The Untold Story Of Harry


I bet you've never heard of Harry's story like this. SiriusXRemus, SeverusXJames, Tomarry/Harrymort, etc. Dumbledore bashing, Molly bashing, Ginny bashing, etc.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Revelations

~No one~

An infamous Potions Master, Severus Snape, ran across the mansion towards his master’s sleeping quarters, determined to wake him and enlist help no matter the punishment. His robes flowing behind him almost elegantly. Breathing heavily as he reached the bedroom of his lord, the door was slammed open.

“My lord!” Severus spoke as soon as the door was flung open. Running towards his lord’s bed, said lord had already shot up and was rubbing his eyes.

“What is the meaning of this, Severus?!” The lord, Lord Voldemort to be exact, shot a glare at one of his most loyal inner circle members.

“This is serious, Tom! There has been an attack on your beloved’s safe house!” Severus was still breathing heavily, and was throwing decent clothes at the man still in his bed.

Tom’s eyes were wide as he quickly got dressed, not caring if he looked good but still had to be dressed. Within two minutes, they were apparating out of there.

Appearing at Riddle Manor, the one place Lord Voldemort felt was the safest for his beloved, the manor stood half destroyed and half still standing. Rushing to where the most damage was, they quickly found the lifeless body of Tom’s beloved, Abel Gaunt. Cradling Abel, Tom cried his eyes out as Severus looked for any survivors. Not only had Tom lost Abel but also their twins as Abel was 5 months along. They had already picked out names, so Tom made tombstones as such. The names Ada Salazar Gaunt-Riddle and Camellia Orion Riddle-Gaunt were placed under Abel’s on the tombstone. Tom Marvolo Riddle went deep into a depression.

~Miles Away~

In a place called ‘Godric’s Hollow,’ James Potter had just given birth to a set of wonderful triplets. A boy and 2 girls, Lillian Desirae Potter-Snape, Jamie Remiris Potter-Snape and Hadrian Severin Potter-Snape. Once making sure the babies and James were healthy, their personal medi-witch left, promising to return the following day for a following check-up. Sworn under secrecy, everyone who knew about James giving birth promised not to tell one Albus too-many-titles Dumbledore about the children or where they were staying. They didn’t trust the old coot, not one bit. However, that didn’t stop one Peter Pettigrew from being tortured into telling one of Albus’ most trusted Order members.

James appointed Lily Evans, a trusted friend, as godmother to the triplets, Remus Lupin as Lillian’s godfather, Sirius Black as Hadrian’s godfather, Tom Riddle as Jamie’s godfather, and Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black-Malfoy as honorary godparents to the three. Their son, Draco is the Godbrother.

“Lily! Take the children upstairs! Hurry!” James was frantic. Somehow the old goat found out where they were hiding. The door was blasted off of it’s hinges as James had his wand at the ready. The true Evil Lord blasted James away, knocking him unconscious. Making his way upstairs, he could hear Lily trying to sooth the crying 1 yr olds clear as day. Smirking, he blasted that door off of it’s hinges as well and saw Lily holding the triplets, her back to the door and the Evil Lord.

“Tsk Tsk Lily, I expected better of you than to turn your back to your enemy.” Lily knew exactly whose voice that was, Albus Dumbledore.

Quickly setting the children in the crib, she retorted, “Yes, well I thought I could trust you and you betrayed me.”

Scowling, Albus said the spell that would end the life of Lily Evans, “Avada Kedavra.” Green light engulfed Lily’s body as she fell lifeless to the floor. Feeling accomplished, he marked Hadrian as the ‘boy-who-lived’ and took him to Lily’s sister and husband, not knowing they had patched things up over the years. Lillian went to a muggle family, renamed Hermione Granger, and Jamie went to a pureblood family, renamed Rae Malfoy (them not knowing she was really Jamie) after Albus put powerful glamours on them and came up with back-stories. Lily Evans was found where she fell by Severus after he noticed the wards were amiss. He mourned the death of a friend, loss of his children, and the possible death of his lover, as James was never seen again.

~Years Later, Hadrian’s POV~

Sitting in my room, reading a very interesting fantasy book, my aunt called me down for breakfast.

“Coming!” I replied. Getting off of the floor, my feet took me down the steps and into the kitchen. Eating, my cousin and I held light chatter while uncle Vernon read the newspaper. Walking into the dinning room, aunt Petunia had the mail in her hand, however, I didn’t notice until she set an envelope in front of me.

