The Shark and The Weasel

Do you think they're still alive?

Chapter XI: Do you think they're still alive?

Temari screamed in horror when she saw her brother accept the ugly uber green tights of which design alone would make her want to throw up until there was nothing left in her oh-so-sexy stomach. Worst of all, it was... "GREEN!!!" She shrieked high-pitchedly, every muscle in her body tensed. "GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! IT'S GREEN! GAARA! DID YOU HEAR ME!?"

Despite the volume of her voice, her brother didn't seem to acknowledge it at all. Vein popped, Temari chewed on her reddened lower lips and with the power equaled that of a pro wrestler she threw Kankurou, who was still whining about his sister being a sadistic heartless little bitch and that he wanted to watch his favorite cartoon movie, at the beaming green-wearing fuzzybrowed man, who was busy trying to explain to his new student how to wear the suit properly.

"Temariiiiiiiiiiiiiii, yooooooouuuuuuuuu biiiiiiiitttttttttttcccccccchhhhhhhhh!" Kankurou screamed as he flew directly across the place, past a puzzled Gaara, an eye-bulged Lee and a jaw-dropped Naruto and hit the still grinning Gai with a loud crash. The three standing boys blinked...and slowly looked down at the human heap on the ground. Silence prevailed for a while, for Kisame and Orochimaru was getting very tired of shouting at each other and decided to give it a break. The two men dropped to the ground, their gazes also fixing on the two bodies lying there. No one was sure if they were still alive...or had already joined those fangirls in the realm of the death.

Everything seemed to be in complete silence for a while until...

Cough. Cough.

If Sasuke had been there, he would have cringed in fear at the mere sound and maybe...well, maybe generously warn Naruto what doom might befall his poor life the next second. Unfortunately, he wasn't present at the moment, so the ignorant yet unlucky blond didn't have any clue of the danger that was coming. He stood there, still staring at Kankurou and Gai without moving or leaving.

Yet there was still fortune in the misfortune...

As soon as Itachi decided to strike, Temari also did. The blonde girl charged forward with the speed of lightning, aiming to take the ugly green suit away from Gaara and tear it suit into the tiniest pieces. Automatically, Gaara's guarding sand came out to block her sudden attack, startling Lee, who jumped backward and therefore tackled Naruto out of Itachi's deadly katana.

"Hey, Naruto. I've something to wa-" Sasuke's uncharacteristic warning went unfinished as its speaker immediately went, "Hell no!" seeing his murderous brother paced toward him calmly with a predatory smile on his lips. Sasuke turned and was about to run away when Itachi suddenly jumped him, (Hey, I mean 'jump' as in 'leap at' not that 'jump', you pervert!) sending him to kiss the ground face first with the man he hated most in the world on top of him, holding his wrists down in tight grip.

"That's illegal!" cried Naruto, pointing an accusing finger at the two.

"No! It's immoral, you idiot!" shot back Sasuke.

"But it's also illegal!" Naruto protested firmly.

"Whatever! Help me out of this!" yelled Sasuke as Itachi's free hand started its teasing.

Naruto thought for a brief moment before he grinned foxily. "No."

"Naruto, if you don't. I'll make sure to kick your ass later." the raven haired-boy threatened, narrowing his eyes slightly.

"Sure. You will." said the blond boy.

"I'll treat you ramen for the next three weeks." The bribe ended with a soft moan as Itachi's naughty hand brushed across his sensitive spot.

"Really?" Naruto's grin became so wide that we could almost see every tooth he had.

"Really! Now get this horny bastard of a brother away from me!"

Naruto was happy and skipped to his trapped teammate with his mind set on three weeks of free ramen. Unfortunately, the goddess of luck turned her back on his once again.

Cough. Cough.

Itachi quickly released his little brother. Both Uchiha's cheeks flushed bright red. Such an unlikely picture... If someone turned to look at Kisame and Orochimaru at the time, he/she might freak out seeing Kisame's gill fluttering wildly and Orochimaru's extraordinary long tongue lolling with all its two feet length on the ground. Both were over-flooding themselves with unbelievingly large amount of saliva.


Sparks flew in every direction as Shino, who arrived just a little before Sasuke glared menacingly at Temari in their heated battle of staring while Gaara and Lee sat, watching them with great interest. In front of the two boys was a large size popcorn and two medium size coca-cola. "Who do you think is gonna win?" asked Gaara, still in his old silk shirt and leather pants since eventually Temari managed to get the tights away from him.

"I bet all my pocket money on Temari-san! She's really scary!" answered Lee. "Well, Gai-sensei told me that gambling is bad but..." Lee turned to look at Gai's body on the ground next to him. "I think he's dead now, so I don't have to worry about that, right?"

"Right." said Gaara plainly and popped another popcorn into his mouth.


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