The Shark and The Weasel

Love must be deep from the heart

Chapter X: Love must be deep from the heart

"N-N-N-Naruto-kun, d-d-d-do you think t-t-t-this is r-r-r-really a g-g-g-good idea?"

"What're you saying? Hinata, don't tell me that you've never done this before." Naruto raised his eyebrows at the shy girl. "That's weird." I thought girls care about their looks more than anything else. Not that I know much about girl fashion but still...

"S-s-sorry but I-I haven't." The Hyuuga girl blushed hotly, shifting uncomfortably in her new outfit. For her, shopping with her blond angel was the god's gift but she still thought the clothes were too sexy for her to wear.

Naruto stared at her mutely for a while before he blinked, scratching the back of his head. "Well, there's nothing wrong with saying what you like and what you don't like, you know. If someone else says that it's good and you think it isn't good, you don't have to follow their opinion. Look at me, I like miso ramen but Iruka-sensei likes shashuu ramen but he still treats me the miso one. So...just be yourself, okay?"

"T-t-t-thank you, N-N-N-Naruto-kun." The girl smiled, twiddling her fingers.

"So..." The blond boy scratched his head again, tossing his frog pouch up and down with one hand. "Do you want this one?"

"I-I think i-i-it's okay, N-N-N-Naruto-kun i-i-i-if you think it's good." She replied softly.

Naruto sighed, shaking his head. He then paid for the clothes and made a hand gesture at the girl to follow him out of the store. Hinata was still very shy about her new clothes and followed him with a snail's pace. That was why when she finally came out of the store, Naruto had already disappeared.

"Hey, Hinata, do you think-" He turned...and found that the white eyed-girl was nowhere in sight. "Hey!"

The bush behind him ruffled. "Hinata?" He called, spinning around. No. There was no one. A chill ran down Naruto's spine as he took a step closer to the suspicious bush and another step and another step.

Tha-thump. Tha-thump. Tha-thump.

His heart beat faster and faster as he got closer and closer.


"Wha-!" The kitsune boy jumped to the side as a deadly combo of shuriken and kunai darted from the bush, flying directly at him. "What the-" Blue eyes widened at sound of something sharp cutting through the air swiftly. A flash of silver caught his eyes and he quickly dodged back, whirling around to face his attacker--the wicked katana bit into the bark mercilessly. His cerulean eyes got even wider at whom he saw. "You!"

Blood-red Sharingan eyes glared murderously at the Kyuubi vessel as their owner pulled his embedded katana back and pointed it at him threateningly. Naruto tensed but got into a fighting stance anyway.

The wind whistled, blowing the dry leaves on the ground away with its powerful breath. Dramatically, Itachi brushed those strayed dark locks away from his eyes as he proclaimed in his usual monotone voice: "You stole my love's first kiss."

"W-What!? I don't even know who your love is!"

"...feigning innocent." The Uchiha prodigy said, charging toward the judged-to-be-guilty-boy (No attorney for poor Naruto-kun. That's injustice!), katana raised. Yet...

Cough. Cough.

Itachi stopped mid-way, almost stumbling over due to sudden break of the supernatural speed. Almost. Even being a badass, Uchiha Itachi still had an image to maintain. And saying what he had said, doing what he had done, already ruined his image enough.


Sheathing his katana, Itachi turned and was about to leave when...

"Hey, who's your love?"


"I should have deposed of you when we first met, Naruto-kun." Orochimaru spoke up as he landed before the boy gracefully. "But your pathetic life ends here by me, Orochimaru, the legendary sennin, the lord of the gay kings, the most beautiful eyeshadow wearer, the only almighty person who has the right for Itachi and Sasuke-kun. They're all mine. Mwahahahaha!"

As Orochimaru wasted his time cackling maniacally, the infamous? Turtle Ninjas Alliance entered the scence with the same roaring of words from Kisame: "ITACHI IS MINE!" It seemed the shark-like man had lost the ability to speak the other words apart from 'ITACHI IS MINE.' and 'DIE!' lately saved for when he talked to Lee.

"DIE TOOTSIE! DIE! ITACHI IS MINE!" Well, I was wrong. He also knew the word 'TOOTSIE'.

The shouting war between the lord of the gay kings and Captain Kisame erupted again while their real target, Naruto stared at them mutely, blinking now and then. It was then that Lee decided to act on his own and Dynamic Jump Kick the blond boy in the face--the same move Gai 'accidentally' used on Jiraiya.

"Naruto-kun," Lee said, his eyebrows fluttering in the wind. "We maybe good friends. But! the fact that you've Sasuke-kun's first kiss is unforgivable." On hearing this the dirt-covered Naruto, turned to look at Itachi, who turned so pale as if he was about to become transparent, with a shock and disgusted look displaying on his face. "That's illegal!"

"I don't want to harm a friend but I'm fighting for my love." Lee continued to rant. "I know that you'll be angry but I have to do it. Forgive me, Naruto-kun!" And he landed a powerful blow at the blond boy. Yet...


"Lee!" A booming voice rang and standing proudly between Naruto and Lee was the beautiful green beast of Konoha, Gai. "My boy! You've grown up! I see how hard you're fighting for your love. That's it! Love! The spring time of youth!" He grinned, tears of happiness trickling from his eyes.

"G-Gai-sensei!" Lee's round eyes watered.



And the two embraced each other in a bear hug, earning an 'eww' from Naruto.

"But there's still one thing." Gai said, putting a hand lovingly on his favorite student's bowl shaped head. "Fighting for love is right but harming your friend is wrong. Lee, do you remember what I've told you before?"

Lee wiped the tears from his eyes and looked up at his teacher. "Yes, Gai-sensei. You said 'Love must be deep from the heart'."

"Yes, that's right, my boy. So...if Naruto-kun and that Uchiha boy's in love with each other, you shouldn't get in their way."

"B-but I love Sasuke-kun!"

"I know, I know. What I mean is you shouldn't challenge Naruto-kun into a physical fight because you can win Sasuke-kun's heart with your charm! Remember it, Lee, love must be deep from the heart!"

"Yes." Two boyish voices said simultaneously.

Gai and Lee blinked. And turned to look at the owner of another voice.

Their eyes widened when they saw Gaara of the desert kneel politely in front of Gai. "Gai-sensei, please be my teacher." he said, looking up at the green wearing man. "Please teach me about love. I want to know more about love."

"Oh, you too are going through the spring time of youth?" Gai flashed the redhead a sparkling toothy grin. "Fine! I'll teach you! But first..."

Gaara watched as Gai took something out of his bag. "You've to wear this!"

Yes, people. It's the tight green suit that Gai and Lee always wear.

The insomniac sand nin stared at the thing for a while before he nodded obediently. "Okay."

In the distance, we could hear Temari's shrieking scream of horror: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! GAARA! DON'T!"


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