“This is for you, dearie.” She said as she set the letter in front of me.

“Thanks.” I replied. Setting the rest of my food aside, I opened the strange envelope.

Dear Hadrian Potter,

I would like to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Attached to this letter is a list of things you will need this school year. The train to school leaves King’s Cross station at 11:00 O’clock on the morning of September 1st. As this is a boarding school, you will be staying in sleeping quarters for the time you are here. You may return home during the holidays and are required to leave school for home during the summer months. Have a good rest of your summer and we all at Hogwarts hope to see you on the 1st.

Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress at Hogwarts.

Setting the letter aside, I did a quick re-through of the things I needed. Quickly finishing my breakfast, I gave the letter and list to my aunt.

“Seems we’ll be stopping off at Gringotts first then, I just hope I remember the way to get there that Lily showed me.” Giving me a comforting smile, we all agreed to go the next day. Apparently, Dudley, my cousin, was accepted too.

We made our way to the Leaky Cauldron, luckily my aunt has a good memory. Tom, the bartender, helped us into Diagon Alley, I made sure to remember how we get in that way. Even with no markings on the building itself, we knew as soon as we saw it that the big white building was the bank we needed to go to.

Entering the tall bank, we walked past many creatures. “They look like Goblins, don’t you think Hadrian?” Dudley asked. Nodding my head, I was quite fascinated with all of the things happening, yet didn’t really let it show on my face.

“Hello, could we speak with the Potter Goblin please?” My aunt asked, politely. It seemed to through the Goblin off guard.

“Why, yes ma’am. This way, follow me.” We followed him into an office. “Ragnarok, there are some polite people here to see you.”

“Of course, let them in.” The other Goblin, Ragnarok, replied. “Could you all each put a drop of blood on the paper I hand you to prove who you are.” We all obliged. I read over mine.

Name: Hadrian Severin Potter-Snape
Mother: James Potter
Father: Severus Snape
D.O.B: July 31st 12:00 Am
Other Siblings: Lillian Desirae Potter-Snape and Jamie Remiris Potter-Snape

I handed my paper over, absent-mindlessly, I was so confused. I thought my mother was Lily Evans? Who is this Severus Snape? I have siblings?

“There seems to be some discrepancies here.” Ragnarok started, tearing me from my thoughts. “It seems someone has lied about who you were, however, there’s no record of who. Would you like an inheritance test?”

“If you would, please.”

Getting out a different sheet of paper, he handed it to me. “3 drops of blood should do it.” I did as told and watched as the paper filled with words.

Name: Hadrian Severin Potter-Snape
Mother: James Potter
Father: Severus Snape
D.O.B.: July 31st 12:00 Am
Age: 11
Siblings: Lillian Desirae Potter-Snape and Jamie Remiris Snape

Living/Dead Relatives:
James Potter/Mother (Presumed Dead)
Severus Snape/Father
Lillian Desirae Potter-Snape/Triplet #1 (Presumed Dead)
Jamie Remiris Potter-Snape/Triplet #3 (Presumed Dead)
Lily Evans/Godmother (Dead)
Lucius Malfoy/Honorary Godfather
Narcissa Black-Malfoy/Honorary Godmother
Draco Malfoy/Honorary Godbrother
Rae Malfoy/Honorary Godsister
Sirius Black/Godfather (Imprisoned unlawfully)
Remus Lupin/Lillian’s Godfather
Rosemary Siriun Lupin-Black/Godsister
Jezza Roland Lupin-Black/Godbrother
Tom Riddle/Jamie’s Godfather (Unknown)
Petunia Dursley/Honorary Aunt
Vernon Dursley/ Honorary Uncle
Dudley Dursley/Honorary Cousin
Mr. Potter/Grandfather (Dead)
Mrs. Potter/Grandmother (Dead)
Mr. Snape/Grandfather (Dead)
Miss Prince/Grandmother
Bellatrix Lestrange/Honorary Aunt
Lysander Lestrange/Honorary Uncle
Sylvester Damion Lestrange/Honorary cousin

Creature inheritance: Unknown ~Submissive~
Powers: Unknown
Mate: Unknown ~Dominant~
~Lord to/Heir to will be here when of age~

