The Shark and The Weasel

The Shark and The Weasel

Chapter XIII: The Shark and The Weasel


A cold, distant voice shattered the silence. Even without opening his eyes, he knew exactly whose voice it was. There was no way he would ever forget it. The owner of it was a beautiful raven haired-man of seventeen whose skin was as pale as moonlight and eyes as red as blood... The object of his lust...his stoic partner Uchiha Itachi.


The voice called again. This time a little bit louder but didn't loose it coldness. Cold and distant just like Itachi himself. The coldness of it made his heart freeze with ice. Love, the Spring time of Youth would never come again, for he had seen something he shouldn't. He had seen those icy, unfeeling red eyes burnt with fire of desire that he used to think only him could make Itachi teach him about the real pleasure. He was wrong. It hurt him so much his gills became dry.


Kisame grumbled in an untranslatable, squinting his eyes shut tighter and plugged his ears with his fingers. No. He needed to hear that voice no more. Just let him die and have the only-purple-boxer-wearing Orochimaru had him for his dinner sashimi. Oh, don't know how much it hurts... I'm dying...


Itachi's elegant eyebrows twitched in annoyance. He had called the blasted shark for so many times but Kisame didn't seem to hear it. Yet Itachi was sure Kisame heard him. The stupid shark even tried plugging his ears.

Twitch. Twitch.

His eyebrows continued to twitch. Despite his usual poker face, Itachi was losing his patience. He considered stabbing Kisame in the stomach with his katana for a moment but changed his mind, remembering their still had a mission to accomplish as partners...

"Oww! Oww! Oww! Oww! Oww!"

So he kicked Kisame several times in the ribs instead.

"Oww! Oww! Oww! Oww! Oww!"

The shark-like man screamed in pain, doubling over and did a summersault, still screaming, blue hands clutching at his side where he was kicked. Itachi's eyebrows gave another twitch and the Uchiha Prodigy kicked the shark-like man again. "Stop whining already. We still have a mission to do."

Kisame stopped screaming suddenly, looking up at his partner. "I-Itachi-chan?" A dark look passed upon Itachi's face and Kisame quickly changed his words. "Uh...I mean Itachi-san." The shark-like man swallowed a lump in his throat, trying to hold back the heartbreaking tears before he continued, looking straight into Itachi's piercing red eyes: "I'm sorry for making everything complicate for you. If you love that boy, I won't get in your way again. I love you very much but now I have to let go, knowing I'm not the one for you.'s so hard for me. I'm dying from the inside out. My gills are dry, don't you see? So..."

Itachi looked at him with a puzzled expression on his face. "What?"

" least, give me a goodbye kiss!" Kisame didn't wait but flung himself at Itachi, sticking his lips out. "Chuu! Chuu! Chuu!"


Kisame was sent flying backward to lie on his back as Itachi's shoe connected with his face, leaving a vivid brand of shoeprint on it. "Don't even try."

"I-Itachi-san! You're so mean!" The restrained tears finally burst, streaming down Kisame's blue face like a waterfall. "It's just one kiss! I saw you give that brat many, many kisses. Why can't I have just a single kiss? You're so mean! Booooohooooo!"

Itachi's eyes widened slightly at what he heard. Me? Kissing? Brat? "What're you talking about?"

"Do not pretend, Itachi-san... I have seen it. I have seen everything."

"You've seen what?"

On hearing the question, Kisame broke down and cried even harder. "Boooooohoooooo! Why do you have to remind me of that? I've seen you tie that brat to the trees. I've seen that lust in your eyes. I've seen you grab his chin with your fingers. I've seen you kiss him! Booooooohoooooooo!"


"And you strip the brat! Even though the Kyuubi tried to free him, you managed to strip that brat! I may pass out after I saw that but I know exactly what happened after that, Itachi-san. You don't have to remind me! Boooooooohoooooooo!"

Strip? Kyuubi? Brat? Itachi's eyebrows twitched more. Now he knew what Kisame was talking about.

"You're so mean. Booooohoooooo!"

Itachi kicked the shark-like man again in the ribs and said in his usual monotone voice that held what could be described as the slightest hint of annoyance: "Wake up. Your disgusting dream is nonsense. We still have mission to do."

"What did you say?" Kisame looked up, hope shining in his tear-glazed eyes.

Itachi sighed. Finally his stupid partner had come to his sense. "I said it was just a dream. Now get up."

Dream? It was just a dream? Kisame quickly sprang to his feet, his gills fluttering with joy. It was just a dream! Yes! There's no way someone like Uchiha Itachi is gonna get a cold! He wiped those tears away with his sleeve and grinned. "Sorry for keeping you waiting, Itachi-san. Let's go to Konoha!"


Itachi said nothing regarding the silly pose his partner had pulled up. He shook his head and turned his back on his partner and started walking. Kisame picked up his Samehada and quickly followed him.

The sun was rising in the sky, showering the world with its golden light. The duo continued to walk in sheer silence, letting those warm beams bath them. Kisame watched the sunlight played with Itachi's ebon hair, lightening the shade into dark brown. His partner may seem contrast to the light but he didn't look any less beautiful than in the night. Even it was just a dream but Kisame thought he had fallen in love with the man. And from that dream, the images he had seen had broken his heart. That was a proof.

Itachi was unreachable...and unfxxkable. No doubt.

So the only and safest way was to just let go. Oh, it hurt so much. He might need some water to freshen up his gills but it would never be back to its best condition. He lowered his head as he continued to walk in utter silence...until...

Cough. Cough.

Kisame immediately looked up, his eyes sparkling and grinned his gill-fluttering grin. Well, it wasn't bad to try again, right?

The Shark and The Weasel

Never End (But it's the end of this story!)

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