The Shark and The Weasel

Kisame's first plan

Chapter II: Kisame's first plan

Nocturnal birds cooed. Dawn hadn't arrived yet. A dark figure crept slowly and carefully in the shadow of darkness...toward its target. After spending almost all the night doing nothing but staring at his sleeping partner, Kisame finally came up with an idea. If you wanted to rape someone that was stronger than you, you had to do it while they were in their most vulnerable state. Yes, that meant sleeping.

Silently he crept nearer and nearer, trying not to wake his beautiful partner up. As he came close enough to feel the heat radiating from Itachi's body, he paused, using all of his strength and will power to stop his gills from fluttering with excitement. His heart raced as his hand sneaked under Itachi's cloak and met with soft skin that could be felt through that fishnet shirt.

The Uchiha prodigy stirred and moved instinctively out of his touch. "Mmm...Sasuke, you're old enough to sleep in your own bed." he murmured but didn't wake up. Kisame frowned. How dare that brat sleep with Itachi!? My Itachi! He made a mental note to himself to strangle the brat to death when they reached Konoha village. Then he made another try, wrapping an arm around Itachi's slim waist.

The result was the same. Itachi just rolled instinctively out of his supposed embrace.

Darn. I will have to keep him still.

And he put all his weight down to keep Itachi still, straddling Itachi's hips. That was when Itachi's red eyes snapped open. First, the Uchiha prodigy still felt dazed from the flu and was about to go back to sleep but after he realized the position he was in, he was fully awake. "Kisame." he said. Although his face betrayed no emotion, his voice held what could be described as an annoyment. "Get. Off."

Kisame's face faulted and was about to comply when...

Cough. Cough.

The grin returned to his lips. Itachi was still sick. This may be a good chance to try. "No, I won't." And he ran one of his hands up and down the other's flank languidly, making the other know what he really wanted.

"Kisame..." Itachi took a deep breath, closing his eyes. And Kisame couldn't stop his gills from fluttering at what he thought was a sign of submissiveness.

Little did he know...

When Itachi reopened his eyes, Kisame screamed in pain for he finally had a taste of the infamous Tsukiyomi. Itachi kicked him off of him and Kisame doubled over, still screaming as he saw himself being killed over and over again but stopped as Itachi's cold voice pierced his eardrum: "Don't you ever try any of that."

The Uchiha prodigy stood up. His headache grew even worse from using the Mange Sharingan with the flu added to his body system. He had to find some medicine. He turned and was about to leave when Kisame caught him by the ankle. He glared menacingly at his stubborn now ex-partner.

"Come with me, my love, to the realm of the death." The shark-like man said in a creepy voice.


After using Tsukiyomi on Kisame for what seemed like the tenth time, Itachi finally freed himself from Kisame. Yet the shark-like man didn't seem to give up so easily as he continued to rant about his undying love for him and crawled toward him like a wounded snake. And for the first time in his life, Uchiha Itachi began to know what fear really meant.

He had to find some safe place to rest. His head throbbed and he swayed this way and that as he walked. There was one place that came to his mind right now.


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