Age 0- Healthy
Age 1- Healthy, scar made on left side of forehead to look like a lightning bolt, glamour applied, Parent-child bond blocker applied, core dampener, sibling bond blocker applied
Age 2- Healthy, core and creature blockers, Soulmate bond blocker applied
Age 3- Healthy, core and creature blockers enhanced, potion of loyalty, Soulmate bond blocker enhanced
Age 4- Healthy, skinned elbow
Age 5- Healthy, core and creature blockers enhanced
Age 6- Healthy, glamour enhanced
Age 7- Mostly healthy/flu
Age 8- Healthy, skinned knee
Age 9- Healthy, Soulmate bond blocker enhanced
Age 10- Healthy, Glamour amplified, Soulmate bond blocker enhanced, Parent-child bond blocker enhanced, sibling bond blocker enhanced
Age 11- Healthy, Glamour enhanced, Soulmate bond blocker enhanced, loyalty potion, question the truth potion, Parent-child bond blocker enhanced, Sibling bond blocker enhanced, non-curiosity potion, core and creature blockers enhanced, power blocker applied

Once I looked it over fully, I handed it to Ragnarok. He looked it over, he seemed surprised about something but I didn’t question it. I cursed whoever broke up my family, but not aloud.

“We should get those blocks and such off first before we do anymore business.” We all agreed with him and he led me to a room to get everything removed.

After the searing pain left my body, I felt light and much better. Ragnarok brought me back to the room and talked with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon while I took a look at myself in the mirror. My hair was now down to my shoulders and straight, my once emerald green eyes now a pretty hazel with tints of black, my tan figure now pale but not deathly pale, and I was 2 inches taller than before. I liked my look much better now than before. The scar I’ve always had was gone too. I could feel the bonds with my parents, siblings, and soulmate become stronger, but it was still weak. I couldn’t wait until the bonds were strong enough to use to find my real family.

“Hadrian.” I hear my aunt say and I follow them out. “Let’s go get your supplies, boys.” I gave a curt nod acknowledging that she had something and walked next to Dudley.

Walking into a robe shop, Dudley and I get measured next to kid with almost white hair, swept back, and grey eyes. I gave a polite wave and earned one in return. A second later, we were done being measured and stepped to the side.

“I’m Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. Nice to meet you.” He offered his hand and I took it. ‘So this is my Godbrother. That should mean my Godsister should be around somewhere near.’

“Nice to meet you too. I’m Hadrian.” I gave him a light smile.

“Draco!” A girl came running over. “Aren’t you done yet?” A girl with long blonde hair, up in a messy bun, stood next to Draco. Her eyes were grey like his. “Oh, hello. I’m Rae.” I shook her hand as well.

“Hadrian.” I gave her a light smile as well.

“Well, see you around Hadrian.” She turned to Draco. “We’ve got to go.”

“Right.” He gave me a quick smile. “I hope we see each other again.” He said as he left with Rae.

We had gotten everything Dudley and I needed so far besides our wands. Entering a shop called Olivander’s, Dudley and I looked around. No one else seemed to be in the shop, but we were horribly mistaken once someone came sliding towards the front on a ladder. The man seemed to have startled Dudley and apologized for giving him a start. Dudley found his wand quickly, but I had trouble finding mine. The owner finally had an idea and brought a bunch of older wands to the front that used to belong to different witches and wizards in previous years. Once we finally found mine, it was oak wood, 10 inches long, had unicorn horn and phoenix feather core. The wand hasn’t been used in 11 years, the wizard who used it last had died. It seemed sad, but people die everyday so it wasn’t anything I should let get to me. After paying for the wands, we thanked him and took our leave.

It was now September 1st, the day we must head to the train station and go to the infamous school, Hogwarts. Making our way into the platform, a large red train stood tall and proud. Parents and children were bustling around, getting situated and saying goodbye.

“Now, you two be good. I don’t want to be sent letters of you being bad, you hear?” Aunt Petunia said.

“Yes.” Dudley and I replied in unison. After giving hugs to aunt Petunia, Dudley also giving one to Uncle Vernon, we boarded the train and found an empty compartment in the back. Once our trunks were up, we sat next to each other on the benches.

While idly chatting, both Rae and Draco along with some others stopped outside of our compartment. “May we hang with you guys, everywhere else is full.”

“Sure.” Dudley replied for us. Giving a small smile, they all sat down.

“This is Pansy, Dean, Seamus, Blaise.” Draco introduced them.

“I’m Dudley and this is my cousin, Hadrian.” Dudley introduced us to the others.

“Hey.” I said, simply. We had light chats while also doing our own things until our compartment door was opened. We all collectively gazed over to the door. A girl was standing there next to a shy looking boy.

