The Shark and The Weasel

All the colors he could see

Chapter XII: All the colors he could see

"So..." said Naruto, his gaze shifting between the two Uchiha. "This against-the-law thing happens because of what Ten-ten claimed without having any evidence or witness is a love potion?"

Getting tired of arguing with Naruto's poor statement of law, Sasuke replied in a monotone voice: "Yes."

On hearing that, Kisame's gills flutter with joy. So his beautiful, unbeatable and unfxxkable partner (Well, the last part was still in doubt, in Kisame's opinion) wasn't really head over heel for the brat? The world was turning pink again for the shark-like man as the wind carried the sweet scent of blossoming flowers. Spring had come over his throbbing heart once again.

"Hey, it's your turn." grumbled Orochimaru, who was now wearing just only his pants, fanning his cards out for Kisame to draw. During their war break, the two men had agreed to use every single minute of it to the fullest. And what, they decided, wasn't going to waste their time uselessly was nothing but playing strip poker.

The shark-like man was still deep in his thought. Orochimaru growled impatiently and whacked Kisame several times on the head. "What're you thinking, dumb shark!? Don't waste my time!"

Despite those big swollen bumps on his head, Kisame was still daydreaming about how he would teach his beautiful partner (Ex-partner, in Itachi's opinion) the real pleasure. Oh...all he could see was pink. was the color of it...

"Love! The spring time of youth!" Gai bolted up to his feet from his seemingly dead position, stretching his strained arms slowly but with much liveliness. "Lee! My boy! I'm not dead yet!"

Lee almost jumped as he saw this. He clutched tightly on Gaara's sleeve, his voice trembling in fear. "G-Gaara-san, didn't you say that he's already dead?"

"Lee! My boy! I'm not dead yet!" Gai repeated loudly, now stretching his strained legs and grinned.

"...I think you're right." said the red haired-sand nin, not really paying Lee attention since he was busy watching Temari and Shino stare each other to dead. He took a sip from his coca-cola. "Temari's going to win." Apparently, he didn't listen to Lee at all.

"G-Gaara-san, do you think he heard what I said about our bet?" Lee tugged at Gaara's sleeve while eyeing his favorite teacher, who was now screwing his neck around in 360 degree to get rid of the strain with utter fear that you would never see him show before. "Lee! My boy! See? I'm not dead yet!"

Hinata, who had just showed up after spending two chapters finding her beloved Naruto-kun, blinked anxiously as she watched her date from afar, for she was quite afraid to get into the clearing with so many people. From where she stood she could see Naruto took out a long rope with a serious expression on his usually laughing face...

"What's that rope for?" Sasuke asked, his left eye twitching involuntarily. It seemed like a bad omen. Something bad was going to happen. He could feel it. But what?

"Hey, if you don't want your brother to grope you," Naruto shifted his gaze to Itachi. "And if you don't want to get arrested for commit something against the law," He shifted his gaze back to Sasuke again. "All you have to do is tie up his hands. Isn't it easier this way?"

"...He's too weak to free himself with a jutsu anyway, so...why not?" Sasuke nodded grimly.

"Remember that my idea gets you out of this situation, Sasuke. You own me big time!" Naruto grinned and was about to tie the suddenly-go-mute-Itachi's hands when...

Cough. Cough.

The sick Uchiha smirked and snatched the other end of Naruto's rope, pulling it away from the blond boy's grip. The sudden tug surprised Naruto and a minute later the blond boy found himself kissing the ground with dirt filling his ramen craving mouth. "Damn." He cursed, spitting out the dirt. His blue eyes widened when he heard his teammate's uncharacteristically girlish scream: "Naruto! Save me!"

Itachi looked down at his brother in amusement. The younger boy looked so cute with his arms being bound to the lowest branch like that. "Why didn't I think about bondage before?" He said, appreciating his own creativeness.


"Don't worry, Sasuke! I'm coming!" Three weeks of free ramen! Three weeks of free ramen!

Yet Naruto's innocent intention to save his teammate and rival and get the said three weeks of free ramen was giving someone a heartbreak.

Behind the tree, not far away, Hinata was sobbing with her sorrowful tears of lost love. She had seen it. She had seen everything. N-N-N ::sob:: Naruto-kun, w-w-w-why ::sob:: didn't you t-t-t-tell me ::sob:: t-t-t-that you have ::sob:: s-s-s-somebody else? W-w-w-why do you ::sob:: h-h-h-have to lie?

Curious? Well, I will show you what Hinata had seen:

xxxxx Scence Replayed xxxxx

Naruto-kun's adorable blue eyes widened when he heard his 100 percent male teammate's uncharacteristically girlish scream. "Naruto-kun! He's going to rape me!"

The cloak wearing yet good-looking man looked down at the said 100 percent male Naruto-kun's teammate with lust shining in his red eyes. "Why didn't I think about bondage before?" The man said, grabbing the chin of the boy who was 100 percent of the same gender and looked almost alike to him. That was illegal.

"Naruto-kun! I've been saving my virginity for you but...but..."

"Don't worry, my love! I'm coming! If I can't save you, we're having threesome instead!"

xxxxx End Scence Replayed xxxxx

That was what Hinata had seen and she couldn't bear the very thought of it. Not even one bit. But she wasn't supposed to cry. She had to show everyone that she was strong. Nodding to herself, Hinata lunged forward at the three males. "Stop the illegal action now!" She yelled with anger, completely forgetting about her usual behavior of stuttering. Yet...

Out of the corner of her eyes, Temari saw a glimpse of red and black. With her sharp eyesight, she could tell that it was a girl wearing a sexy red mini-skirt and a black tanktop with the word 'hot chick' on it. And that really got her attention. She suddenly broke her eye contact with Shino and spun around on her heels quickly, scowling deeply at the vision. It was so disturbing. "Copycat!" She shrieked like a banshee. "Copycat! Copycat! Copycat! I hate copycat!"

Vein popped, Temari chewed on her lower reddened lips angrily. She then grabbed the already unconscious Kankurou and threw him across the area, past a popcorn eating Gaara, a frightened Lee and a head spinning Gai, with the power equal that of a Sumo Wrestler.

The already unconscious Kankurou continued to fly across the area, past the now wearing-only-purple-boxer-Orochimaru, past the running!?

The Kankurou missile missed its target and hit its new target, which happened to be...Kisame.

The shark-like man was having fun getting the upper hand and had no clue of what came flying his way.


There was a loud crash and Kisame's world spun round and round. He could see many colors twirled into a dizzy wheel before the last shade of lovely pink darkened and all the colors turn absolutely black.

Before Kisame's consciousness would all fade, he heard Gaara's voice: "We're wrong. Temari broke the eye contact first."


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