it has always gone wrong. I was so sure you were made for each other. Whenever he went to Bangkok, I would invite you two to go out with me hoping to meet each other and it never worked out. One of the two ended up missing the meeting for some reason. Your path has never crossed and suddenly, after a tragedy, you parachute into his life. If this is not fate, I do not know what to call it.

- But there is nothing between us! We are just good friends. Krist replied, a small smile on his face.

- For a while! I am sure my brother loves you and I do not think you know you are falling in love with him yet! Prae finished speaking with his cynical smile.

- Are you telling me he is gay? Krist asked.

- No. I am saying he loves you! I know my brother. I know he is dated some women, and he dated a guy once. But he never had sex with anyone. He always ended before the relationship became more intimate. He said that despite being good people, there was always something missing and he did not think it was right to continue dating knowing it was not going to work out. He always said that using someone that way would be cheating. I know you have that extra something he is looking for. That is why I am so sure you were made for each other. You are a good person, Krist, just like him. I just did not think you were dumb and blind not to see that he is in love with you!!! Replied Prae.

- I just think he is good to me. That is what friends do, is not it? Do they help each other? Krist asked.

- Sure! You do not see the number of friends he keeps bringing and hosting at home. Ironized Prae. If you want to know something, he never even brought his girlfriends home. Of course, friends help each other, but you know there is more between you than that. You just do not want to see it.

- I do not know what to think. Honestly, I am afraid he or I might confuse feelings. He told me that on the day of the accident he dreamed of his little sister asking him to help us. He might just be feeling obligated to help me. Krist said feeling embarrassed and looking down.

- And do you think the only way he could help would be bringing Myna and you inside his house? Prae asked. Did he ever mention Fiat to you?

- Not! Krist replied, being taken aback by the question and getting annoyed.

- This was the only man I have seen truly mess with Singto, and yet he never brought him home. And he helped him a lot too! Prae spoke.

- Was it this Fiat he dated? Krist wanted to know, feeling curious at the same time his stomach knotted.

- Are you jealous? Prae asked as she looked at Krist and let out a laugh. Ask him about Fiat. Suddenly he might even introduce you two! Maybe you can convince him to bring Fiat home. Prae replied as she put another smirk on her face.

- Look, Krist; I am not telling you to throw yourself into my brother’s arms. I know you guys and I can imagine a future with you two together. I have always told you that since I met you. What I would like is for you not to close yourself off from love. Do not be prejudiced, neither with him nor with you. Remember that love is love. We love our brother, and apparently the rest of the whole family loves you too. I know I am a little crazy, I play a lot, but I only want your good and, of course, Singto’s too. So, if you feel that there might be something between you, a chance at all, allow yourself to love and be loved. Open your heart. Do not waste this chance. Finished Prae.

- Okay. I promise! Krist replied.

As he heard these words, Krist had a flash of what he thought was the memory of a dream he had, where Anong, along with Myna, told him to open his heart and not waste this chance. This left Krist very thoughtful and amazed at the coincidence of the words.

The two continued talking all afternoon, reminiscing about the conversations they had in the office, until Singto arrived from the clinic, finding the two on the terrace. A little later, Prae said she was leaving because she was already missing her husband’s lap. Singto offered Krist his arm and the two followed Prae to the door. She gave each of the guys a hug and a kiss before leaving.

As they walked back to the living room, Singto said that the gift on the table was for him, leaving Krist quite surprised. After opening the package, Krist did not know whether to look at Singto’s face, which was wearing a beautiful smile, or look at the Notebook, which was on the table.

- What is it? Krist asked.

- A computer. Singto replied with a cynical smile on his face.

- I know it is a computer. Said Krist, making a mean face to Singto. I wanna know why are you giving me one?

- It is your prize. Because you did not give up, neither live nor fight. I know how hard you have worked to get this far, and I also know that your afternoons are pretty uneventful. Now you can fill your time working with what you love to do so much. Singto replied, leaving Krist thrilled.

- Thanks, Shing. For everything! Krist said, his eyes brimming with tears, as he pulled Singto into a tight hug.


Today I received a visit from P’Prae and we talked a lot. About life, the past, the future and feelings. She made me very thoughtful. I also got a new gift from Shing: a Notebook. He told me it was my prize for not giving up on living or fighting. I was very happy and moved. I do not think I deserve that much, but now I can get back to working with what I love so much. I thanked him by giving a tight hug which he promptly returned... it was... err... honestly, I did not want the hug to end... I remembered what P’Prae said... but feeling his arms around of my body made me feel things I did not even know a man could make me feel... I think I am just needy... I think I was red when I released him because he looked at me and smiling that smile that makes everyone feel melt for him, asked if everything was okay. I said I was thrilled and changed the subject.

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