“Has anyone seen a toad? Neville’s lost one.” She said. We all shook our heads in a ‘no.’ “Well, it was worth a shot, Neville, let’s go. Sorry for taking up your time.” She silently shut the door and left. Going back to whatever we were doing, the rest of the ride was relatively quite besides when the trolley came by and small conversations.

Getting off of the boats, we followed the tall giant of a man towards the castle. At the top of the stairs we were walking up, stood an older woman. “Line up here please.” She gestures to right in front of her as we all stopped walking upwards. “Now, when you walk through these doors, you’ll be sorted into your houses. The four houses are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. These houses will be like your family for the seven years you attend Hogwarts, you can earn your house points, but any rule breaking and you will loose points. We greatly encourage house unity at Hogwarts, so don’t be afraid to make friends in other houses. Now, if you will follow me.” She led us through a set of giant doors, there was four long tables filled with students and a long table in the front with teachers and staff. The ceiling was bewitched to look like the night sky, it was beautiful. We stopped before where the staff table was there was a stool with a hat on it.

“Oh, you may not think I’m pretty,
But don’t judge on what you see,
I’ll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.
You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I’m the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.
There’s nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can’t see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.
You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve and chivalry,
Set Gryffindors apart;
You might belong in Hufflepuff
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.
So put me on! Don’t be afraid!
And don’t get in a flap!
You’re in safe hands (though I have none)
For I’m a Thinking Cap!”

Once the hat got done with it’s song, everyone clapped politely. “I’m going to call you up by name. I will set the sorting hat upon your head and you shall be sorted into your houses.” The woman from earlier stated. I ignored most of the names being called. Looking towards the staff table, I noticed a teacher looking at me with a calculating look, but he looked away as soon as I noticed. ‘Weird.’

“Dudley Dursley.” He was really nervous, but I gave him a reassuring look. The hat was set atop his head once he sat down. Hufflepuff! It wasn’t a too surprising thing. His robes changed as he made his way towards his table.

“Seamus Finnigan.” Taking a seat on the stool, the sorting hat was placed upon his head. Gryffindor! The other Gryffindors, Draco, Blaise, Dean, Rae, and I clapped politely.

“Hermione Granger” The girl from before walked up, mumbling encouragement to herself. Ravenclaw! Getting up, her robes changed accordingly and she sat with the other Ravens.

“Draco Malfoy.” Draco walked up with a mask of confidence on his face. Slytherin! With a cocky smile, he took a seat at the Slytherin table.

“Rae Malfoy.” Rae skipped up to the stool and sat down. Slytherin! Skipping over to the table, she took a seat next to Draco.

“Neville Longbottom.” It was the boy who had lost his toad earlier. Hufflepuff! ‘Hmm, maybe he’ll become good friends with my cousin.’

“Pansy Parkinson.” Sitting on the stool, the hat was only on her head for a second. Slytherin! Walking calmly over to her house, she planted herself next to Rae.

“Hadrian Potter.” Everyone seemed to hold their breath at my name. Shaking it off, I did as I was supposed to. The hat had a hard time placing me anywhere because I ‘have traits of every house yet none,’ but he chose the one that he felt I’d fit in the best. Slytherin! My normal robes changed to Slytherin ones as I made my way to the table. People seemed to let out breathes they didn’t know they were holding. Rolling my eyes, the sorting finally proceeded.

“Dean Thomas.” He seemed nervous as he walked up to get sorted. Gryffindor! He looked relieved at that as he made his way to the Gryffindor table and sat next to Seamus.

“Blaise Zabini.” The hat had no problem choosing where he should go. Slytherin! It seemed fitting for him.

The headmaster had finally finished he speech that I didn’t even pay attention to. The food appeared on the table and everyone dug it. I grabbed a few things that I felt I had an appetite for and started to eat slowly. The rest of the Slytherins were pretty dignified when they ate. Can’t say the same for most of the Gryffindors, however.

Once the feast was over, we followed our prefect to our common room. He explained where people slept and what-not. Luckily, we only slept 3 to a room at most. Draco and Rae offered to share with me and I happily accepted. After setting up our trunks, we hung out in the common room for a bit.

“Who’s that?” I gestured the staff member that I had caught looking at me before. He had greasy medium length hair, black eyes, he was tall and thin, he seemed like a reasonable person.

“Oh, that’s Severus Snape, our Head of House. He teaches Potions.” I nodded in acknowledgment and turn back to chat with everyone else. ‘It’s unbelievable, my dad is our Head of House. This is going to be an interesting year.’

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